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Chick-fil-A Customer Satisfaction Survey – Go Get a Free Sandwich after Participation!

Consumers can let their thoughts, opinions, suggestions, or any grievances known to an organization via their feedback using survey sites. Seems like our favorite restaurant chain, Chick-fil-A, understood all this very well. And that is why it has come up with its own high-yielding survey site, They know that a consumer is the king of business, especially for restaurants.  In this competitive era, every business organization needs to formulate a customer-satisfaction-oriented strategy. They strive to outdo their competitors every day. Progress is very important. Every stagnant stuff is left behind. 

Business organizations need to be better than they were yesterday, which Chick-fil-A is constantly achieving. This food franchise is renowned for showing its genuine care and concern to provide reliable and desirable services to its customers. In addition, those who provide their feedback to Chick will become lucky as they can receive various incentives issued by it. Clients can articulate their honest feedback and propound any change which they think fits. Doing such a simple task will earn them a chance to procure a free yummy sandwich in any of this eatery’s outlets. And all suggestions from users will help Chick to improvise itself. This, in turn, leads to better services for clients.  Overall, it’s a win-win situation. All these must have made you decide to give your feedback, right?! Well, you’ve landed in the right place. Glee!

Free Chick-fil-A Sandwich Survey Rules

Survey NameChick-fil-A Customer Experience Survey
Receipt Validity Period48 hours (2 days)
RewardsFree Sandwich
Survey LimitOne entry per receipt per person

Chick fil A Customer Survey Terms & Conditions

  • Purchase from Chick-fil-A is mandatory to participate in this survey. A serial number, printed on a receipt, is entailed to give entrants access to its questionnaire.
  • Only those who are legal residents of the USA and Canada are eligible enough to express their eating experience in this eatery.
  • Each and every interested individual must have attained at least 18 years of age. It means that only adults can participate and win rewards. Underage people’s engagement with mycfavisit is null and void.
  • Employees of Chick or any family members of such employees are not permitted to join its survey. Any person concomitant with it is not competent to provide a satisfaction report.
  • A valid and recent receipt will have a unique serial number written on it, and that is meant for accessing its questionnaire only once. It concludes that a receipt with a code on it is valid for single usage only.
  • Only one person is entitled to give his/her feedback with one receipt and win rewards. Per household, one person can avail benefits by providing feedback.
  • A receipt comes with a validity of 2 days. That means individuals are expected to give feedback within 48 hours of receiving their receipts. 
  • Coupon codes are not to be used in any stores other than an outlet of this food franchise. Coupon codes or rewards are not eligible to get transferred or converted into cash in return. Moreover, they are not combined with any other offers.
  • Coupon codes are to be redeemed only for a free sandwich.
  • To claim rewards, one needs to completely finish Mycfavisit.

Prerequisites for Chick fil A Fan Experience Survey

  • Basic comprehension or understanding of English or Spanish is mandatory. 
  • Purchases from any Chick-fil-A outlet in the US are necessary. However, there is no rule on the amount of purchases. 
  • Access to electronic devices like a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or PC with enough proficiency to work on either of them is required.
  • A proper and stable internet connection is mandatory to participate smoothly without any network issues.
  • A person desirous of joining this survey must have an authentic email address.

Possible Methods to Participate in Chick fil A Feedback

Anyone who passes all those terms and conditions as mentioned above can happily express their thoughts on my cfa visit.

  • Online Method – Consumers of Chick-fil-A can go to its official survey website – Upon visiting that official website, all an entrant has to do is choose their desired language and enter a unique serial number from their receipts. And Bam! There appears a questionnaire which, upon answering, will offer Chick fil A coupons or validation code for a free sandwich that you can redeem on next visit. Cream Puff, isn’t it? Below is the detailed procedure.

How to Participate in Survey?

We always look for a complete guide that acts as a roadmap to our destination. Thus, these detailed steps. Following these steps as mentioned below will surely prove to be a roadmap to give Chick fil A feedback. Heed to them carefully:

Step 1 – Stop by the official website of Chick-Fil-A Guest Satisfaction Survey.

Step 2 – Then, there pops up a homepage in English as its default language. Now, those who don’t know English that well don’t have to panic. Because Spanish is another option to provide our personal satisfaction report. Just locate ‘Espanol’ from that home page(which will be on the left bottom below “Start”) and click on it to change language settings from English to Spanish. 

Chick-fil-A Customer Experience Survey Image

Step 3 – Ensure to keep your purchase receipt/bill handy (Check its validity as mentioned in the above “terms and conditions”). This bill has a unique code on it. Enter that code in this survey’s homepage. Such a code will have 22 digits divided into 5 individual sections. Enter these 5 separate sections on its homepage’s 5 spaces carefully.

Step 4 – After carefully typing that 22-digit serial number in its respective spaces, click on “Start”.

