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Dollar General Customer First Survey – Win Gift Card worth $100

We are all aware of the fact that Dollar General is one of the best and most celebrated chains when compared to its analogs. What makes it sustain this reputation among customers and clients? This DG (Dollar General) has been accomplished because it never leaves any stone unturned. dgcustomerfirst.com survey is one essential tool for getting to the core of any situation and addressing all other upcoming and current problems regarding Customer Services. This survey has been designed by experts through which suggestions, opinions and complaints are extracted from customers who want to share their feedback.

It is a known fact that every customer acts as an equal stone to build up an organization’s success. That’s why DG has introduced dgcustomerfirst com, where it shows great respect to its clients by giving them an opportunity to express their wants and needs, which this firm will implement. Moreover, participating in this review gives all customers a direct passage to the DG Survey Sweepstakes. Entering sweepstakes means grabbing a chance to win $100 worth of gift cards and other exhilarating rewards and prizes. So a client just has to provide their feedback and provide DG with his/her honest and sincere opinions about their customer services and get rewards. Without any wait, start providing your feedback, complete it in 5 minutes and claim exhilarating rewards.!

Dollar General Survey Rules and Requirements

Survey NameDollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period7 Days
Rewards$100 Gift Card
Website www.dollargeneral.com  
Survey Sitewww.dgcustomerfirst.com
Survey LimitOne entry per person per monthly period

Terms and Conditions

  • Minors will not be allowed to take part in this dgcustomerfirst.com $100 gift card survey. So every member who wants to join should be either 18 or more than 18 to be eligible for both this survey and its sweepstakes.
  • All those legal residents of the United States of America and district Colombia will be allowed to take part in dgcustomerfirst.com and are eligible for rewards and prizes attached to it. Any candidate who is found not to be a legal citizen of those 2 mentioned places will not be allowed to join nor win rewards.
  • To participate in this survey and give feedback, a recent purchase receipt from any of DG stores is a must.
  • Only one entry per person for a receipt is allowed to give feedback. Besides, in case of a sweepstakes entry, only one registration per month is considered qualified.
  • All prizes and awards of these sweepstakes are subject to tag along with taxes. And those taxes are solely payable by winners only. Organization has no responsibility for those taxes.
  • Any customer who is providing his/her feedback should accept and regard its terms of service.
  • Consumers who are participating in dgcustomerfirst.com should not be an employee or a close relative and family to any employee working at a Dollar General outlet across America.

Prerequisites for Dollar General Store Experience Survey

There are a few prior prerequisites and conditions that customers and all participants who want to join in the Dollar General Customer First Survey should meet and possess. Keeping in handy all those things that are required will contribute to a hassle-free completion of this review without much effort. Look at these below things:

  • Each and every candidate who wants to give his/her feedback via online method should possess a recent purchase receipt from any of DG’s stores.
  • A purchase receipt comes with a validity period, as already mentioned earlier. One must take their survey using the receipt that is not a day older than 7 days.
  • This dgcustomerfirst com is available only in 2 languages, which are English and Spanish. And, so candidates are expected to know either of these 2 languages. Ability to read and write in any of those 2 languages is a must.
  • Basic knowledge and acquaintance with technological methodologies, including operating a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, is also a necessity.
  • Requires a stable and good internet connection for a smooth and break-free process of completing this survey.

Methods to Enter Dollar General Sweepstakes

There are 2 ways of joining Dollar General’s Customer First Survey and entering its sweepstakes. Online through their official survey site www.dgcustomerfirst.com is a very common mode. In contrast, those who want to join these drawings offline without any purchase can simply mail in their personal info. Irrespective of both these modes of entering, individuals bound to get registered only once per month or per receipt.

Online Method of Entry – In this course, all interested consumers will have to access Dollar General’s official review site, www.dgcustomerfirst.com. After giving feedback to a questionnaire that is asked, they will grab a ticket to drawings. Although, for this mode of entering, one must make a purchase to acquire a bill receipt. And that bill has to be used, within its deadline period, to provide feedback.

Mailing-In Method of Entry – One simple way to contest for sweepstakes without actually making a purchase is through mailing. All a person has to do is note down his/her personal details like name, address, contact info etc., on a 3½” x5″ sized postcard. Later they must mail their postcards to DG’s sweepstakes address. Remember, personal details should be exclusively handwritten; otherwise, they are invalid. Given personal address should be legal and valid if found to be unreturnable, a member is disqualified.

How to Take Part in DG Customer First Survey (Online Method)?

1. First step is making sure to have stable and continuous access to an internet connection. Later get access to Dollar General’s survey website via www.dgcustomerfirst.com or just click here.

dgcustomerfirst.com survey page image

2. Now its home page will emerge in its default language, English. Those who are comfortable delivering their feedback in English can directly go to the next step. But those who want to convey their DG shopping experience in Spanish will have to click on “Espanol”. Espanol option will be under “Start”.

