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HoneyBaked Guest Satisfaction Survey – Win Free Sandwich Coupons

Delicious food is everyone’s weakness, no matter their age or gender. My Honey Baked Ham is the right store you stopped by to have your food or take away! But what is even more essential for this restaurant is the feedback given by its precious customers. It is on behalf of these honest reviews and suggestions that My Honey Baked Ham is continuously growing. Had a good time at any of its stores or faced the behavior of its staff with being a little rude leading you to be a bit unhappy? myhoneybakedfeedback gives you an option to voice your experience at their store, be it good or bad. For this loyal feedback, this company gives many sweepstakes or other new schemes to honor its loyal customers.

A store that focuses most on customer feedback and tries to make their customers satisfied with all kinds of facilities and world-class delicacies, this feedback definitely comes at aid. plays an important role in enhancing and upgrading its organization’s growth level, thus making itself even more customer-friendly and advanced. This is why every feedback is of so much importance for them. Plus, those who stated their feedback will get rewards for spending their important time to help this eatery to be even better. Without wasting any more time, now let’s dip and dive through all those things that My Honey Baked Ham offers us.

Honey Baked Ham Survey – Rules and Requirements

Survey NameMy Honey Baked Ham Feedback
Receipt Validity Period3 Days from the date of purchase
Offer Validity Period7 Days
Honey Baked Ham
Survey Limit1 person per receipt

Terms and Conditions to Take Part in Myhoneybakedfeedback

  • Every participant should be a legal resident of America. Rest others are not allowed to give their feedback.
  • Those who are at least 18 years or above are only permitted to share their feedback.
  • A single purchase receipt signifies a single entry. Meaning only one entry will be allowed from the same household per a receipt.
  • Staff members of My Honey Baked Ham, as well as their family members, are not allowed to partake in this survey.
  • Prize transfer is not allowed.
  • Validation code is not to be redeemable in cash or another alternative.
  • Given validation code coupon comes with a validity of 30 days only within which one must claim their rewards.
  • One must claim their rewards by presenting both their honey baked ham promo code and the receipt which they used to take this survey.

The Honey Baked Ham Company Survey Prerequisites

For participating in this honey baked experience survey, one must fulfill certain things and ensure certain requirements as mentioned below –

  • P.C., Laptop or Mobile to respond to its online questionnaire.
  • A validated email address to get contacted by its management.
  • Stable internet connectivity is another necessity.
  • A valid My Honey Baked Ham purchase receipt.
  • One should have a basic knowledge of English to deliver their feedback.

Simple Methods To Participate in My Honeybaked Feedback

To participate in this My HoneyBaked feedback survey, an individual has to enter into its official website via After entering a unique code from a recent receipt of this eatery, individuals will get a questionnaire to which they must give answers. After answering and submitting responses, you have to enter their personal details and then click “submit”. That’s it! One will have successfully submitted their honeybaked ham feedback.

How To Participate In My HoneyBaked Ham Feedback?

1. Visit its official website via And fill in some important details as its homepage asks.

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2. It is time to enter the Date, time and survey code in their relevant boxes. Remember, these details will be present on a validated receipt. And, after doing so, click on “Start”.

3. Think about your recent visit to My Honey Baked Ham store and answer its questions accordingly.

4. Give your loyal feedback about your orders, time taken to complete your orders, quality of the food, behavior of staff etc.

5. Lastly, candidates will be asked to fill in their details like their complete name, contact number and email ID.

my honeybaked ham feedback image

6. After clicking on submit, individuals will get a validation code. And that validation code will have to be redeemed in order to enjoy discounts or other such exciting offers. However, it is important to note that a validation code comes with a 30 days expiry period. Therefore redeem validation code within their time span.

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Honey Baked Ham Coupons & Rewards

Now that you know the importance of feedback, let us give you a view of what possible rewards you can get out of it. First, a myhoneybakedfeedback validation code that a participant will get as soon as he/she submits their survey is redeemable in any of its stores. Using that code, one can win exciting gifts like 10% off on their first online shipping order, free meals (like sandwiches), welcome offers, rewards, or promotions throughout the year. Redeeming such Honeybaked ham gift card balance will give food lovers a chance to enjoy great discounts on any huge purchases at this eatery. Incredible isn’t it?! Although, a validation code coupon is valid for up to 30 days from the date of receiving it. Mostly its rewards are Buy One Get One Free Sandwich.

All of this is just to reward the support and time taken to participate in their events to help them in being their better version. These prizes can appeal to anyone. Just remember the fact that gift cards are restricted from getting traded for something else like cash or any other goodie.

Why do You Need to Take This My Honey Baked Experience Survey?

Surveys are part of a promotional event that has an important role to play in the development of any organization, be it small or big. Participating in a critique means you are interested in giving your feedback to a company to help them overcome their shortcomings and encourage them to grow themselves in a great way. Myhoneybakedfeedback takes note of all of your questions like etiquette of staff, time taken to buy your meal, quality of your food. All of these questions solely aim at knowing what a consumer has experienced at this franchise during his/her recent visit.

