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Get Free Meal @ Panda Express Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you ever thought about getting a meal free in your favorite restaurant? Well, you can fulfill this wish of yours by taking part in the Panda Express guest feedback survey. Yes, the famous Panda Express had decided to survey food lovers, to establish direct communication with customers and their choices. With raging competition in the food industry, it’s very essential to know consumers’ minds. Thus, this eatery has introduced survey, where clients can express their views regarding their satisfaction levels with it. And in return, those people who have given their feedback will get a chance to win free entree coupons through which they can redeem to get one free meal. Isn’t this an exciting offer! With the help of your feedback, Panda Express can make various necessary changes in its food menu, quality or ambiance and can also make additions to existing menus or offers.

All because it wants to improve its food lovers’ satisfaction levels. For every business, a review is very important. One must answer it honestly so that a positive change will be a definite output. Moreover, survey help entrepreneurs grow more and concentrate on their weak areas, which they might have failed to notice. So take this amazing Panda Express guest satisfaction survey. Get a chance to redeem your free meals today, and at the same time be a part of your favorite restaurant’s development. Hurry up! All you have to do is just answer simple questions, which will take only 5 minutes of time.

Panda Express Free Entree Survey – Rules & Requirements

Survey NamePanda Express Guest Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period2 days
Offer Code Validity30 Days
Survey LimitOne entree per one person

Panda Express Feedback Survey Terms and Conditions

  • Individuals must attain 18 years of age to become eligible to take part in this survey.
  • Only legal citizens of the United States are allowed to participate.
  • Participants should have residential proof.
  • A receipt is valid for 2 days only from its date of origin, so participate in this Panda Express survey with a receipt within that deadline.
  • Only one person can participate for once with only one receipt.
  • In case of multiple surveys, one must acquire multiple receipts, meaning they must do purchases multiple times.
  • To give feedback via a call, a receipt code is a must and should.
  • Winners must redeem their gifts or rewards within 30 days of their date of commencement.
  • Employees or any other professionally related individuals of Panda Express are not eligible, including their family members for that matter.

Prerequisites to complete Panda Express Guest Survey

  • Individuals must possess a mobile or laptop to take this as it is a digital platform.
  • A stable and good internet connection is a prerequisite as it is preferable to have a break-free procedure.
  • A valid email address so that winners can get contacted is also necessary.
  • As already mentioned, a recent Panda Express purchase receipt is another requirement.

Methods to Enter Pandaexpress Com Feedback

There are 2 ways of participating in the free entree survey: one is online, and another is by phone call, which we have explained as follows:

  • Online Method: In an online method, customers can go to panda express customer satisfaction survey official website by clicking on Later they have to register themselves with a code they have received from their last dining in this restaurant.
  • Phone Call Method: In a phone call method, consumers can make a phone call to their nearest Panda Express outlet and give their feedback. That’s it! Here all an individual needs is a recent purchase and contact info of his/her nearest outlet of this brand.

Note: In both these methods, receipt validity is very important, which will expire within 48 hours.

How to Participate in Feedback Survey?

1. To participate in this panda express free entree receipt survey on a digital platform, first applicants must visit log on to or

2. Here, a web page with a box will appear in its default language, English. Those who want to give their responses in Spanish can click on Espanol, which will be on that box’s top left side.

3. Now, enter a store number, time, date, amount, order number from your panda express free entree receipt if you do not have a 22-digit survey code. Fill in all these details carefully. Remember, all these pieces of info will be present on a purchase receipt.

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4. If you have 22 Digit Code on your purchase receipt enter in given respective fields and click on “Start”.

panda express customer satisfaction survey image

5. Now participants will come across the Panda Express guest feedback page. On that page, a questionnaire will greet entrants.

6. Most questions of that questionnaire will be based on a consumer’s recent visits to Panda Express, food quality, range of menu, staff behavior, ambiance and other necessary subjects. Candidates will have to rate their overall experience with this eatery.

7. Now lastly, one can provide their suggestions, comments or grievance, if any. Giving personal details for contacting purposes is the next step. Finally, press on “Submit”.

8. If you’ve successfully completed all these steps, note that you will receive unique panda express survey codes for a free meal. Although, an entree code will take at least 24-42 hours to get issued.

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How to Panda Express Feedback Free Entree via Phone Call?

A natural way of giving feedback to Panda Express is through a phone call and conveying your response smoothly. Follow these steps given below-

  • Firstly, have a receipt from Panda Express ready. If not, you must dine in to have one, as an invitation code is printed on it.
  • This receipt validity is 48 hours, which means 2 days, so use it within that time limit.
  • Start by giving a call to this organization’s poll contact no, 888-51-PANDA(72632).
  • Now, as soon as you confirm your order details, code and restaurant you dined in, the feedback will start. Note, these details will be on your receipt.
  • Here, individuals will have to answer all questions through a phone call, share their opinions and suggestions.
  • Rate the overall experience. After submission of your panda express feedback free entree survey, they will share with you your gift card coupon number.
  • Kindly note this number on your receipt. You will require that code which they provide you, and also your receipt, as they will register it as your data information for the coupon.
  • Once you get your validation panda express feedback code and receipt, go to enjoy your free dinner.