3. It is now time that all patrons will have to enter 3 details that will be present on their purchase receipts. These are time, store number and a 15-digit survey code. All these 3 details will be provided in a purchase receipt and should be inserted very carefully. After completing these pieces of info, candidates will have to press on a yellow colored icon saying “Start”.

4. After pressing on that Start icon, individuals will get navigated to a new web page, where they will be welcomed by a set of questions that they will have to answer.

5. These are DG’s survey questions, and these should be answered very sincerely and truthfully by participants. It is important to note that both negative and positive feedback are equally considered, and giving negative feedback will not decrease any chances of winning.

DG Customer First Survey Questions Image

6. After completing answering all questions, entrants will be required and expected to give in their personal details for entering into sweepstakes. Like, their full name, email address and a valid phone number. Since winners will get contacted about their prizes with their registered contact address, ensure only valid and functioning ones.

www.dgcustomerfirst.com contact details image

7. After presenting such pieces of info, press on “Submit”. That’s it! You are done.

Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes Entry Image

Mail-In Method to Enter DG Sweepstakes

  • On a 3.5” x 5” piece of paper, write down your name without initials, valid email address, date of birth (MM/DD/YY). 
  • After mentioning those details, send that postcard to these drawings postal address,
    • Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes 2021 P.O.Box 251328 West Bloomfield, MI 48325.


  • Every participant is taking part in www.dgcustomerfirst.com will be given passage to drawings and is eligible for $100 General gift cards.
  • Only one entry per person per monthly period allowed. Anybody found registering multiple times will be disqualified, and only their first entry will be considered valid.
  • Winners will solely be responsible for any federal taxes attached with prizes and rewards and, under any circumstances, will have to pay taxes by themselves.

Dollar General Rewards for Taking Survey

There are rewards attached to the Dollar General Customer First Survey, which have been confirmed and validated by customers and participants who have won earlier. All customers who participate in this Customer First Survey of DG will get a free and automatic passage to its Sweepstakes. That’s incredibly awesome, right?! 

Prizes include $100 Dollar General Gift Cards. These gift cards are redeemable in any of DG’s outlets all throughout America. Besides, these gift cards are also useful to get offers while purchasing online through its official Dollar General App or website. Apart from such super thrilling Gift Card Rewards, it offers free coupons to some lucky candidates. Using such free coupons, one can get unlimited benefits like discounts or other such offers. So, all a consumer has to do to win these rewards is to give feedback on dgcustomerfirst com or mail their personal info.

Objective of Taking Dollar General Store Survey

If there is anything that could be done to make experiences better for customers, then why not? This was the initial process of DG’s administration team, after which they came up with this Dollar General Customer Survey. To this organization, customers are its top priority. It takes any measures to satisfy customers with its products and services. DG knows that consumers are one of the main reasons for it to stay on top among its competitors. And with this customer survey, it intends to advance ahead by giving even more improved services to clients. 

Through this review, DG is ready to welcome any suggestions and opinions that a customer wants to convey. By taking into consideration all those suggestions, opinions, advice, issues etc., DG will take necessary actions so that a client in his/her next visit to this franchise will get a more pleasant experience.

And so that’s how both a client and this firm will get benefitted. But there’s one more perk for individuals who take this review. $100 gift cards and free coupons are some exciting prizes that a person can grab a chance to win by entering drawings via this survey.

Questions asked at Dollar General Feedback Survey

There are certain questions that are most commonly asked in this questionnaire and are related to a consumer’s most recent visit to any Dollar General outlets. Below questions act as a model to DG’s questionnaire:

  • How was our employee’s conduct towards you during your last visit?
  • Around how many minutes was your check-out process?
  • How was the range of products at our store?
  • Did you like the brand of products offered at our outlet?
  • What time of the day did you visit our store?
  • How were our outlet’s interiors in terms of sanitation and cleanliness?
  • How likely are you to refer Dollar General to your peers and family?
  • Are we expecting to see you again in the future?
  • What was your overall satisfaction? Rate it on a scale of 1-10.
  • Did you have enough assistance from our team on your visit?
  • Are there any suggestions for us?

About Dollar General

Dollar General chain previously known as J.L.Turner and Son. Later in 1955, it named as Dollar General Corporation. It belongs to the Discount Retailer genre. This firm was first established long back in 1939. DG’s headquarters located in its hometown where it founded, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, the United States of America. Founders of this chain were James Luther Turner and Cal Turner.

Based on a 2020 research, there are 16,278 outlets all across America. Popular services and products offered by Dollar General stores are apparel and clothing, cleaning and sanitizing products, home decor, beauty products, health-related commodities and aids, toys and groceries, of course. Approximately 143,000 employees work for this chain. Its net income is around $7.8 Billion. Their official website is www.dollargeneral.com.