Giving your feedback can help this food franchise overcome its problems and provide a good and memorable time while having your meal in your future visit. It can be in the form of good etiquette by their staff members, more eye-pleasing and heart-warming ambiance at its outlets etc. By giving feedback at the HoneyBaked ham survey, individuals will give this company a chance to prove itself and work even harder to fulfill your requests. This business enterprise pays attention to each and every critique and tries to address consumers’ grievances while working to provide satisfying facilities. Not to forget, there are additional perks involved in this survey platform, which are validation codes. A honey baked ham promo code upon redeeming will give exciting offers.

Honeybaked Ham Survey Questions

My HoneyBaked ham feedback consists of a peculiar questionnaire that has topics related to a consumer’s experience at its organization. All questions try to know about a customer’s latest interaction in any of its stores. They will try to know everything about your experience in the store ranging from your satisfaction to food quality, and many more. Following questions are a model to this survey’s real questionnaire:

  • Rate your satisfaction on a scale of 1-10 based on these aspects as mentioned below:
    • Your order delivery speed
    • Availability of items and services
    • Staff’s hospitality
    • Quality of your food ordered
    • Ambiance of our outlet
    • Hygiene and safety measures observed at our store
  • How likely are you going to visit us again on a scale of 1-5?
  • What are the chances that you will recommend us to others on a scale of 1-5?
  • Were you satisfied with the prices that you paid?
  • Do you want us to implement any new changes? If so, do utilize the comment box.

About The Honey Baked Ham

My Honey Baked Ham is an American food retailer which sells hams, turkey breast, desserts, side dishes and other pre-cooked entrees. Harry J. Hoenselaar founded it in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan. This eatery has grown to over several cities and has earned a lot of foodies across many places. It has its arms spread all over the United States with 200 franchises. As of June 5, 2020, the store has 492 outlets. As of May 2017, it shifted its headquarters to Alpharetta, Georgia.
Consumer Reports called Honey Baked Ham as “clearly best of the brunch”, while The New York Times called its founder, Hoenselaar, ‘The father of spiral-cut ham’. Currently, this eatery is headed by Hoenselaar’s granddaughter, Linda van Rees.

Honey Baked Ham Customer Care

If you have any problem placing an order or have any kind of questions regarding My Honeybaked Ham or its products, feel free to contact this firm right away using any of the following means:

  • Phone Numbers: HAMS: 1-866-492-4267
  • Customer Care: 1-800-367-7720
  • Customer Service Contact Detail: 1-866-492-4267
  • Individuals can happily write at: Honey Baked Ham Headquarter, 4967 Crooks Rd Ste 200, Troy, Minneapolis, The United States of America.
  • Honeybaked Ham Hours Of Operation: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays, Staurday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Where do the Honeybaked Ham survey complaints go?

Myhoneybakedfeedback survey complaints directly go to that brand’s headquarter, where its management will take necessary actions and try to give better services to consumers in their next visits.

Do Honey Baked Ham gift certificates expire?

No, Honey Baked Ham gift cards do not expire.

Where to buy Honey Baked Ham gift cards?

Honey Baked Ham gift cards are available for buying via visiting Or one can also buy them by going directly to any of its physical outlets.

Will Honey Baked Ham give me cash back for a gift card?

No, Honey Baked Ham doesn’t give you cashback for a gift card. All of its gift cards are meant for redeeming purposes only.

I have a Honey Baked Ham printed gift certificate how do I use it online?

Either shop at, any other online portal or directly at any of its stores. After making all purchases while checking out or during the payment, apply your gift cards and redeem them to get discounts.

How to use gift card to Honeybaked Ham?

Present gift card certificates at any Honey Baked Ham store. Print your email or show the QR code from your cell phone to that store’s associate, and he/she will scan your code. That’s it, get your discounts.

What time does Honey Baked Ham close?

Honey Baked Ham stores close by 06:00 pm on all weekdays, and on Saturday, they close by 04:00 pm. But it is important to know that some locations follow different timings.

What time does Honey Baked Ham open?

Honey Baked Ham outlets open at 10:00 am on all days, including Saturday. But it is important to know that some locations follow different timings.

Who owns Honey Baked Ham?

The Hoenselaar family owns Honey Baked Ham. Currently, it runs under the guidance of Harry J. Hoenselaar’s granddaughter, Linda van Rees.

Where is the nearest Honeybaked Ham store?

In order to find the HoneyBaked ham near me, log on to, enter you city, State or Zip code .

How do you enter a coupon Honeybaked Ham?

Either shop at, any other online portal or directly at any of its stores. After making all purchases while checking out or during the payment, apply your coupons and redeem them to get discounts or other offers.

Where can I find Honey Baked Ham coupons?

Almost all Honey Baked Ham stores have coupons. Buy any kind of coupons from any of this brand’s nearby stores or online from its official site,

Can I order a Honey Baked Ham online?

Yes, you can order Honey Baked Ham online by visiting