Panda Express Rewards & Coupons

As a token of thanks for your precious time, Panda Express is rewarding you with a free entree code. You can get one meal or item free on one coupon. Note that not an entire dinner will be free, only one meal. So enjoy delicious Chinese food and fries and wings free, for once. Make sure that these panda express coupons and rewards are non-transferable. Also, they are not convertible into cash. Coupons are meant for redeeming purposes alone. Only one meal or item is free, not an entire dinner/luncheon. Combining received gift cards with any previous Panda Express discount coupons is also not possible. It is expected that winners must redeem their vouchers within 30 days. Or else they won’t be able to enjoy the free entree and a free meal.

Why Should You Participate In Pandaexpress/feedback?

As we all know, nowadays food businesses are growing very rapidly. With more flexible and 24/7 delivery services and easy door-to-door services, the number of people ordering and dining has increased. In such intense competition, every entrepreneur thinks about how to grow his business by impressing customers. Moreover, entrepreneurs must connect with consumers and let them address their issues so that no communication gap will prevail.

Having a global chain of restaurants and managing face-to-face feedback is quite difficult. So an online platform for free entree is a more convenient and easy method to collect data and store it. This famous American restaurant has also decided to take a survey @ to improve its quality and quantity, prices, and needed makeover. With all of the collected feedback, this food franchise will take measures to earn many foodies’ hearts and expand in every sector needed in serving a healthy meal.

Besides, clients, by taking this pandaexpress .com/feedback free entree item survey, will get a chance to directly communicate with Panda’s management. They can share their views from their perspective regarding customer satisfaction. Or you can tell more about what kind of food your region needs, extra additional menus, and juices and delivery ideas. Thus, giving feedback will let the eatery know what its clients need and take action accordingly to serve those clients better. In addition, this pandaexpress com feedback wins you a free meal coupon, so you get an additional chance to revisit the restaurant and enjoy your happy meal.

What Will They Ask @ feedback Survey?

Take a look at these panda express/feedback questions, which will act as a model for the actual questionnaire that will be given to participants:

  1. Do you like our Chinese menu?
  2. What is your favourite sauce from our menu?
  3. Which is your favourite combo?
  4. How was your last experience?
  5. How was our staff’s behavior?
  6. Do you have any suggestions for our outlet’s interior?
  7. Rate the taste of our food out of 10.
  8. Was your food ordered delivered to you at a preferable temperature?
  9. How much time did it take for you to receive your order?
  10. Were you satisfied with our safety and hygiene measures?
  11. Do you wish to see any new prawn dishes?
  12. Did you like the fish fritters?
  13. How was the quality of meat?
  14. If you have any suggestions or comments, kindly use the comment box.
  15. Is our customer care services working for you?
  16. Regarding parking, rate us on a scale of 1-10.
  17. How likely will you visit us again?
  18. Would you recommend us to others?

About Panda Express

Panda Express is an American food restaurant available in abundance across the United States. It serves mostly a blend of American Chinese cuisine, which is usually made by Chinese American chefs. Most of its restaurants are found in North America.

Panda Express has more than 2,200 restaurants all over the United States. Its working staff is almost 39,000 people. Moreover, it offers an exquisite range of Chinese-inspired dishes like orange chicken, sweet fire chicken breast, Beijing Beef, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken. All of its dishes are usually blended in sauces inspired by the American style of wings. They are very famous for these blends in cuisines and dishes.

The Panda Express headquarters is at Rosemead, California, USA. Andrew Cherng & Peggy Cherng were its founders who founded it in 1983. It provides a delicious range of handmade and home-cooked styles of food with hygiene being its first priority.

How to Contact Panda Express Customer Service?

Customer care is required to handle various issues faced by a consumer. For example, issues related to bills, refunds, surveys, quality, mislead, etc. To solve all such issues, a customer care service will prove to be a great help. Using these services, clients can easily address every grievance so that any organization will take necessary actions. That’s why Panda Express, too, has its own contact info, as given below:

  • Feedback Survey Phone Number: 1-800-877-8988
  • Customer Care Phone Number: 626-799-9898.
  • Address (Mailing):
  • Panda Express Guest Care, P.O. Box 1159 Rosemead, CA 91770


What time does Panda Express close?

Most Panda Express outlets close at 9 pm. Although, the timings of some stores may vary depending on their locations.

What time does Panda Express open?

It is observed that Panda Express’ stores open by 10:00 am.

Who owns Panda Express?

Andrew Cherng & Peggy Cherng own Panda Express. Moreover its parent organization is Panda Restaurant Group.

Where is the closest Panda Express?

Log on to know Panda Express near me and enter state/city/Zip Code.

How to use Panda Express gift card online?

When you have a gift voucher from Panda Express, use it online to place an order or from its official app and redeem to get discounts.

How to do Panda Express survey?

Go to or call your nearest Panda Express store to take part in its survey.

How to take Panda Express free entree survey without receipt number?

To take a Panda Express free entree survey without a receipt number, call your nearest Panda Express store.

Where to buy Panda Express gift cards?

Anyone can purchase gift cards from Panda Express stores, its app or online on Walmart, Amazon or other such sites.

How to check Panda Express gift card balance?

To know a Panda Express gift card balance, click on

What do you get with Panda Express survey?

With a Panda Express survey, you get a free entree for meals or items.

How long does Panda Express survey coupon last?

Panda Express survey coupon code lasts for only 2 days.

How long does Panda Express gift rewards last?

Panda Express gift rewards last for up to 30 days.

How many times can you do survey Panda Express?

For one valid purchase receipt only once a person can do a Panda Express survey.

Why can’t I leave feedback for Panda Express?

One cannot leave feedback to Panda Express if are using an already used or invalid purchase receipt. An improper internet connection can also be another issue.