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Grab $500 BJ’s Gift Cards by Entering into BJ’s Guest Survey

Who would want to lose out on amazing luck and unrestricted benefits? No, not a single soul out there is ready to do so, right?! Receiving amazing prizes is now possible. Just by taking part in the www.bjs.com/feedback survey you can win a $500 worth gift card!! This survey is a great medium not only for communicating but also for winning great incentives. BJ’s often comes up with novel ways to connect with an increasing number of customers every time. Currently, this franchise is conducting BJ’s customer satisfaction survey to have a general idea about its clients. From learning its consumers’ needs and wants to improve itself, even more, this customer satisfaction poll comes at aid. Your candid and real feedback is crucial to them; since they would not be able to assess the impact of their customer policies and services without it.

Furthermore, BJ’s is rewarding people for participating in this survey. Well, better services, products, and incredible rewards are right at your fingertips via bjs.com/feedback. This feedback portal’s main goal is to collect relevant input from all of its clients. Bj’s management team wants to know everything about their clients’ recent experiences at their stores in order to make any modifications. Thus, their questionnaire is created. Responding to simple questionnaires results in more desirable customers-services along with amazing prizes. Sounds incredible, isn’t it! So why miss such a great opportunity?? To claim rewards and enjoy better services, simply go to this link Survey Link www.bjs.com/feedback and follow all the on-screen instructions that are provided here.

BJs Feedback Survey Rules & Requirements

Survey NameBJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period30 Days
Survey Validity Period7 Days
Official Websitewww.bjs.com/
Survey Linkwww.bjs.com/feedback
Survey LimitPer receipt one entry per household per month

Log On to www.bjs.com/feedback for Survey & Rules

Before taking part in BJ’s feedback, see these specific terms and conditions as follows. These sets of terms and conditions are given in www.bjs.com/feedback for surveys & rules, refer to know your eligibility for taking part in it.

  • No individual below 18 is qualified enough to provide their shopping experience.
  • This bj’s guest survey is open only for CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, VA, and VT residents. Contestants must be lawful citizens of one of these states.
  • Each client can only partake in BJ’s opinion rewards survey once per a valid purchase invoice. Besides, this brand’s purchase receipt will expire after 7 days from its date of commencement.
  • Participants will earn BJs coupons codes after they finish responding to its questionnaire. And such coupon codes will expire after 30 days So winners are supposed to redeem their coupon within that time span in order to enjoy any offers.
  • This poll does not apply to any of BJ’s staff or employees. Immediate family members of such agents are also not permitted.
  • Incomplete entries are bound to be disqualified by this company, with or without prior notification. As a result, make sure to fill out all questions as asked.
  • Except for a winner, any prizes issued are not to be transferred to anyone else. Meaning prizes are to be received by winners only and not by others.
  • Rewards come with a restriction that they are not to be cashed, converted, or combined with other offers.
  • All those who want to share critiques via bjs.com/feedback must own a valid email address and a contact number.
  • All bjs gift cards are subject to taxes.
  • A purchase is necessary in order to enter its online feedback portal via a receipt.

BJs Customer Satisfaction Survey Prerequisites

  • All candidates who want to partake in www.bjs.com/feedback must have a recent purchase receipt from this brand’s wholesale club store or gas station. A receipt contains various details, which upon entering will present a questionnaire to give responses.
  • A valid email address is a must for candidates to receive notifications.
  • At most, an entrant should be willing to devote 5-10 minutes of his/her valuable time.
  • Accessing its online questionnaire is only possible with a smart gadget like a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer. Sufficient knowledge to work on either of them is expected.
  • A strong and continuous internet connection will give a free flow of operation without any hassles. Improper and a bad internet connection is prone to its questionnaire’s breakdown, thereby leading to a sudden termination.
  • Because BJ’s customer feedback survey is only available in English and Spanish, candidates should be able to interpret either one of those 2 languages. Otherwise, it will be quite tricky to respond to all questions.

Methods To Participate In BJs Survey

Consumers can efficiently provide their critique to this brand and enter its sweepstakes using any of those 2 ways as provided below. Both of these approaches are simple and take little time to accomplish their task. Employ any one method that best suits your preferences and comfort.

  • Online mode via receipt: Those who have recently made a purchase at any of BJ’s outlets or stations and acquired a receipt can blindly go for an online mode of entering. By providing all details as given in a receipt, an individual can access the questionnaire. Submitting responses to such a questionnaire will earn consumers a free ticket to its random drawings.
  • Using the mail method: People who haven’t made any purchases at this brand nor obtained a valid receipt can employ mailing. Via mails, meaning postcards, applicants can enter sweepstakes. Just a postcard is needed, which has to be filled with all personal info and later mailed to this organization’s official sweepstakes address. Voila!

Note: Only one registration per person/household per month is allowed via both approaches.

