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Dairy Queen Customer Satisfaction Survey – Grab a Free Dilly Bar

Dairy Queen’s soft serve ice-creams, dilly bars, and shakes are not just mouth-watering but also irresistible. Why not put an end to your cravings and enjoy a delicious dessert? Here is a chance at fulfilling that desire absolutely free of cost. Wondering how?! Well, you should know about dqfansurvey is a online platform that Dairy Queen has introduced to all of its customers. People who take part in this dqfansurvey feedback will not only get a chance to voice out their opinions but also will get free coupons to get amazing rewards. Ain’t that interesting?! Your valued opinion will earn you a delicious treat. But, it is not just some free food that should convince you to take this DQ fan survey; this is also a chance to make a positive difference in terms of Dairy Queen’s service and products.

This is a golden chance to make your favorite franchise better than ever with your suggestions. If you have been to a Dairy Queen outlet any time recently, then do not hesitate even for a second to take up its DQ Fan survey. Share your experience with dairy at DQfansurvey com in a simple way. DQfansurvey.com free dilly bar survey can be taken online and is a matter of fewer than 5 minutes. If you are excited to participate and win finger-licking prizes, then give this article a good read and follow all those steps as mentioned.

DQFanSurvey Feedback – Rules & Requirements

Survey NameDairy Queen Customer Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity3 days
Survey ValidityOpen throughout a year
Survey Linkwww.DQfansurvey.com
Survey LimitOne entry per person per survey

Eligibility to Take Dairy Queen Free Dilly Bar Survey

Dairy Queen online survey has some basic eligibility criteria. It has defined certain terms and conditions that one must ensure to participate successfully. Given dairy queen survey rules and conditions are just to make sure the credibility of data collected. This will save you from chances of revocation of rewards. All terms and conditions are listed below:

  • Every participant must be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • Individuals who are 18 years or older are eligible. Besides, if a person has attained legal age in his/her state of residence can also take part in this DQ survey.
  • Entrants must not be an employee of Dairy Queen or its subsidiaries nor a promotional agent of this eatery. Employees, agents, and their immediate family members and household members are not qualified to join DQfansurvey com free dilly bar.
  • A purchase and its receipt are required.
  • Free reward coupons that you receive on completing its questionnaire are valid only for 30 days from their issued date.
  • Each receipt has one and unique code, which is valid to join this feedback only once.
  • One cannot attempt to give feedback under false identity or by pretending to be someone else.
  • Each DQ coupon is not available for redeeming for cash. A coupon is to be used only for making purchases from any Dairy Queen stores.
  • It is prohibited to alter, copy and transfer a purchase receipt or internet distribution or sale of coupon code.

DQ Fan Feedback Survey Prerequisites

Before giving dqfansurvey free dilly bar survey, do ensure these prerequisites in order to make your whole critique procedure a smooth one:

  • Members should possess either a laptop or smartphone as it is a digital questionnaire.
  • Requirement of a stable internet connection is highly preferred for a break-free process.
  • Receipt of your last purchase from DQ with a validation code not older than 3 days.
  • 3-4 minutes for completing responding to all inquiries.
  • Participants must know either English, Spanish or French to complete to provide their feedback.

Methods To Participate In DQ Fan Feedback Free Dilly Bar

Effortlessly join the DQ fan feedback survey from the comforts of your home by logging into its official website. Meaning, everyone can give their feedback only online in order to reach every customer. Individuals with their smartphones or PCs can happily give their feedback. All an interested person needs is a validation code and a stable network connection.

How To Participate In Dairy Queen Feedback @ www.dqfansurvey.com?

The whole procedure to attend a dqfansurvey com free dilly bar is a piece of cake. Simply read and follow each of these steps necessary to complete its questionnaire. So without any further adieu, observe these instructions as given below:

1. Open your browser and visit DQ’s feedback survey website: https://www.DQfansurvey.com/

2. A web page will emerge with its default language English, but you have an option to switch to Spanish or French. So choose a language that you are more comfortable with.

