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Fedex Survey Feedback – Receive up to 15% Discount on your Next Order!

Fedex is a statement in itself, a colossal in the world of logistics! It has managed various products’ flow from the point of our ordering to making them reach our doorstep. Everything is just a click away. All we need to do is scroll through the internet, track down any item we wish to own, and order it through Fedex. It won’t be a surprise if products arrive at our doorsteps in no time. Wouldn’t it just be splendorous if we could make Fedex’s services, that it is currently offering, even better?  It has initiated a step towards remodeling its customer services, aiming to refine them as much as possible. They perfected this by making people take their survey at 

Maestros have modeled Fedex guest satisfaction survey for it needs to be simple and understandable considering every client’s preferences. Participants will be asked some questions which they have to answer based on their latest experience with Fedex. There are exciting rewards attached to this survey, a reward of a 10% discount coupon on their next order on this franchise. For more details on rewards, rules, requirements, etc., refer to this article.

Fedex Customer Satisfaction Survey

Survey Name Fedex Customer Survey
Receipt Validity Period 3 – 7 Days
Rewards10% to 15% Discount on Next Order
Minimum Age Required18 Years
LanguageEnglish or Spanish
Survey Site 
Survey Limit One can visit and participate only once with one receipt

Fedex Customer Survey Rules and Requirements

  • Anyone aged 13 and above can take part in the Fedex We Listen Feedback. 
  • People who possess a legal residence proof of the United States of America are eligible to participate.
  • Every person planning on taking part in it should have either a receipt from any order or a flyer containing any Fedex office’s store number across the United States. 
  • Only those who are not professionally connected to this organization can take part in it. Meaning, employees, drivers, etc., are ineligible.
  • A receipt code and a store number is valid for only one participation entry. 
  • If a participant is intrusively interfering with its terms and conditions, he/she will be disqualified from any rewards. 
  • Individuals must be ready to submit their personal details, including name, email address, and contact number, for contacting purposes.

Prerequisites for Taking Survey at www fedex com welisten

This survey has some preconditions that every participant should meet before being qualified for taking part in it, as stated below:

  • Entrants should already bear either a Fedex receipt or flyer for participating. 
  • Individuals should have their legal address proof handy.
  • Members who want to participate should be fully aware of using a laptop, desktop, or smartphone, as they have to answer its questionnaire on any of these devices. 
  • Applicants will have to choose between English or Spanish. So, it is preferred if they have knowledge of any of these 2 languages.

Ways of Participating in Fedex Welisten Survey

Unfortunately, there is only one way of joining Fedex Listens, and that’s online. As of now, there is no way of participating by mailing or any other offline method. However, it is quite possible that shortly we may have the availability of more ways in which we can take part in this questionnaire, including offline means.

Online method is very uncomplicated and smooth.  Everybody and anybody can do it effortlessly. Here is a list of pointers that entrants will need while taking

How to Take Fedex Online Survey @

1. Click on this Fedex Welisten Survey link to visit its official survey website. A page will appear, which will look similar to this figure as given below. page image

2. Now it is time to choose between English and Spanish. Members should click on any language they are acquainted well with.

3. Participants will get the following box on their screens. Select the most appropriate option from the following options, including:

  • I shipped or picked up a package 
  •  Full Service 
  •  Self Service 
  •  I did not make a purchase during a visit

fedex we listen survey questions image

4. After making a choice, entrants will be redirected to a page where they will be asked about their receipt if they have it or not.

fedex survey with receipt image

5. If individuals plan to join its questionnaire by using their receipts, they have to click on ‘Yes’.

6. Individuals will now need to enter the Location Code provided on their Fedex receipts.

7. If customers who are interested in joining this questionnaire have no purchase receipt or bill must have a Fedex flyer. People with no bill have to choose ‘No’ when asked about the receipt. After, a new page appears.

8. On the flyer, participants will find their required store number. Fill this number in a small tab provided and click on ‘Next’.

9. All participants, both entrants who have a receipt or flyer, will be directed to a survey form. online survey rating image

10. Now, it is time to answer those given questions attentively. Remember to give responses that are truthful and sincere. Otherwise, it will kill the purpose.

11. After completion, click on ‘Submit’. You will get a Fedex survey coupon code with which you can earn 10% or 15% off on your next order.

fedex survey coupon code image

Fedex Rewards for Taking Survey

One best thing about this customer feedback  Survey is that no purchase is necessary for anybody to take part in it. After participants finish completing their survey form, they will be given an option of printing their own Fedex discount code. 

Every customer who joins this survey will get a $7 discount on his/her next Fedex order with this coupon. Isn’t that lovely? Getting your hands on $7 just by answering a few questions is incredible as it sounds. A discount of  15% is another reward to some lucky winners on their next order at this franchise.

