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Take KFC Feedback Survey & Win a Chicken Go Cup Worth $3

Fast food is one of the world’s fastest-growing types of food. From cheeseburgers to onion rings, these are readily available at reasonably priced ranges and sometimes an alternative to home-cooked food. According to market research, the more satisfied customers will be, the more frequent they visit. Today, when economies are slowing down and everybody is cutting back their expenses, winning free coupons would be amazing. KFC gives you a chance to win free coupons by sharing your feedback. You can participate in the mykfcexperience survey and share your encounters and suggestions if you have recently enjoyed a meal at KFC. 

This second-largest fast-food giant aims at getting feedback from its customers through this survey so that they can stay ahead of competitors. provides consumers a platform to communicate with the management to share whatever is in their mind, whether good or bad. KFC survey helps its management to improve and change as per food lovers’ desires. This feedback consists of an online questionnaire that is mostly based on their customer service, ambiance, pricing, staff/employees, among others. Through evaluation of the KFC Guest Satisfaction Survey, shopper content will be determined. Besides, those who give their feedback will get a chance to win coupons or Go Cups as rewards appreciating them.

Rules for Taking KFC Customer Survey

Survey NameKFC Customer Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period3 Days
Prize Validity PeriodRedeem within 14 Days
RewardsGo Cup or Other Offers Based on your Validation Code
Survey LimitOne entry per month, per guest, per visit/receipt

KFC Free Go Cup Survey Terms and Conditions

MyKFCexperience is all about your recent visit. Ratings and satisfaction level provided by consumers is all the company needs to improve its services, products as well as environment.  Improving itself will also show an equal impact on consumers’ satisfaction levels. However, there are some terms and conditions that are mentioned below, which one must ensure to participate.

  • Those who have attained at least 18 years of age and above are eligible.
  • Only legal residents of the United States can take part in this survey.
  • Survey code is valid for 3 days only.
  • My KFC experience validation code is valid for 14 days.
  • Consumers can participate only one time in this survey per one visit per month.
  • Employees/professionally associated agents working in KFC and their family members are not allowed to take part in it.
  • Given offer comes with a condition of being non-transferrable.
  • Disqualification of any entry solely depends on the failure of providing all the required information as asked.
  • All entries such as name, age, and other claims are subject to verification by the sponsor.
  • Any submission which is not per the official survey rules may get rejected, and entrants will be disqualified.


After matching all the above eligibility criteria, those who want to give their feedback must have few things in hand beforehand. All such things, if kept in handy already, will give an advantage of a smooth flow of responding to its questionnaire. Here are a few prerequisites that are must-haves for

  • Individuals must have a valid KFC purchase receipt with a code on it. In some cases, a receipt may not have a code, yet it is enough to give feedback. No receipt means no entry.
  • A receipt must not be older than a month.  
  • Participants must have a valid email address and other contact details so as to get contacted by this brand for any future purposes. 
  • Must have a basic knowledge of any one language, among English and Spanish. Sufficient skill to read and write in any of those 2 is necessary. 
  • Possession of a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or smartphone is required. 
  • A stable internet connection for a smooth flow of responding is highly preferable.

Ways to Participate in My KFC Guest Experience Survey

Above-mentioned prerequisites are very important and every participant must have them; failing to fulfill any of these may lead to disqualification for participation in KFC’s customer survey. Now speaking about available methods to take part in this survey, let’s just say that there is only one method. And that is via online mode. Thus, individuals can happily share their views from their houses or other comfort spaces without much of a hassle.

How to Complete KFC Survey Online @

If you have recently dined at any KFC, then you must have a receipt. However, as already mentioned, not all receipts contain survey codes. Some may have such codes, and some may not. But in both situations, one can easily join this survey. Read on further to know how:

Before anything, let us get acquainted with this mode of participation where a receipt has a survey code.

Step 1: First of all, participants have to visit KFC’s official survey website by typing in their browsers or simply click here. Now, entrants will see this survey’s home/start web page (as shown in the picture).

mykfcexperience survey with code image

Step 2: That homepage appears in its default language English. Those who want to respond in Spanish can click on Espanol below “Start”.

Step 3: Later, enter a survey code and your time of visit to this brand’s store in their respective spaces. Note that these details will be on your receipt.

Step 4: After filling in all these details correctly, click on “Start” to continue. Now, consumers will see a questionnaire related to their last visit to KFC. 

KFC Survey Overall Satisfaction Image

Step 5: As per your recent visit understanding, rate your general satisfaction to a set of questions. 

Step 6: Answer all those questions provided on a scale of satisfied to dissatisfied. Its questionnaire is mostly related to a client’s recent visit, client administration, order and its delivery speed, staff’s helping nature, menu, air and services, hygiene, delivery, price, hours, among others.

KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions Image

Step 7: After providing honest feedback, participants will now be asked to give their personal information such as name, contact number, address, and email address. 

Step 8: Lastly, those who successfully completed all these steps will get a unique code. It is best to write down that code on the receipt used for taking this survey, for availing benefits.

KFC Validation Code Image

What to do if KFC Receipt does not have Survey Code?

There is a huge possibility that some purchase bills will lack a mykfcexperience survey code. And if yours too doesn’t have one, then don’t panic as there is absolutely no issue. Obey these detailed steps to give your feedback and win rewards even if your receipt does not have a code:

Step 1: Go to, where you will find an option, ‘if you do not have a survey code printed on your receipt, “click here.” Upon clicking on that link, consumers will get directed to a new web page. 

Step 2: On that web page, participants will have to enter details regarding store number, date, time, and a ticket number. Again all these pieces of info will be on a purchase bill. Refer to it.

mykfcexperience guest survey without code image

Step 3: Now, follow those steps as mentioned above(from Step 4 to Step 8) to complete giving feedback to this brand.