3. To commence its questionnaire, participants must type a 19-digit validation code dairy queen purchase receipt. Remember, a validation code is unique and valid only once within 3 days of acquiring it.

dairy queen free dilly bar survey image

4. Then, it is time to enter your recent visit’s date in this “mm/dd/yyyy” format. Next, enter your recent visit’s time in the format of XX: XX PM/AM. A purchase receipt consists of both these details(time and date). Just look at your receipt’s topside and click on “Start”.

5. DQ survey for free dilly bar questionnaire will appear. Try to answer all of its questions. Honest and genuine responses are useful in bringing necessary measures at Dairy Queen so that customers can get better customer satisfaction.

6. On finishing responding to all topics, submit answers. A unique DQ coupon code with your Dairy Queen rewards will appear.

7. Visit any Dairy Queen’s stores to redeem rewards within 30 days from their commencement date. Redeem and get discounts or other offers at the time of your checkout near a cashier.

Dairy Queen Rewards & Coupons

As mentioned earlier, there are some fabulous rewards for providing feedback on Dairy Queen’s fan feedback survey. With these rewards, we are sure no individual can be left disappointed or unsatisfied. Those who participated will receive a unique coupon code which they can redeem for free meals, desserts, or for receiving a discount on their next purchases. Therefore, coupons are none other than redeemable rewards. So it is necessary to note such a coupon code and preserve it well.

Dairy Queen coupons usually have a different reward specified on it. Some may get a DQ fan feedback free dilly bar. In contrast, there are some who can get Dairy Queen cake coupons, whereas others can win discount coupon cards or seasonal gift cards. Either way, all of these rewards have their own value, which is matchless with others. No matter which prize is given, winners are guaranteed free food on their future visits to any of this eatery’s outlets. It is important to note that one cannot exchange these awards; winners are only allowed to redeem DQ coupons for rewards they have received.

Why Should You Take part Of DQFanSurvey Com Free Dilly Bar?

Customer feedback surveys can seem pretty basic, and an individual can tend to think that his/her single thought may not bring huge changes. Well, news flash. Each and every opinion, suggestion, comment, and advice is thoroughly analyzed and assessed with equal attention. That’s what happens in Dairy Queens survey platform. Various inputs by customers is an important tool by which a particular business franchise operates. Many companies, especially eateries like DQ, are striving to improve their food lovers’ satisfaction by considering their likes, dislikes, suggestions, and many more.

So if you want Dairy Queen to take into consideration your likes and dislikes and provide more value for your money, then it is your responsibility to give feedback. In its customer satisfaction survey, answer and provide your overall shopping experience and witness great magic. After collecting and analyzing various polls, DQ will take necessary actions so that no foodie will be left dissatisfied with its services and products.

Clients’ suggestions and opinions can help this food franchise modify its business to attract more customers and keep those existing ones happy. You will directly benefit when Dairy Queen improves its quality, menu options, and taste of its products, services, and hygiene standards. Apart from all these, candidates will get excellent rewards in the form of food or ice cream for their efforts. This system ensures that both parties benefit from mutual help.

DQ Feedback Survey Questions

Dairy Queen free dilly bar survey will have questions regarding any of its stores. Most topics will basically depend upon a client’s recent shopping experience with this eatery and how he/she will evaluate their satisfaction at visiting based on several parameters. Look at these pieces of info as given below, which can aid in giving a perspective of DQ survey’s actual questions:

  • Rate your overall satisfaction at our store on a scale of 1-10.
  • What did you order? Is our menu adequate, consisting of all necessary items?
  • In what mode did you place the order: take-out, dine-in, or doorstep delivery?
  • Rate your order’s delivery temperature on a scale of 1-10.
  • Were you satisfied with our cleanliness standards?
  • How were our outlet’s interiors and ambiance?
  • Is the parking lot good and sufficient?
  • How friendly were our team who assisted you with services on a scale of 1-10?
  • Is your overall money spent worthy?
  • How likely would you recommend us to others from 1-5?
  • For how long were you our customer?
  • On a scale of 1-5, how likely will you visit us again?

About Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is an American franchise famous for its soft-serve ice-creams. It also owns a chain of fast-food restaurants selling a variety of burgers, fries, salads, hotdogs, desserts, and beverages. Soft-serve formula was first developed in 1939 by John Fremont and was sold at an ice-cream store. This first serving has earned 1600 orders within 2 hours which created many records. Now, they have more than 6400 stores across the United States of America and Canada. The largest Dairy Queen store in the USA is located in Bloomington, Illinois. Orange Julius and Karmelkorn are subsidiaries. Its headquarters is located in Edina, Minnesota.

Dairy Queen Customer service

Customers who have got any queries regarding Dairy Queen’s menus, services or other issues can easily contact it using these details:

  • Official Phone number: (952) 830-0200
  • Corporation Address: 8000 Tower, Suite 700, 8331 Norman Center Drive, Bloomington, MN 55437
  • Dairy Queen Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM ( Sunday – Saturday)


What does DQ mean?

DQ is an acronym and stands for Dairy Queen. DQ also appears as a logo of Dairy Queen.

What time does Dairy Queen close?

DQ hours specify that stores close at 9 PM. They also close at 10 PM at some locations.

Who owns Dairy Queen?

Berkshire Hathaway acquired Dairy Queen in 1997. Warren Buffet owns a significant share in this eatery who also happens to be a major investor.

What time does Dairy Queen open?

Dairy Queen restaurants open at 9 AM at almost all locations. Some locations open their stores at 10:30 AM and some as late as 12 PM. So, it is best to check with your local store before visiting.

When is free cone day at Dairy Queen?

Free cone day at Dairy Queen is on the first day of spring every year. This usually falls around March 20 every year.

What is a Dilly bar at Dairy Queen?

Dilly bar is a classic Dairy Queen soft serve, coated with chocolate, butterscotch, or cherry

How much are Dilly bars at Dairy Queen?

Current price of a classic Dairy Queen dilly bar is around $1.49. A box of 12 dilly bars costs more or less $15.99.

How many calories in a Dairy Queen Dilly bar?

Each Dairy Queen dilly bar contains about 240 calories.

What do I get for completing a Dairy Queen survey?

You will be rewarded with coupon codes for completing Dairy Queen’s fan feedback survey. These coupon codes are redeemable for either free dilly bars or exclusive discounts.

Where is the survey code for Dairy Queen?

DQ Survey code is present on a purchase receipt. It is usually located towards the bottom of a receipt.

Why did Dairy Queen get rid of DQ rewards app?

Dairy Queen still has an updated mobile app that has replaced its rewards app. This updated app takes orders and also gives you reward points that are to be redeemed once a certain threshold is reached.

What rewards can you redeem at DQ?

Depending on your DQ coupon code, you can redeem free dilly bars or discounts on future purchases at any of this organization’s outlets.

How much is on my Dairy Queen gift card?

To check Dairy Queen’s gift card balance, either go to their official website, mobile app or in their physical outlet.

Dairy Queen gift card where to buy?

You can purchase Dairy Queen gift cards online through their official website by clicking on https://www.dairyqueen.com/en-us/gift-cards-and-gear/. It is also possible via its official mobile app or directly visiting its store.

Where is the pin on a Dairy Queen gift card?

A 16-digit numbered pin on a Dairy Queen gift card will be on its bottom side beside a bar code.

How do I get a free blizzard from Dairy Queen?

Download and register on Dairy Queen app on your mobile. Reward points that you receive for purchases made from this business’ outlets will add up. And these added points are to be redeemed for acquiring offers such as free blizzards.

Are Dairy Queen closing?

Unfortunately, some Dairy Queen’s locations are closing due to bankruptcy. But there are many more outlets that are operating profitably as well.

Where is the nearest Dairy Queen?

To find dairy queen near me, click on www.dairyqueen.com/en-us/locations. This website will help you track down any desired location.

Is a purchase required to attend DQ fan feedback survey?

Indeed, yes, a purchase and survey validation code on a purchase receipt is required to attend the DQ fan survey.