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Krispy Kreme Guest Satisfaction Survey – Grab Free Coupons

Krispy Kreme is an American restaurant chain with an international presence known for its soft and fluffy doughnuts that come in tons of flavors. Did you happen to have a delicious Krispy Kreme doughnut recently? Eating this doughnut can put you through various emotions that can be difficult to express. But the KrispyKremeListens survey makes it easy for customers to give their opinions. Whether positive or negative, feedback matters to the brand immensely, and they would love to hear from you.

Their guest feedback survey asks you about your experience in one of their outlets and uses that information to improve your future customer service experience. This is your chance to contribute towards making your favorite doughnuts even better and win a reward coupon in the end. Every customer feedback survey has its own rules and regulations that participants need to adhere to. So before taking this customer satisfaction survey, you must go through all its terms and rules. Starting from rules and requirements to detailed steps for participation and earning rewards, we got it all covered in this free dozen donuts Krispy Kreme survey.

Krispy Kreme Customer Survey Rules & Requirements

Survey NameKrispy Kreme Guest Satisfaction Survey
Offer validity period4 Days from post-purchase
Survey Validity PeriodN/A
Survey LimitOnly one survey per receipt

KrispyKremeListens Terms & Conditions

While planning to take a Krispy Kreme feedback, it is important to be aware of its terms and conditions. Look at these terms and conditions:

  • Only those people who are 18 years of age and above can participate in Krispy Kreme’s review.
  • Per a valid receipt, only one person can take this review for once.
  • The rewards earned from this survey are non-transferable nor convertible into cash
  • Rewards are redeemable within 90 days of earning them in this survey.
  • Persons employed by Krispy Kreme or people associated with the company in any manner, along with their family members, are strictly disqualified from entering.

Krispy Kreme Free Donut Survey Prerequisites

The Krispy Kreme Listens survey will require its participants to ensure these factors:

  • A recent Krispy Kreme receipt, not older than 4 days from its commencement date. This receipt will have a survey code.
  • Participants must be familiar with English to understand its questionnaire and give answers to it effectively.
  • A smart device like a phone or personal computer is also a necessity to access its website.
  • Lastly, a fast working internet connection for a disruption-free experience.

Methods To Take Part In KrispyKreme Survey

You can participate in the www Krispy Kreme listens survey online. For this, visit their guest satisfaction survey website on this link: This is the only way to join its questionnaire.

How to Pariticpate in Krispykremelistens Survey?

Explore these steps that are involved in taking the free dozen donuts krispy kreme survey

1. Firstly, keep your recent Krispy Kreme purchase receipt ready. This will be referred to later for a survey code that you will have to enter on its site.

Krispy Kreme Guest Satisfaction Survey Image

2. Next, open a browser and visit this guest survey website by typing in this
Remember, this site will open in English only.

3. Once its web page opens, if you need accessibility support, turn on “Accessibility Support” on that page itself.

4. Then, enter a 15-digit survey code by referring to your purchase receipt.

5. After entering a code, start answering questions one at a time. Asked questions will mostly be about a consumer’s overall experience at the store, staff behavior, product quality and variety, cleanliness of the store, among other things. Most of these questions will be in objective form.

6. Once giving answers to all these questions accordingly, it is time to give your personal details including, gender, age, zip/postal code, etc. These are asked only for classification purposes only.

7. When you finish entering these details, click on “Next”. After submitting the review, a validation will appear.

8. Note down this krispy kreme guest satisfaction survey code that is displayed on your screen for later use to claim rewards.

Krispy Kreme Rewards & Gift Cards

Taking this customer satisfaction survey can earn you exciting rewards in terms of Krispy Kreme coupons. Using these coupons, consumers are eligible to get themselves a classic doughnut for free. A classic doughnut for free just by answering a couple of simple questions is absolutely incredible if you ask us!

After you are done taking Krispy Kreme’s survey, a validation code will appear on your screen. And this Krispy Kreme guest satisfaction survey code, when presented at the store you visited along with your previous purchase receipt, will make you smile with rewards. However, there is a catch! A Krispykremelistens validation code or coupon comes with a validity period of 90 days. So use it within those 90 days.

Why Should I Take Krispy Kreme Feedback Survey?

