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Moegottaknow Customer Satisfaction Survey – Win Free coupons worth 2$

When any of us are longing and craving to munch on some Mexican delicacies, we all know in which direction we have to forge ahead. Moe’s is one hot nub for all the top-notch Mexican Food we could possibly find in the United States. From Tacos to Burritos, Quesadillas to Stacks, and Nachos to BBQ Grills, you name it, they got it! We have the scrummiest Mexican Food at our disposal whenever and wherever we want, and all thanks to Moe’s! So let us take a minute to appreciate it for its services and give moegottaknow feedback for it to improve further.

Moe’s yearns to make the experience of customers unforgettable and superlative. It tries to improvise constantly, for which it has brought forward the Moe’s Customer Feedback Survey. This food franchise appeals to all its consumers to volunteer and be a part of this survey. Giving feedback will not only make your experience at this brand unimpeachable but also earn you some enthralling awards, which are lip-smacking. Is your stomach growling already?! Well, quickly give a read to this article and participate in its survey, thereby winning amazing awards as discounts.

Moe’s Satisfaction Survey Terms & Conditions

Survey NameMoe’s Gotta Know Customer Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period5 days from the day of purchase
Survey LimitOne entry per receipt

Moe Gotta Know Survey Rules & Regulations

Moe’s satisfaction survey has some terms of services attached to it, which are listed below in pointers:

  • Only people aged 18 and more than 18 will be approved to participate.
  • People who possess legal address proof of the United States are eligible to join this survey.
  • Every participant thinking of taking this review and later claiming rewards should have a valid receipt, not older than 5 days of obtaining it, with a survey code.
  • If an entrant is found professionally connected to any of this restaurant’s outlets, he or she will be automatically disqualified from receiving any rewards. Participants should not be related to Moe’s in any way. Close relatives of employees and retailers of this franchise are also disqualified to enter.

Nitty-gritty Preconditions Of Moes Guest Feedback

Follow the succeeding survey guidelines below for effective participation:

  • Get a grip on the receipt before starting its whole procedure.
  • Be a United States permanent resident.
  • Acquaintance with English, like understanding it enough to read and write, is necessary.
  • As Moes guest feedback survey is online, applicants should know how to operate on a desktop, laptop or smartphone.

What Method Is Possible To Participate In Moegottaknow Survey?

There is only one method to join Moe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, which is online. So anybody taking part in it should have open access to a stable internet connection along with a smart gadget, like phone, PC or lappie. Moreover, visit any of this organization’s outlets, if you have not yet or if the visit was not recent, like older than 5 days. Then, grab your receipt and keep it safe for online participation.

How to take Moe’s Survey @

1. Log on to moe’s satisfaction survey official website page Moe’s official home page will appear welcoming participants. For more details look at the image as given below:

moes satisfaction survey image

2. As shown in the figure, entrants will have to enter the Transcation ID in a small white tab adjacent to ‘Next’. 3. It is now time to enter the Survey code, which again will be present on a receipt.

3. Afer, a questionnaire will welcome applicants. These questions will be related to a consumer’s experience at this food franchise. Answer all questions with complete sincerity and honesty, as genuine feedback is the main objective.

4. Most questions will be in an MCQ pattern where an individual has to choose an option from various options. For a better understanding look at this image:

moes survey image

5. Once finished giving responses, click on ‘Next’. Every member taking part will now be required to fill in their personal details like name, phone number and Email Id for contacting purposes. It will be similar to how it is in the box below.

moes guest feedback Image

6. After clicking on ‘Next’,  click on ‘Submit’. A unique validation code will appear now, as shown below:

moes coupon code image

7. Note down this code as it is very crucial to get rewards. This completes your Moe’s Gotta Know Guest Satisfaction Survey.

8. On your next visit to this brand, provide any staff members at that outlet with your validation code. You can then avail your rewards like discounts.