Importance of Fedex com Welisten Survey

The sole mission of the Fedex We Listen Survey is very apparent, as we can see from its name itself. This brand wanted to make sure that its customers are heard and cared for. So, it has fabricated this survey, where customers could easily speak up and convey their messages, opinions, etc., directly to Fedex’s management. 

This company wants to forge ahead in its course of action and business by inviting clients to be their judge and rate them. This way, it would become aware of its weaknesses and flaws.  Fedex can then work on the same and improvise. As a result, customer services will get better, which of course isn’t a bad deal for patrons!

Fedex Feedback Survey Questions

All clients who are a part of this feedback will be inquired about some of the specifics and quality of services of Fedex. Queries can be slightly different from what are mentioned below, but mostly in close proximity:

  • Rate if Fedex is one of the best transportation companies compared to its analogs? 
  • How satisfactory was your experience with Fedex? 
  • Do you completely trust our team with your shipments? 
  • How updated does Fedex keep you regarding your shipments and parcels? 
  • What can be done to make our services better and improve rating?
  • Do you think our services are affordable enough? 
  • What are the chances of you recommending Fedex to your friends and family?
  • What is your overall satisfaction with Fedex?

About Fedex Corporation

Fedex was established in 1970 by Fredrick W.  Smith. It is based in the United States of America.  Earlier, it was known by 2 other names, Federal  Express Corporation and FDX Corporation. Its headquarters are located in Memphis, Tennessee. This franchise has expanded on a global level by functioning in over 220  countries with around 6,00,000 employees.  As of now, it owns 680 aircraft. In 2020, Fedex’s annual revenue was $69.2 billion. That’s more than a lot.! It is among the best leading transportation companies and secures a very high place in that list.

Customer Care Fedex

  • Contact Number: 1-800-463-3339  
  • For contacting through link: support.html  
  • Mail ID:
  • Fedex Hours: 9 AM to 7 PM (Monday – Friday), 9 AM to 5 PM (Saturday & Sunday)

Mailing Address

Fedex Corporation Inc.
942 South Shady Grove Road,
Memphis, Tennessee- 38120,
United States


How to leave feedback for Fedex?

Click on survey to leave feedback for Fedex.

How to leave positive feedback for Fedex driver?

One can directly write to FedEx at and provide positive feedback for any Fedex Driver.

Where to give feedback for Fedex customer service?

You can write to the FedEx about the customer service using the above mentioned URL. Else, you can post them using the mailing address available in the above customer service section.

What time does Fedex open?

From Monday to Sunday, Fedex opens at 9 AM.

What time does Fedex close?

From Monday to Friday, Fedex closes at 7 PM. On weekends, it closes at 5 PM.

Who owns Fedex?

Frederic Wallace Smith owns Fedex, who is its founder also.

Where is the nearest Fedex drop off?

Go to this Fedex Near Me locator at to know your nearest Fedex drop-off.

What is Fedex rewards?

There is a huge massive range of rewards Fedex provides its customers with. These include gift cards, coupons, edibles, fashion, electronic gadgets, office supplies, and home products.

Where is my Fedex rewards number?

Contact this number, 866-427-5295, to know My Fedex rewards.

Where to buy Fedex gift card?

As of now, Fedex is not offering any gift cards.

How do I file a complaint with Fedex?

Visit to file a complaint on Fedex.

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  4. Usually, when I go into the FedEx Office it’s always Packed, I mean that the lines are coming out of the doorway, and I be thinking about should I wait if people don’t have that much to do or if the lines aren’t going Fast I just might come back tomorrow, but the lines “Always” seems to be SERVICING Fast/Associates are working through Them Customers Real Fast In The Service Lines Just Too Confirn everything I’m saying So everyone is on the same Sheet of Paper Okay.

  5. Yes, I can Confirm, that Our FedEx Office on 5854 Barns Rd. Colorado Springs, Co. 80922 Have some of Nicest & Politeness People Working In That Office I have Ever Seen, I Know Everyone would Agree. Peace.

  6. I went to the Santee, CA. Store and needed 3 yard signs printed ASAP. At first the information I received was it would take about 4 to 5 days to print them in the best case scenario. They said they would send me the quote and I could call them back to authorize the printing. I received the quote and called back and spoke to James. I told him that the event was the day after the signs could be picked up and that it was not worth printing to advertise the event only one day before the event. So I canceled the request and sadly would have no additional advertisement for the event. About 2 hours later James called me back as he had been working on my behalf to find a way to get the signs printed the next day giving me plenty of time to advertise. Thank you James you are a lifesaver. Highest recommendation to James and the Santee store.

    D. Brown

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