Dollar General Customer Service

Individuals who want to consult DG’s support any time they have any issue, suggestions, etc. can utilize these pieces of info:

  • Customer Care Number: 877-463-1553
  • Mailing Address: 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville, TN 37072, the United States.
  • Dollar General Near Me Locator: www.dollargeneral.com/about-us/locations.html
  • Dollar General Hours: 8 AM to 10 PM


How to complain to Dollar General online for in store experience?

For complaining to Dollar General online, employ any of these ways as given below:
1. Customer Care Contact Number: 877-463-1553
2. Customer Care Contact Form: It can be submitted and filled here, www.dollargeneral.com/commerce/contact.
3. Customer Support: www.dollargeneral.com/customer-support. 
This web page has options for both, Online and In-Store complaints sections.

How to coupon at Dollar General?

To coupon at Dollar General, first, download its Dollar General App. After downloading it, create an account and add digital coupons. That’s it! Next time while making purchases apply these coupons during your checkout to redeem and get offers.

Does Dollar General sell gift cards?

Yes, Dollar General sells an immense range of Gift Cards, including Amazon Gift Cards. For more info, click on www.dollargeneral.com/products/category-page/electronics/gift-cards-reloadable-cards.html.

How to check Dollar General gift card balance?

There are 3 ways to check Dollar gift card balance:
– Go to www.dollargeneral.com/Savings/gift-card-balance.html and fulfil all details to get balance.
– Ring at 1-844-601-8030 and enquire about your Gift Card balance. You will be provided with your card balance after you give them your card details.
– You can check your gift card balance at any DG’s stores also, give your card to its cashier, and he/she can let you know what your gift card balance is.

Does Dollar General sell Amazon gift cards?

Yes, Dollar General sells Amazon Gift Cards. Visit www.dollargeneral.com/products/category-page/electronics/gift-cards-reloadable-cards.html to know more.

What time does Dollar General open?

Dollar General outlets open at 8 AM every day.

What time does Dollar General close?

Most of the Dollar General outlets closes by 10 PM on regular days.

Who owns Dollar General?

James Luther Turner and Cal Turner owned the Dollar General until their demise. Its present CEO is Todd Vasos, and the chairman is Michael M. Calbert.

How to use Dollar General digital coupons?

When you order any product which is eligible for coupons and discounts, a coupon code will be applied to purchases automatically when you checkout. Just remember to insert your contact number before checking out. Otherwise, a coupon won’t get redeemed.

How many Dollar General stores are there?

As of 2020, there were around 16,278 Dollar General stores.

Where is the nearest Dollar General store?

Go to www.dollargeneral.com/about-us/locations.html and enter your Zip or City & State.

Where is the survey code on the Dollar General receipt?

A survey code is printed on a Dollar General purchase receipt’s lower side.

What does the star mean on Dollar General survey code?

A yellow-colored star on a Dollar General survey code signifies clearance markdown. If there is any clearance sale going on at this organization, with this yellow dot, you can get up to a 50% discount on ant purchases. So watch out for any yellow clearance notes on your visit to a store.

How long do I have to do my survey for Dollar General?

It just takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete the Dollar General Survey.

Who won the Dollar General gift cards from survey?

Click on www.dgcustomerfirst.com/PContent.aspx?Page=Winners&c=170115 to know those who won Dollar General gift cards from its survey.

How does the Dollar General survey know when you have taken the limit of surveys?

Irrespective of offline or online entry methods, only one entry per person per monthly period is allowed. Dollar General Sweepstakes keeps a record of everybody who has taken part in its survey already, and on multiple participation, it announces an entry to be invalid.

How to find out if I am a winner of Dollar General gift card for survey?

If you are the winner of Dollar General sweepstakes, your name will be on www.dgcustomerfirst.com/PContent.aspx?Page=Winners&c=170115

What to do when your Dollar General survey doesn’t print with a barcode?

It could either mean that your coupon is an In store coupon or your particular outlet has not updated its GS1 website system yet.

Why wont Dollar General let me take the survey?

If Dollar General isn’t letting you take its survey, then that means either you are eligible to participate or have an invalid receipt.

Where do you go to do a Dollar General survey?

Go to www.dgcustomerfirst.com to do a Dollar General survey.

What gift cards does Dollar General sell?

Dollar General has a wide variety of Gift Cards that it sells. It includes Gift cards for different occasions like Gaming Gift Cards, Shopping Gift Cards, Vanilla Visa Gift Cards etc. It also sells based on brands. In addition, it also sells electronic, Reloadable, prepaid phones, etc., gift cards. For more details, go to this website www.dollargeneral.com/products/category-page/electronics/gift-cards-reloadable-cards.html.

Can I use a Dollar General digital coupon more than once?

No. A Dollar General Digital Coupon is to be used only once unless it is an in-store coupon.