Moe’s Rewards & Gift Cards

Moe’s Gotta Know Guest Survey is fetching participants from all across the United States, which is very charming. One main reason behind this is that Moe’s is offering all people who took part in its review some of the most handsome prizes. For example, some participants may get a survey coupon worth $2, which they can redeem at any outlet of this brand. Or, in contrast, some members may get a free meal to have at this restaurant. So, after completing its questionnaire, get your validation code and submit it to the restaurant to claim your exhilarating rewards.! Without any wait, rush to today!

Why Should Take Part in Moe Gotta Know Survey ?

Moe’s Southwest Grill Team intends to reach out to their loving customers to build a stronger relationship to serve better for a longer time. With such an overwhelming number of everyday customers at its outlets, it was practically impossible to reach out to each visitor for their feedback on a personal level. So they came up with the idea of surveying consumers online to get their feedback efficiently. By gathering and analyzing each feedback can help this organization to know various consumers’ preferences. By knowing their preferences, serving them well becomes smooth like butter.

Besides, for prices paid, it is buyers’ right to get what they want or state what they deserve and complain about their issues, if any. Thus, consumers who faced any issues or have any suggestions and advice can freely state to Moe’s for free of cost through its online questionnaire. Above all, for giving feedback, customers will get appreciated through free coupons for a discount worth $2 or free meals at any of this eatery’s stores.

What Kind Of Questions Will They Ask In Moe’s Gotta Listen Feedback Survey?

Let us give you a sample of what Moe’s questionnaire looks like. Before reading further, do note that these questions can be for reference purposes only. It is not necessary for these exact questions to appear on your screens while participating in

  • Which day were you served?
  • What time of the day was it when you visited our restaurant?
  • How was the taste of the food?
  • Is the food up to your mark in terms of quality and freshness?
  • Did you dine in or opted for a takeaway parcel?
  • How were our interiors in terms of cleanliness?
  • Was our staff’s attitude friendly enough?
  • Rate your overall satisfaction?

About Moe’s Southwest Grill Restaurant Chain

Moe’s Southwest Grill Restaurant is a fast-food franchise food chain. It is based in the United States of America, where it was first established in 2000. Inauguration of its first store took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Raving Brands initiated its establishment. Its headquarters are enclosed in Atlanta, Georgia, where it has its first store. According to a study done in 2019, there were more than 700+ Moe’s Outlet Stores scattered across, earning a lot of consumers and potential consumers. President of this incredibly successful food chain is Erik Hess.

Moes Customer Service Details

  • Contact Phone Number: 877-663-7411
  • Postal Address: Moe’s Southwest Grill, ATTN: MOE-5629, Glenridge Dr. Atlanta Georgia 30342, The United States of America


Where is the closest Moe’s?

Go to to find your closest Moe’s outlet.

What time does Moe’s close?

On weekdays like Monday to Saturday, Moe’s closes at 11:00 PM, and on Sunday, it closes at 10 PM.

When does Moe’s open?

On weekdays and weekends, Moe’s opens at 10:30 AM.

Who sells Moe’s gift cards?

Moe’s official website sells. To get them, go to

How soon to GetGo rewards expire?

GetGo rewards will expire within 12 months if not made any earning activity. Therefore, one must have at least one earning activity within 12 months.

How long does the $2 coupon last for Moe’s from survey?

One can redeem the $2 coupon upto 12 months from the day they can got their coupon.

When does Moe’s rewards expire?

Moe’s rewards are valid for 12 months from the date of awarding them. Yes, a complete year. So, use them within one year of achieving them!

How to enter survey discount code for Moe’s?

While ordering, select your product of choice and fill it in your shopping bag. You will be asked to enter your Moe’s promo or discount code on your checkout, and it will automatically be applied to your Moe’s purchase.

Why can’t I access moegottaknow?

This is so because Moe’s Team is no longer accepting surveys at the moegottaknow site. However, you can leave feedback on