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Take AutoZone Customer Satisfaction Survey & Win $5000 Cash Back

In the car parts and automotive industry, there is one name that is second to none – AutoZone. Being the largest automotive establishment in America, AutoZone has built a strong place for itself over many years and has undoubtedly created a benchmark in this industry. It is the father of many car parts innovations and, in a way, has given a radical turn to the vehicle care industry. Having come a long way since it was founded in 1979, AutoZone values its customers above all. 

In this spirit, it has launched the AutoZoneCares initiative, which aims to connect consumers at a grassroots level and understand their feedback, complaints, suggestions, and experiences. Main goal here is to incorporate customer suggestions and successfully meet its public demand. This survey involves clients answering a few questions based on their shopping experiences and sharing their contact details through the Auto Zone Cares survey website. In return, this company will conduct a draw, and lucky winners will receive a cash prize of $5000. This venture has been organized especially in the interest of consumers and is an excellent way for them to win exciting prizes.

AutoZone Cares Survey Rules and Requirements

Survey NameAutoZone Cares Customer Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period7 Days
Entry LimitOne entry per person per entry period

Auto Zone Survey Terms and Conditions

Following are some of the rules and regulations set for AutoZone Customer Survey, which an individual who wants to give feedback should keep in mind. These terms and conditions are a must to heed as failing to do so will lead to disqualification.

  • AutoZoneCares is open only for people living in the United States, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. While citizens from other countries can also answer this survey. Although, they will not be able to avail of sweepstakes, and their entry will be invalid for winning grand prizes. 
  • Minimum age of participants should be 21 years. Those who are below that said age are ineligible to partake in it. 
  • This survey is available for answering in online as well as offline mode. Anyone may participate in it via or answer its questionnaire via a phone call. Another available option is to deliver mails to its official sweepstakes address.
  • Autozone Cares Survey Sweepstakes banned for any person in a professional relationship with AutoZone, directly or indirectly. It means all those who are employees and their family members, investors, etc., are not allowed to share their feedback.  
  • Consumers won’t be qualified for sweepstakes if they do not produce their latest AutoZone receipt when answering the AutoZone feedback survey.
  • Each receipt and each person are eligible for answering AutoZone Cares’ poll once and only once. Neither can a receipt be reused, nor can the same person participate in it more than once. Any such action will result in an instant ban upon that said individual. 
  • In winning a grand prize, it is illegal to transfer its prize money to anyone else. Any such actions, if found, may lead to long-term incarceration.

Perquisites to Give Auto Zone Feedback

Following are some necessary things a person has to ensure beforehand if he/she wishes to take part in www autozonecares com survey:

  • Those who want to share their feedback at will need a smart gadget such as a phone/laptop/PC. Apart from owning such a smart device, individuals should have sufficient knowledge on how to operate them.
  • A  proper internet connection is preferred so as to undergo a smooth encounter while responding to its questionnaire.
  • Candidates will require a receipt of their most recent purchase at AutoZone Cares, as they need to enter a unique survey code mentioned on it to access its questionnaire. 
  • Ability to write and read either English or Spanish is very crucial. It is because this survey is available for responding only in these 2 languages.

Ways To Enter AutoZone Sweepstakes

There are 3 methods through which one can take part in this customer satisfaction survey and share their critique at AutoZone Cares. All of these methods are super easy to follow and implement. Candidates can choose any one method from these based on their comfort and interest:

Method 1: Online Survey Method

Anyone who recently paid a visit to any of this firm’s outlets and made a purchase, thereby receiving a receipt, can happily go for this method of participation. It is pretty effortless to follow as all those who want to give their personal critique and enter Autozonecares sweepstakes survey can do so at the comfort of their homes. All a customer has to do is access the survey and enter necessary details by referring to their receipts as that site asks. As soon as they complete delivering their critique, they will earn a free ticket to sweepstakes and stand a chance to win rewards. 

Method 2: Phone Call 

In this method, clients simply need to give a call on a phone number through their phone. This approach is perfect for those who do not possess an internet connection and wish to adopt an offline process. Here, it is necessary for people to obtain a recent purchase receipt from any of this brand’s outlets. From your phone, dial 1-800-598-8943 and enter a unique reference number from your receipt when asked. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to answer this survey, which you must follow. Upon completion, you will be enquired about your details, respond accordingly, and press #.  Your entry will get registered for availing sweepstakes. 

Method 3: Mail Method 

Another method for delivering critique to AutoZone is through mailing. Unlike those other 2 methods, there is no necessity to make a purchase nor obtain a receipt. Via mailing, individuals will directly enter sweepstakes without any need to attend its survey. Simply one must write down/print their name, complete postal address along with their city, country and zip code, telephone number, date of birth, and email address on a 3×5 inch piece of paper. After noting down all such personal details, persons must mail their applications through the post at “AutoZone 2020- 2021 Sweepstakes”, PO Box 427, Newark, NY 14513. It is important to note that the Sponsor must receive all mail in entries by 11:59 PM of a particular month’s last date. 

How to Take Survey (Online Method)

Refer to this step-by-step procedure as mentioned below in order to give feedback online at Then, carefully understand and implement each step as explained and qualify for AutoZone Survey to win $5000 at Sweepstakes effortlessly:

Step 1: Navigate to this brand’s official survey website by entering on any browser or simply click on that link.

AutoZone Survey Page Image

Step 2: Immediately after accessing this survey, a web page will appear that asks participants to choose between Autozone USA and Puerto Rico (English and Spanish). Participants can choose their preferred language by clicking on that respective option.