Step 5 – Upon clicking on “Start,” commences its program. There will be a series of questions. Those questions might be related to Chick-fil-A outlet’s ambiance, hygiene, services, menu, staff members’ friendliness, quality of food and menu. Overall its questionnaire solely focuses on acquiring a basic idea of how well a consumer had enjoyed or was satisfied with their experience in this restaurant.

Chick-fil-A Feedback Survey Questions Image

Step 6 – After responding to that questionnaire completely, individuals will now have to provide sufficient and adequate responses to some more queries. Such queries will ask for a client’s personal contact details, including a valid and working contact number and email address. It is important to submit an authentic email id because this eatery will give notifications, including rewards, to emails only.

Step 7 – As soon as providing valid personal contact info, it is time to submit all that data by clicking on “Submit”. That’s it! There appears a validation code. It is important to note the validation code on your receipt with which you accessed this web survey questionnaire. Present your receipt with the noted validation code on your next visit to Chick-fil-A and feast yourself with a free sandwich.

Chick fil A Survey Validation Code Image

Exotic MyCFAVisit Customer Survey Rewards

www mycfavisit com Survey Reward: Coupon for a free Chick-fil-A sandwich is a great perk for attending survey.

Members who complete providing their feedback will receive their own unique validation codes within 24 hours. This restaurant will show its gratitude to all individuals who shared their satisfaction level via the mycfavisit survey. Participants will get validation code coupons to their emails, which they have submitted. 

Do monitor your spam, promotion, or other hidden folders to check your rewards coupons. Remember, a validation coupon code tags along with a deadline. Consumers have to use their reward coupons within 30 days of receiving them in order to claim free meals. A validation code, when presented along with a receipt (one that is used for taking part in mycfavisit) will earn food lovers a delicious sandwich. Rewards are available in any stores of this brand.

Why Should you Take Chick fil A Free Sandwich Survey?

You must be wondering why you should take the survey. If we think rationally, there is always a reason or a motive behind our actions. Every person, project, team, etc., needs feedback or analysis with which one will know all prevailing weaknesses and strengths. Well, too happens to work like that to Chick-fil-A. Food lovers, if they want to receive extraordinary quality services, will need to help restaurants know where they are lacking and which measures they have to take. Once, acquiring knowledge about prevailing shortcomings will help in making efficient resolutions to deal with them. Chick-fil-A is not just amazing but is also known to be a great food maker, but it still wants to give customized services to its consumers. Thus, this survey has come alive. 

People’s preferences keep on changing. And food lovers’ taste preferences are just next level and require great knowledge to understand them in detail. It is not easy to satisfy every foodie because everyone has their own likes and dislikes. And without having information about all those likes and dislikes will lead to a poor service making a consumer utterly dissatisfied and disappointed. Bad food and bad service will be like a true nightmare to foodies.

Thus, to decrease such risks, one must give importance to surveys. Customers can happily share their overall experience, rate prevailing services, express what they are expecting etc. This will lead to Chick-fil-A learning about what its customers are expecting from it and will immediately serve them well based on their feedback. Therefore, better and improvised services are some consequences of sharing feedback. Besides, those who take part in mycfavisit will earn tasty rewards. Coupon codes issued at the end of submitting feedback are useful to receive free sandwiches in any of this restaurant’s outlets. What more would an individual want?!

Common Chick fil A Survey Questions

mycfavisit customer survey questionnaire will consist of a wide range of questions. Main goal of its questionnaire is to achieve a basic knowledge of a consumer’s overall satisfaction level. Below questions are somewhat similar to its actual questionnaire:

  • Which type of visit was yours? 
  • Drive-in, Drive-thru and Dine
  • What was your favorite food item from our menu? (Choose from a list of options as it gives)
  • How satisfied were you with our outlet’s interiors? (Rate on a scale of 1-10)
  • Were sanitation, hygiene and safety measures observed at our store adequate enough?
  • Was your order delivered to you in time?
  • Did you like our outlet’s ambiance?
  • How satisfied were you with our personnel’s attitude towards you? (Rate on a scale of 1-10)
  • Would you recommend us to others?
  • How frequently do you visit us?
  • Explain your issues or any inconveniences you faced in your last visit.
  • Would you like us to implement any changes in our menu?
  • Rate your overall experience with us on a scale of 1-10.

About Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A (CFA) is one of the fastest-growing food chains in America. Due to its growth at a progressive rate, it has become the third-largest food chain. S. Truett Cathy established it in 1946 with a single outlet. Its headquarters are based in College Park, Georgia, US. Initially, Chick-fil-A started its business by providing breakfast. Later, it started providing lunch and dinner as well. Chicken sandwiches are its signature dishes. 