One exciting advantage of taking the Krispykremelistens survey is that you are eligible to get a free rewards coupon. These Krispy Kreme gift cards can get you a free doughnut after visiting the store from where you’ve got your purchase receipt.

Another reason that you should take this customer survey is simply that it will help in improving your future experience at any of this brand’s outlets as a customer. Various customers’ comments and opinions about this brand will give it an insight into its staff’s behavior, products’ quality and availability, demographics of customers, upkeep of stores and many more things.

Overall, we can understand that feedback will give this organization a perspective of its customers’ preferences and what they expect from Krispy Kreme. Data gathered from all parameters, as stated in its questionnaire, will assist them in improving their staff training and skills, marketing analytics, products, and, most importantly, customers’ satisfaction.

Krispy Kreme Survey Questionnaire

  • Which of the following best describes your visit? (Dine-in/ Take out)
  • Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at our Krispy Kreme’s outlet. (Mark on a scale)
  • Is the range of products satisfactory?
  • Were there any children 10 years of age or younger with you on this visit?
  • Please rate your satisfaction with:
    • Accuracy of your order
    • Health and safety standards taken at our outlet
    • Cleanliness of our store
    • Speed of your service
    • Friendliness of employees who served you
    • Overall atmosphere of our store, in terms of being warm, friendly, and inviting
    • Availability of doughnuts you wanted being in stock
    • Overall value of the price you paid
  • How was the order you placed?
  • Did you experience a problem during your visit?
  • Based on this visit, what is the likelihood that you will-
  • return to our outlet in the next 30 days?
  • recommend us to others to your acquaintances?
  • If at all a buyer gives a less satisfied or not satisfied answer to any questions, then these inquiries will appear:
    • Please tell us why you were not satisfied with your experience at this Krispy Kreme? Be as specific as you would like.\
    • Why were you less than satisfied with the speed of your service?
    • Reasons why you were less than satisfied with beverages?
  • Did an employee suggest additional products during your visit?
  • How much did you spend on this visit?
  • Was this your first visit to Krispy Kreme?
  • Including this visit, how often do you visit our stores?
  • How long ago was your last visit to our outlet?
  • Are you a member of the Krispy Kreme rewards program?

About Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is an American restaurant chain that specializes in baked desserts and also acts as a cafe. It was founded in 1937 by Vernon Rudolph in the US state of North Carolina. Its headquarters are located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. The company has a multinational presence and currently has outlets in about 1000 locations and employs about 5000 people worldwide. This chain is famous for its doughnuts and serves other food types usually found in cafes, including coffee and milkshakes. Renowned for offering several rewards to customers, including coupons, gift cards, and rewards membership.

Krispy Kreme Customer Service

In case of any grievances, suggestions, inquiries, etc., employ these contact details for contacting Krispy Kreme:

Headquarters address: Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation, P.O. Box 83, Winston-Salem, NC 27102
Krispy Kreme Phone Number: 1 (800) 457- 4779
Email Id:


How often do they give out Krispy Kreme survey coupons?

Krispy Kreme survey coupons are given out as long as a particular store is offering those rewards and as many times as you procure a purchase receipt from them.

Do you have to use Krispy Kreme survey at same store?

You may use a Krispy Kreme survey coupon at the same store from where you’ve procured a survey receipt or in any of its stores.

Why don’t my Krispy Kreme receipt have a survey code on it?

If you don’t see a survey code or other reward details on a purchase receipt, it probably means that a particular store from where you got that receipt is no more participating in this survey.

What time does Krispy Kreme open?

Most Krispy Kreme stores close at 8:00 AM. However, individual store timings slightly differ from one another. Go to this link for more info,

What time does Krispy Kreme close?

Krispy Kreme stores close at 8:00 PM.

Who owns Krispy Kreme?

JAB Holding Company has owned Krispy Kreme since 2016.

Where’s the nearest Krispy Kreme?

Visit this link to “find Krispy Kreme near me”.

How do I claim my free Krispy Kreme?

For claiming a free Krispy Kreme doughnut present your survey coupon at the same store from which you procured a survey receipt.

Is Krispy Kreme doing 50 off?

Yes, Krispy Kreme is giving a 50% discount on food and drinks as a part of the government’s “Eat Out To Help Out” scheme.

Does Krispy Kreme do anything for your birthday?

Yes, if you are registered under Krispy Kreme rewards program, then you are eligible for a free doughnut on your birthday.