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Tell Portillos your Experience via Survey & Avail Discounts on Next Visit!

Who doesn’t like French Fries! Young ones or Old ones everyone likes it, isn’t it? What if we tell you that you are getting French Fries for free? Unbelievable? But trust us, you are getting French Fries for free or amazing discounts. Yep, Portillo’s, every food lover’s one-stop-shop for all snacks, is offering such offers. This restaurant is ready to shower its consumers with rewards like free French fries or other such prizes via portillos.com/survey. 

There is no need to give a separate introduction to Portillo as every individual knows it. It’s one of the most reputed restaurant chains in the United States. And now this restaurant is more than eager to know about what its consumers are feeling and thinking about. That is why it has introduced its Portillo’s/survey. Thus, clients of this eatery can effortlessly share their thoughts, opinions, views etc. By doing so, people will not only get improved and better customer services but will also be eligible to win rewards. To know more about this survey, its aftermath and its rewards, read on further.

Portillo’s Feedback Survey Rules & Regulations

Survey NamePortillo’s Guest Satisfaction Survey
Prize Expiry7 Days
Minimum Age Required18 years
Survey Linkwww.portillos.com/survey or tellportillos.smg.com
Survey LimitOne survey per one receipt

Terms and Conditions to Give Portillos Feedback

Before taking Portillo’s satisfaction survey, customers should keep in mind certain terms and conditions, which are given as follows:

  • A customer should not be below 18 years of age. Meaning those who are 18 or above are free to participate in portillos.com/survey.
  • No participant should be a staff, relative or immediate family member to the staff of Portillo’s.
  • All those who want to give their feedback should be legal citizens of the United States.
  • Customers are bound to not sell or transfer their rewards. Every individual who received their rewards can redeem them in the way they were given and specified. 
  • One must have made a recent purchase in any of this brand’s outlets and received a receipt.

portillos.com Survey Prerequisites

Just like those terms and conditions, one must need these requisites too:

  • Ensure a smart device such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC to give feedback online.
  • An active internet connection is very necessary so as to enjoy an uninterrupted flow of completing this survey.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish is another requirement as this survey is available in only those 2 languages.
  • A valid email address is a must to take this survey. Participants will receive their reward code coupons via their registered emails only.

Methods to Participate in Tellportillos Survey

There is only one method to participate in Portillo’s survey. And that is the online method. In order to make its survey available for every individual, this eatery has made it online. Therefore, no more fuss and mess in standing at a queue or filling a form by hand. 

Simply open a browser on any smart device and access portillos.com/survey’s homepage. That’s it! Upon doing so, members will have to enter certain details like date, time, and unique code from their receipts in certain boxes and later answer its questionnaire. Then, they have to submit their responses along with their personal details like name, phone number, email address etc. And Bam! They will receive a validation code which, upon presenting at any of this restaurant’s stores, one can get either free French fries or other such offers.

Step To Take Portillo’s Survey for Free Fries or Other Offers

First of all, click on Portillo’s customer survey official website: www.portillos.com/survey or tellportillos.smg.com.

Step 1: Choose your preferred language from English and Spanish on that web page. Ensure that one of those 2 languages is easier for you to understand well so as to respond to this survey.

  • If you are comfortable with English, then there’s no need to change. But in case Spanish is your turf, then you need to click on Espanol. 
  • On that web page’s left side bottom will be the “Espanol” option.
portillos.com survey page image

Step 2: Now, Enter a 20-digit unique code. This code is present on a purchase receipt. It is important to make sure that a purchase receipt is recent and valid.

Step 3: After entering a 20 digit code from a purchase receipt, click on “Start” to commence giving feedback. After clicking on “Start”, candidates will get navigated to a new web page that has questions in it.

portillos feedback survey questions image

Step 4: Questions will be mostly about a foodie’s latest experience at Portillo’s restaurant.


  • It is best to give answers that are relevant and honest so as to give proper feedback and contribute to this organization’s growth.
  • There will be a Progress bar present that shows how much process completed by a participant.
  • Most of its questions ask individuals to rate their satisfaction with Portillo’s based on its services and products.
  • Providing negative or bad feedback doesn’t decrease any chances of winning validation code coupons. Thus, everyone can give any kind of critique, be it bad or good.

Step 5: After providing answers to all subjects of its questionnaire, one has to click on “Next”.

Step 6: As soon as a person clicks on “Next”, he/she will land on another new web page that asks them to give their personal data. Members will have to give their full name, age, gender, zip code, email address, phone number, etc., as asked. It is expected that a candidate has to enter all such pieces of data correctly so as to earn prizes.

tellportillos survey contact details image

Step 7: After entering all those personal details correctly, click on “Next”, yet again.

Step 8: Lastly, press on “Submit” to submit responses. Participants by now will obtain unique validation coupon codes. Doesn’t it feel like a piece of cake?!

portillos survey validation code image


  • Validation coupon codes tag along a limited time span of 30 days. Therefore, consumers have to claim their rewards with their codes within 30 days of receiving them. 
  • This Portillo’s survey code is redeemable in any of this brand’s outlets.