Currently, it has arms spread in more than 2200 locations along with a pretty huge number of consumers. This food franchise was initially called the Dwarf Grill, and later on, changed to ‘Dwarf House’ until it was rebranded as “Chick-fil-A” in 1967.  It significantly sponsors the SEC and ACC of College Athletics. This brand renowned for prioritizing quality services rather than focusing on a large number of things and compromising on quality.

Chick-fil-A Customer Service

Know more about this Get in touch with Chick-fil-A via:

  • Headquarters Address: South of downtown Atlanta at 5200 Buffington Road, Atlanta, GA 30349.
  • Contact Number: 1-866-232-2040
  • Mail: Chick-fil-A CARES, P.O. Box 725489, Atlanta, GA 31139-9923
  • Working Days: Monday to Saturday
  • Timings: 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Midnight)
  • Chick fil A Near Me Locator:


How to check Chick fil A gift card balance?

Anyone can know their Chick-fil-A gift card balance by following any of these ways:
1. Checking receipts – Whenever using a Chick-fil-A gift card to settle purchases, purchasers will receive receipts. And at those receipts bottom will be their gift card’s balance.
2. Cardholders can call on its customer care number: Ring at 1-888-232-1864 to know their gift card’s balance.
3. Visit any of this restaurant’s stores and ask any staff member to help you know your gift card balance.
4. Simply visit Chick-fil-A app and get your gift card balance details.

My Chick fil A survey not working, why?

Improper internet connection, expiration of receipts, entering invalid access codes can be some reasons for Chick fil A survey not working. For more details, go to or call on 1-866-232-2040 or mail them. One can also approach them on their social media platforms.

What time does Chick fil A close?

Chick-fil-A outlets usually close at 10:00 pm. However, some of its outlets follow different time settings.

What time does Chick fil A open?

As per official Chick fil A hours, most of its outlets usually opens at 7:00 am.

Who owns Chick fil A?

Cathy family owns Chick-fil-A. Besides, S. Truett Cathy founded its first store in 1946.

Why don’t I get the free sandwich from the Chick fil A survey anymore?

Individuals of the Chick-fil-A survey are entitled to get only one free sandwich for one participation only. To get more sandwiches, take part in its survey multiple times using different receipts.

Where do I take a Chick fil A survey at?

Go to Chick fil A’s official survey website via to provide feedback.

Where can I redeem Chick fil A customer experience survey validation code?

After completing the Chick fil A customer experience survey, entrants will get validation codes that are redeemable in any of this eatery’s stores. Remember to redeem those code within 30 days in order to avoid expiration.

What is the item received at Chick fil A for completing the survey on line?

A free chicken sandwich is the item received at Chick-fil-A for completing its survey online.

What are the first seven digits on Chick fil A survey?

First 7 digits on the Chick-fil-A survey are part of a 22-digit unique access code present on a purchase receipt.

Where is the survey code on a Chick fil A receipt?

1. Chick fil A survey code is a serial number mentioned on the receipt. This code will be below ” Bring back this receipt with the validation code to redeem for one free original chicken sandwich.” 
2. In case of an online order, check your transaction history after clicking on “Account”. Mobile order is mentioned on a second line. Such codes are 22-digit numbers.

How does chick fil determine who gets a customer survey?

There is no particular protocol for determining who gets a customer survey. Simply those who made shopping at any of Chick-fil-A outlets will get a receipt with an invitation code. Using that invitation code, anyone can give their feedback to Mycfavisit.

What is the contact number for Chick-fil-A survey rewards?

Contact Chick-fil-A regarding rewards via 1-866-232-2040.

How does Chick fil A get customer feedback?

Chick-fil-A always stays in constant connection with its target audience. They believe in having conversations with their customers using different traditional and modern approaches. It makes their customers feel that they are prioritized. They are one of the leading companies in social media engagement. They use social media and feedback surveys(mycfavisit) to connect and engage with their consumers.

How does Chick fil A rewards work?

Apart from rewards that are earned by giving feedback on mycfavisit, consumers of Chick-fil-A can earn other rewards too. People need to join this franchise’s tiered membership to become eligible to earn rewards. They will earn points with every purchase from it. After reaching a certain level, they can use points to redeem various rewards upon their purchases.

How many Chick-fil-A rewards can I use per visit?

Only one Chick-Fil-A reward is redeemable per account. A group can redeem their rewards on their respective account. But the last account used for payment will only receive points for purchases during that visit.

How do I gift Chick fil A rewards?

You need to be a part of Chick-Fil-A’s tiered membership to gift rewards. After reaching the Silver Status, you will be able to give rewards to your family and friends.

Where to buy Chick fil A gift cards?

Chick-Fil-A gift cards are available in many of its stores. Additionally, one can even buy them from many grocery stores, pharmaceuticals, and other retail shops. Although, their availability depends on locations.