How to Participate in the BJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Joining the www bjs com feedback survey is indeed uncomplicated and just takes a few minutes out of your busy schedule. Follow these instructions outlined, and you’ll be ready to start with its online BJ’s guest survey:

1. Within 7 days of completing a purchase, go to the BJ’s customer satisfaction survey’s official website @ http://www.bjs.com/feedback

2. Now you have to choose either English or Spanish in which they are more fluent for responding to its questionnaire.

bjs feedback survey image

3. After selecting a preferred language, move on further by clicking on “NEXT”.

bj's customer satisfaction survey image

4. Now pops up another new question asking members whether they are related to its employees or agents. There will be options, YES and NO. As mentioned earlier, those who are related to employees or are employees of BJ’s are strictly prohibited from entering.

bj's customer survey questions image

5. Later, a new query emerges, which lets consumers choose on which topic or department they want to leave feedback. Options of departments are In-club experience and its Gas stations.

bj's Gas customer satisfaction survey

6. Here, it is time to refer to a purchase receipt bill. This survey asks entrants to fill in certain details. And all such details will be present on a printed bill receipt. Spaces required to fill are regarding Club, Register, Transaction and Cashier.

bj's customer Feedback Store image

7. Upon filling in details for all those things, Click on “NEXT”. Now commences its actual questionnaire.

8. All topics asked will be straightforward and will include themes such as BJ’s hours of operation, a consumer’s degree of satisfaction with its products and their outlet location, delivery speed, vibe and ambiance, store cleanliness, and so on. Correctly give responses.

9. After submitting, candidates will get navigated to another page. And that new web page will ask for applicants to supply their personal information such as name, email address, phone number, address, and other information. Remember, only valid details will be expected.

11. Click on “NEXT” yet again to get done with all this. After completing all these steps successfully, consumers will receive one entry into its sweepstakes. Contesting for these random drawings may earn a $500 worth bjs gift card balance.

BJ’s Sweepstakes

Those who have successfully completed Bjs feedback can join its sweepstakes. And entering into its sweepstakes may let them win a $500 gift card via random drawings. Using such a gift card will allow people to get huge discounts. Winners of drawings will get notified of their prizes by phone or mails as they provided while registering. Apart from online mode, as explained above, individuals can join drawings via mailing as explained here. It is important to note that there is absolutely no necessity to make purchases nor obtain receipts.

  • Firstly obtain a postcard that is of 3″x5″ size.
  • On such a postcard, handwrite your full name, address, city, state, zip code, daytime phone number, and birth date.
  • In a valid envelope, place this card.
  • Handwrite “Please enter me in the BJ’s Sweepstake for a chance to win a Monthly Prize” on your envelope.
  • Finally, send this envelope, together with enough postage, to:
    • BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc., Monthly Survey Sweepstakes Entry, 200 Four Falls Corporate Center, Suite 130, Conshohocken, PA 19428.

BJs Rewards & Coupons

BJ’s cherishes its loyal clients’ loyalty, and therefore once they complete its survey, it provides them an opportunity to win rewards. Rewards include a grand prize of a $500 bjs gift cards. When an individual who completes bjs.com/feedback enters his or her email address and clicks submit all such details, they get registered to its sweepstakes. Registering to sweepstakes will offer a chance for entrants to win gift cards.

Each customer who takes part in the BJ’s customer feedback survey gets a fair entry into its random drawings, which occur monthly. One lucky winner is chosen every month who gets entitled to prizes worth $500 bjs reward points. These gift cards are redeemable on purchases at any BJ’s stores. Redeeming them will allow them to avail of discounts.

Note: BJs discount code mentioned here may change as they solely depend on the company and are subject to availability. This company has every right to make any decisions regarding prizes.

Why should you not miss the www bjs com Feedback Survey?

It is recommended that every consumer who has recently visited their shopping outlet should participate in this survey because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to express themselves. Customers can submit any concerns or provide comments that they believe the firm should address and change its rules. Feel free to leave favorable or bad feedback, but make sure your recommendations and thoughts are real, transparent, and truthful.

If you take part in this survey, you can have your voice and opinion heard as well as looked upon. Moreover if you believe you have some useful and helpful suggestions that would improve their services and make your’s and other shoppers’ shopping experience more satisfying, please let them know. Another advantage of this survey is that this company will not evaluate you based on your thoughts for earning rewards. So rest assured that no negative critiques will affect any chances of winning prizes.

As soon as you complete bjs.com/feedback and send your information, you will be eligible for its incentives. Who would have thought that providing simple feedback would stand a chance to bag a $500 gift card? So we can say that there is absolutely no reason to think twice about sharing a shopping experience at BJ’s via its feedback site.