Step 3: Next, if an individual qualifies for joining in this poll and availing of sweepstakes has to select “Next”. And if that individual is not qualified enough or does not want to enter drawings but wants to give critique can choose other option mentioned above specifically for that purpose.

autozone customer satisfaction survey image

Step 4: Upon clicking on an appropriate option, a new question appears that asks candidates to enter 6-digit transaction number, 4 digit store number along with date. Such a number will be present on a purchase receipt (specifically at its bottom). After entering that number, customers will get navigated to a questionnaire.

autozonecares survey entry image

Step 5: As said, a series of questions will pop up that need members to answer by giving relevant responses. Clients have to carefully read all those questions and answer them by reflecting upon their recent shopping experience at AutoZone’s stores.

Step 6: Finally, those who finished providing their responses have to enter their personal details such as phone number and address so as to enter sweepstakes and stand a chance to win the grand prize.

AutoZone Survey Rewards

As AutoZone is the largest auto parts chain in the United States, and this survey which is conducted by it also matches its magnanimous popularity standards. This company aims to understand customers’ views regarding services and products which it offers in exchange for a chance to win massive cash prizes. All a customer needs to do is spare a few minutes and answer, and his/her name is automatically included in a monthly drawing list for winning prizes. sweepstakes are nothing short of a whopping $5000 check, with just your feedback in return. Highlight to this is that this company will announce 4 winners, each entitled to the same amount of $5000. Entire Sweepstakes ARV is precisely $20000.


  • Winners will have to prove and verify their eligibility to win rewards in a limited time span.
  • All taxes with which rewards tag along are completely a winner’s responsibility.
  • Per household, there will be only one winner.
  • Non Winning entries won’t be carried out to a subsequent month’s drawings.

Why Should You Answer AutoZone Feedback Survey?

With over 6400 retail shops globally, AutoZone has established itself as the king of the automotive accessories industry. As a resident of the United States, Mexico, or Puerto Rico, you must have surely visited an AutoZone outlet at least once for your car. This company is like a home to all car needs, and if a person couldn’t find what their vehicle needs anywhere else, they will undoubtedly find it here.

When AutoZone is such a phenomenon around you and might just be the go-to car parts place for most people, why not just take out a few minutes and share your feedback at survey? While you will not lose anything, you might just be the next owner of a solid $5000 cheque! Answering this survey is all a consumer needs to do to become eligible, and its whole process is straightforward without any unnecessary and tedious questions. 

Additionally, valuable feedback and honest responses from all those who participated in it will act as a model for this brand to formulate yielding strategies to give better services. AutoZone assesses, evaluates, and utilizes all kinds of negative and positive critiques to eliminate flaws in it and further deliver an enriched customer experience to patrons.

Questions Asked at Auto Zone Cares

Questions posed by AutoZone Cares will be of straightforward nature that entails gaining an idea about a client’s overall experience at this brand. Most questions will try to gather a patron’s perspective regarding its whole operational modes. Following are some areas regarding which AutoZone might wish to learn a buyer’s opinion:

  • Quality of products
  • Friendliness of staff
  • Quality of advice by staff
  • Availability of products
  • Efficiency of checkout
  • Pricing of items
  • Service offered by employees
  • Hygiene measure
  • Safety measures

About AutoZone

AutoZone is the largest automotive parts and car accessories retailer in the USA. It started business in 1979. Pitt Hyde founded this automotive retail store. With over 6400 stores worldwide, this company has outlets in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and the Virgin Islands. It is renowned for offering supreme quality products and consistent service. It has headquarters located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Auto Zone Customer Service

Following are AutoZone’s official contact details, through which anyone can learn more about this brand or get in touch with it regarding any matter. 

Contact Website: 

Phone support:  1-800-AUTOZONE (1-800-288-6966)

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How do I check my AutoZone rewards card?

To check AutoZone rewards cards, go to its official website, log in to your account and navigate to its rewards section. Alternatively, you may enquire at any of this brand’s stores by asking its cashier.

How does AutoZone rewards work?

AutoZone rewards programs qualify customers to avail a reward of $20 after every 5 purchases, which are to be $20 or more. One can access their rewards by producing their AutoZone rewards ID, either online or in-stores.

What to do to win a survey in AutoZone?

To become eligible for winning the AutoZoneSurvey, one must enter its sweepstakes.

What time does AutoZone close?

Most of the AutoZone stores close at 11:59 pm on all days.

What time does AutoZone open?

Most Auto Zone stores open at 7:30 am on all days. You can know the exact AutoZone hours for your location from official store locator.

Who owns AutoZone?

William C. Rhodes III is the current CEO and President of AutoZone. Pitt Hyde founded it.

Where is the nearest AutoZone?

Visit AutoZone near me locator at and enter Zip code or city and state to know your nearest AutoZone.

How many AutoZone stores are there?

AutoZone has over 6003 stores.

How many people enter the AutoZone cares sweepstakes?

There is no limit on the number of people who can participate in the AutoZone Cares survey and sweepstakes.

Who won the AutoZone sweepstakes?

Sherri T from Woodlawn won AutoZone’s recent sweepstakes, which was conducted on 30-Nov-20.

Where to enter AutoZone coupon code?

When shopping on, add the product to cart > navigate to cart > enter coupon code in a given option> click on checkout to redeem offers.

Does AutoZone own RockAuto?

No, AutoZone doesn’t own RockAuto. The Taylor Family owns RockAuto.