KFC Rewards for Taking www mykfcexperience com Survey

Once completed the KFC guest experience survey, each member will receive a unique coupon code to redeem offers printed on their receipts. Usually, most individuals will get a chance to win a free KFC Go Cup. Coupon codes given to all those who participated in this survey can happily go enjoy their free meal in any of this brand’s outlets. Thus, one can say that My KFC Experience Survey is an incentivized feedback medium.

Simply visit any of this brand’s outlets and consult its staff members. Later present your coupon code along with a receipt that you used to give feedback. And Bam! There appears a free meal on your table, preferably a KFC Go Cup. It is expected that entrants will have to redeem their coupon codes within 14 days from the date they received them.

Why Should You Take My KFC Experience Survey?

Customer surveys are a great way to help grow businesses, promote brands, and generate more leads. Benefits of a survey are greater than any other marketing method. Just from providing a single promotion via survey, businesses get more boost in sales, new customers, followers on social media platforms, brand exposure, and awareness. However, to get success in such matters, a perfect motivator is needed. 

Respondents who don’t have such a perfect motivation might not complete or even enter into a guest satisfaction survey. KFC my experience survey incentives and prizes can be a great help to avoid a consumer from providing no to lower-quality data. Collecting responses without any risk of unreliability is only possible when a company provides gift cards, coupons, etc. 

Similarly, KFC is providing redeemable coupons as a prize for completing its survey. You can also stand a chance to take home many other prizes as well such as gift hampers, gift card balance, prize money redeemable in any nearby store, etc. In exchange for the completion of its questionnaire, KFC is providing coupons. Besides these incentives, it is not only a responsibility but also a great opportunity for consumers to voice out their opinions regarding its services and products. Those who want to appreciate KFC, or let it know their issues, share suggestions, etc., can highly use this medium. Consumers, by giving a chance to their favorite store to improve much better, will also improve their satisfaction level by enjoying great services and products. 

KFC Go Cup Survey Sample Questions

Here are some questions a person will be asked to answer in the survey. Remember these are for reference purposes only. Exact questions can be different from these as given below.

  • Rate your overall satisfaction with your recent to our store on a scale of 1-10. 
  • What was your recent type of visit? (catering, carry out, dine-in or drive-thru) 
  • How swiftly has your order been delivered to you? (on a scale of 1-5) 
  • Rate us in accordance with these on a scale of 1-10:
  • Friendliness of our staff members 
  • Overall outlet’s cleanliness. 
  • Accuracy of your order. 
  • Worth of prices paid. 
  • Ambiance.

About KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC is the world’s second-largest fast-food chain of restaurants. It is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, US. The organization has 24,000 outlets in 145 countries worldwide. Harland Sanders founded it firstly in 1930. This food franchise is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, the same company that also owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Earlier, this eatery was named Sanders Court and Café that later changed into KFC.

KFC Customer Service Details

If you want any assistance or give feedback to KFC, here are some details that will prove to be handy. 

  • Customer Service Phone Number: 1 (800) 225-5532 
  • Headquarters Address: 1441 Gardiner Lane. Louisville, Kentucky, United States. 
  • Locator: Visit their locator page to find KFC near me;
  • KFC Hours: 11 am to 11 pm at most of the outlets


Does KFC have gift cards?

Yes, KFC does have gift cards that can be purchased at any online store or in any of its physical outlets. For more details, visit

Who sells KFC gift cards?

Apart from KFC itself, Amazon also sells KFC gift cards.

How to check KFC gift card balance?

If you are Canada citizen, go to Else, ring at 1 (800) 225-5532 to check the KFC gift card balance.

Can you use Taco Bell gift cards at KFC?

It’s a straight ‘no’ to use Taco Bell gift cards at KFC unless it is mentioned otherwise, which is rare.

What time does KFC close?

Most KFC outlets close around 11:00 pm every day.

Who owns KFC?

Founded by Colonel Harland Sanders Pete Harman, KFC is owned by Yum! Brands.

What time does KFC open?

Opening hours of KFC is around 11:00 am every day. However, stores in some regions are prone to have varying operational times.

Where is KFC near me?

Go to and enter City and State or Zip Code to find “KFC near me”.

What do you get when you fill out the survey for KFC?

Individuals, when they fill out KFC’s survey, will get a chance to win coupons that are redeemable to get a free KFC Go Cup.

Why is my KFC survey not working?

Invalid purchase receipt, improper internet connection can be some common reasons for my KFC survey not working.

How many digits for KFC experience?

There are 17 digits in the survey code for joining in the KFC experience.

How to redeem KFC rewards?

KFC rewards are redeemable at any KFC outlet during the payment. You can also use them in the official app while making any orders.

What reward card can you use at KFC?

One can use multiple KFC reward cards at KFC.

Where can I get KFC coupons?

KFC provides coupons at its stores and on official site or social media platforms. Besides, one can also get these coupons by taking part in the KFC experience survey.

How to use KFC coupon code?

KFC coupon code can be used at any nearby KFC store by making a purchase or through its official app. Just apply the code in the respective offer field during the checkout.

How much is a KFC Go Cup?

A KFC Go Cup price ranges from $2.49.

What is a KFC Go Cup?

A KFC Go Cup can consist of a Chicken Littles sandwich, 2 Extra Crispy Tenders, 4 Original Recipe Bites, 3 Hot Wings or Original Recipe Boneless Chicken, plus seasoned potato wedges.

How many calories in a KFC Go Cup?

A KFC Go Cup has approximately 540-570 calories.