Portillos Rewards for Giving Feedback @ portillos.com/survey

After submitting all details asked in www portillos.com/survey, entrants will get validation coupon codes. And those coupon codes, when used to redeem in any of this restaurant’s outlets, one can claim their rewards. Most of Portillo’s rewards are discount coupons, gift cards, free French fries and many more other exciting offers. Thus, one can say that this feedback medium is a worthy deal. Literally giving ratings and ticking Yes/No boxes, one can win prizes that are just amazing!

Although, we have to say that it is not always fixed what you will win. Portillo’s has all the right to choose which reward a customer will win. Moreover, a participant who won a validation code has to use it within 30 days as it expires after that period. Keep in mind that no one can sell or transfer these rewards. A validation code is valid for only a single time. Per household, per receipt, only one member can enjoy such a code and redeem its offers. For more rewards, one has to obtain another recent purchase receipt code and fill another survey with the help of that receipt’s code.

Why Should You Take Portillo’s Online Survey?

Each and every company, either an experienced or new one, has to know how well its branches are working. Furthermore, knowledge about whether its customers are satisfied or not with various services and products that it is offering will give a basic idea of what is going on. Besides, customers too should let an organization know regarding their consent with it, its staff’s conduct towards them, issues, or any such things. Upon stating what is happening and what should be taken care of, a brand, in this case, Portillo’s, will take necessary actions to give even better services to its food lovers.  

With the help of this survey, Portillo’s will come to know about their services and the improvements they had to do and will maintain their position intact. Eaters are free to express their thoughts, likes, dislikes, suggestions, etc., via their feedback. So, Portillo’s can take action about it. Therefore, a more customized and tailor-made buying experience will be a vital consequence of this survey. Not only will you get better services and customer care, but you will win rewards like discount vouchers, gift cards, free French fries and many more rewards.

Furthermore, those who are hesitant to share their personal info can rest assured as this brand is providing assurance that none of its survey data will be leaked or misused.

Portillos Survey Questions

Food lovers of this eatery are asked to answer all questions honestly based on their most recent experience in one of its stores. Its online questionnaire may consist of some of these questions as given below:

  • How well did our staff engage with you? Rate on a scale of 1-10.
  • Is our restaurant spacious and appealing?
  • How likely would you recommend us to others on a scale of 1-10?
  • How quickly was your order delivered to you?
  • Were you satisfied with our outlet’s health and safety measures?
  • Is your money paid value for the time you spent at our stores?
  • Do you want to share any recommendations or suggestions? If so, please bring such matters to our notice via the comment box.
  • Rate your overall satisfaction with us?

About Portillo’s

Portillo’s Restaurant Group is an American fast restaurant chain and is well known for its hot dogs, Italian beef and Maxwell Street Polish. The founder of this company is Dick Portillo. In 1963, its first outlet established as “The Dog House,” which served hot dogs. Since then, most people have fallen in love with its exclusive hot dogs and love to eat them on any day.

When “The Dog House” was in a good position, it was renamed “Portillo’s,” and the first restaurant was in Chicago. After some time, its second branch opened. Eventually, this restaurant added new dishes and items to its menu. And all of its food items are equally loved by every food lover. In 2014, Portillo’s was sold to Berkshire Partners. This eatery has more than 60 branches across the United States with thousands of customers.

Portillo’s Customer Service

Those who want to get in contact with Portillo’s can happily do so using these ways as following:

Headquarters: Oak Brook, Illinois, United States.

Contact Website: https://www.portillos.com/contactus/

Phone Number: 630-581-0770 

Phone Support Timings: From Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CST.

Mailing Address: Portillo’s Guest Services 2001 Spring Road Suite 400 Oak Brook, IL 60523


What time does Portillo’s open?

Most of the Portillo’s locations opens at 7 AM from Monday to Saturday and 9 AM on Sunday. For some outlets, the Portillos hours varies. You can check those timings using the store locator.

Who owns Portillo’s?

Berkshire Partners own Portillo’s since 2014.

What time does Portillo’s close?

Most Portillo’s outlets close from Monday to Sunday at 9 PM. Although, some of its outlets are prone to have different time settings.

Portillo’s gift card where to buy?

Visit https://www.portillos.com/index-shop-and-ship.html to buy Portillo’s gift cards. One can also buy its gift cards in-stores of this restaurant.

Where is the closest Portillo’s?

Go to Portillos near me locator at https://www.portillos.com/locations/ and enter Zip or City, State to know your closest outlet.

What does Portillo’s survey offer?

By completing Portillos survey, participants will get a validation coupon code which, upon presenting in any of its outlets, one can get discount vouchers, gift cards, Free French Fries, etc.

Does Portillo’s have drive thru?

Yes, Portillo’s has a drive-thru. Most of its locations are open late at night.

What is the best thing at Portillos?

Portillo’s is famous for its Italian beef, French fries, hot dogs and Maxwell Street Polish.