BJ’s Customer Feedback Survey Questions

In general, BJs survey’s questions @ www.bjs.com/feedback would be simple and straightforward. Their online questionnaire is set up to assess your knowledge of their policies and services, as well as your degree of satisfaction with them. Questionnaire will have topics that may be related to these as given below:

  • Rate us on a scale of 1-10 based on how well you were satisfied with our overall services and products.
  • Were you satisfied with our products’ and services’ quality that we deliver?
  • Is the range of our products and services sufficient and adequate enough for you?
  • Rate your comfort and contentment with products and services along with their price range on a scale of 1-10.
  • Did you find our store’s environment and ambiance to be ideal?
  • Was your overall experience worthwhile in terms of both money and time?
  • Were you satisfied with our staff’s nature and behavior? Were they of use to you?
  • Which department of our store pleased you well?
  • Which department of our store needs modification and changes?
  • At our outlet, do we maintain a general sense of order and cleanliness?
  • Were our outlet’s surroundings and ambiance pleasant?
  • How satisfied were you with all hygiene and health measures practiced at our store on a scale of 1-10?
  • Were there any concerns or problems during your last visit to our grocery store?
  • Is there anything more about which you’d like to express your dissatisfaction? Or a specific remark, comment, or piece of advice to help us improve our services.
  • Do you like our customer policy and hours of operation?

About BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings, Inc., or simply BJ’s, is an American membership-only warehouse club chain headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts. It has set up locations around the East Coast as well as Ohio and Michigan. This chain focuses on a wide range of household goods, sporting goods, and other stuff.

Zayre departmental store launched the chain in 1984, which was later acquired by Bjs. Leonard Green & CVC Capital Partners have owned this firm since 2011. BJ’s Wholesale Club became a publicly traded corporation later in 2018. This organization has 200 locations set up in 16 states and employs over 25,000 people.

BJs Customer Service Details

Those who have any queries or want to get in touch with BJ’s can happily do so via:

  • Email Address: CustomerCare@bjs.com
  • Contact Number: call 800-BJS-CLUB (800-257-2582)
  • BJs Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 7 pm, Saturday, 9 am – 6 pm, Sunday, NOON – 6 pm est
  • BJ’s Services Contact Info: https://www.bjs.com/help/


What time does BJs close?

BJ’s stores typically close at 9 pm on all days except on Sunday, where they close at 7 pm. However, some locations may follow different timings. To know about the exact timings of any particular store, visit www.bjs.com/clubLocatorDetail.

What time does BJs open?

BJ’s stores may follow different timings. But they usually open at 9 am on all days except on Sunday where they open at noon.

Who owns BJs?

Mervyn D. Weich founded BJ’s. Its parent organizations are TJX Companies and Zayre. Leonard Green & Partners and CVC Capital Partners acquired it in 2011, which later returned to become a public entity in 2018.

How many people enter BJs feedback survey monthly?

Thousands of people enter BJ’s feedback survey monthly and also its sweepstakes.

Where to give BJs feedback?

Log on to bj’s customer satisfaction survey via www.bjs.com/feedback page, give feedback and enter sweepstakes if you have a valid receipt.

How many BJ’s stores are there?

As of June 2021, there are around 229 BJ’s stores ( including its 150 gas stations).

What can you use the BJs gift card for?

BJ’s gift card is helpful to give to our closed ones. Or we can present them during the checkout of our purchases in any BJ’s stores or its online website and redeem them to get discounts. Remember, one can use up to 20 bjs offer code at once per transaction.

How to get BJs rewards?

Participating in BJ’s customer satisfaction survey can earn sweepstakes entry, thereby a chance to win rewards. Besides, join the BJ’s Membership Club and earn up to 2% bjs discount code on every purchase. Whenever your balance hits $10, a new award will greet you to use it for another $10 balance. Remember, most of its rewards are valid for only 6 months from their commencement date.

Where to put a coupon on BJs?

While purchasing any item from the BJ’s online store or via bjs.com, use coupon codes while making payments to avail of huge discounts during checkout.

How to get BJs coupons?

Through bjs.com/feedback survey you can get reward points or log on to www.bjs.com/myCoupons to know more about BJS gift cards.

Is BJs owned by Walmart?

No, Walmart doesn’t own Bjs.

How much is BJ’s membership?

Standard rates of Bj’s membership are $55 for a 12-month BJ’s Inner Circle Membership. And $110 for a 12-month BJ’s Perks Rewards Membership, which earns 2% cash-back Awards on most purchases. All these Memberships include a second Membership Card for a household member.

Where is the nearest BJ’s?

Click on www.bjs.com/clubLocatorDetail to know bjs near me.

How to cancel BJ’s membership?

Cancel your Bj’s membership via visiting any service desk member in any of this brand’s locations. Or contact its Member Care team at 800-BJS-CLUB (257-2582). Even one can mail by sending a letter to: BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. Attn: Membership. 25 Research Drive.

What BJ’s means?

BJ means Beverly Jean. She is the daughter of this brand’s first president.

How likely to win BJs feedback?

Chances of winning bjs digital sweepstakes via BJ’s feedback depend on the number of people who participate in it.