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Take Savers Customer Satisfaction Survey & Avail Discounts on Next Visit

Whether you made a purchase at a Savers store or donated clothing to a Savers non-profit partner, this brand welcomes both thrifters and donors to take part in Savers survey. Whatever experience a customer may have had, delightful or displeasing, it is all ears to hear about it! An exciting part is that members who have participated in this survey will get rewards for their time and efforts spent on its questionnaire. Keep reading on to know various details regarding this survey!

However, in this busy daily life schedule, people may wonder what good it does for participating in such surveys. Well, participating in such surveys, for instance, in this Savers Listens, has some perks in the form of rewards like gift cards, discount vouchers etc. Moreover, by stating areas of development in any of Savers’ stores, its management will make strategies to improve their services rendered. Thus, customers will get a more enhanced experience on their next visit. So without any further ado, get all set to participate in

Savers Survey Rules

Survey nameSavers Customer Survey
Survey validity periodWithin 7 days of purchase or exchange/return or donation
Discount validity periodWithin 90 days of successfully completing the survey 
Survey limit1 per household per month

Eligibility for Savers Experience Survey

  • Purchase or a donation to Savers is required, so only customers who hold either of the following are eligible to participate in Savers Listens Survey-
    • Receipt from purchase or exchange/return
    • Donor invitation card
    • It is advisable to use the invite from a purchase or exchange/return receipt in case of holding these both.
  • Customers or donors need to take this survey within 7 days of their visit.
  • They must be residents of the United States to participate.
  • Minimum age of participation is 18.
  • Employees and their immediate family members are not eligible.
  • “Thank You Code” will be generated after successfully completing the survey and would be valid for 90 days.
  • To receive a Savers discount, present your receipt along with “Thank You Code” within 90 days of finishing this survey.
  • Rewarded discount is not redeemable for cash or credit back.
  • It is necessary to present a Savers coupon prior to purchase. There is a limit of one coupon per purchase.
  • Discount cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount and is not valid at grand openings or on sale days.
  • This discount cannot be used for new merchandise (red tags) or gift certification purposes. If customers choose to return an item, the coupon value would be forfeited

Requirements to Give Savers Feedback

  • Since is conducted online, participants are suggested to possess a mobile device, laptop, or workstation to access it.
  • Remember to keep your receipt or donor invitation card handy as it contains a survey code. Without a valid code, you will be unable to take the survey and avail of Savers rewards or discounts.
  • Questionnaire currently supports 2 languages- English and Spanish. So, it is required to have a basic understanding of either.

Methods to Participate in Savers Listens Survey

Savers has adopted the online method owing to its high efficiency. Entire survey process is completely online and can be taken anywhere as per an individual’s comfort.

How to Participate in Savers Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Savers has made its survey process easy, seamless, and quick for any participant to complete it in a jiffy!

1. Visit its official website by this link via a smart gadget. Note that this website does not require any external log-in to prevent hassles. survey page image

2. There are 2 ways to start the survey based on the type of invitation you received-

  • For those who hold a receipt from purchase or exchange/return
    • Click on ‘Receipt from Purchase or Exchange/Return’.
    • Locate a unique 19-digit customer code on your receipt and enter it into a specific numeric field.
    • Click on ‘Start’
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  • If you hold a donor invitation card
    • Click on ‘Donor Invitation Card’.
    • Locate and enter a 4-digit code on it.
    • Enter the date of your visit.
    • Insert the hour of your visit from the dropdown menu.
    • Click on ‘Start’.
Savers Donor Invitation Card Survey Image

3. After choosing an appropriate choice, click on ‘Next’.

4. Now, a series of interactive questions will appear for rating according to a customer’s experience and his/her expected likelihood on various aspects.

5. After completing the questionnaire at, submit some personal details for classification purposes like gender, age, etc.

6. Finally, you will get a validation code which you can use it on your next visit.

Savers Online Survey Rewards

Savers would love to reward its customers for taking out their valuable time to fill its feedback! Thus, participants will be receiving $2 off on their next $5 purchase. In addition, a “Thank You Code” is also given after successfully submitting the survey @ www saverslistens com. Just write this down in the space provided on a receipt and bring it within 90 days of your visit to get exciting discount offers.

Why Should You Take Savers Guest Survey?

Savers Customer Satisfaction Survey is a user-friendly questionnaire. It comes designed to help this organization understand better what customers and donors really think about every aspect of their stores and partner donation sites. Savers understands that high levels of customer satisfaction are strong predictors of customer and client retention. Therefore, every positive feedback received from is helpful to recreate pleasurable experiences. And if there are any negative feedbacks, managers and administrators will use them constructively to reinforce areas that need an upgraded improvement. 

The customers have something to gain through this survey too- Savers discount! (Refer to ‘Survey Rewards’ section for more details). Apart from rewards, it is a great responsibility of an individual to effectively utilize this opportunity for being a part in the development of their favorite organization. With genuine feedback, customers will indirectly contribute to Savers’ improvement and increased customer satisfaction criteria.

Questions asked in Savers Listens Customer Satisfaction Survey

Savers has tried to cover all aspects of experience that shoppers or donors have gone through in their previous visit. There is also an option to provide detailed comments to express themselves better. A few model questions asked in are as below.

  • Rate your satisfaction on a 5-point scale (1-Highly dissatisfied to 5-Highly satisfied) on various aspects like
    • Overall satisfaction with your experience shopping at Savers or donating to Savers.
    • Ease of shopping.
    • Selection of merchandise.
    • Checkout process.
    • Friendliness of our team members in the store or at the donation center.
    • How well Savers protected your health and safety during your visit?
    • Cleanliness of our store or donation center.
    • Assistance you received in the store or at the donation center. (Note: Select N/A if you did not require any assistance)
    • Atmosphere of our store.
    • Price of items.
    • Speed of your donation process.
  • Based on your visit, rate the likelihood that you would donate to Savers or return to it to shop in the next 60 days. This would be on a 5-point scale. (1-Not at all likely to 5-Highly likely)
  • If answered not satisfied with any of those above aspects, Savers would like to improve upon that, and hence gives a list of likely reasons that could have contributed to discontent. Select all those reasons that lead to dissatisfaction.
  • If there is anything specific that you want to tell Savers based on your shopping experience or donating experience at it, you may do so. For that purpose, deliver detailed comments in the text box on why you were or were not highly satisfied with your experience or any other feedback.
  • How much did you purchase on your visit?
  • Approximately how often do you shop at Savers?
  • Approximately how often does your household donate used clothing and household items at this or any other donation location? This is to know about the combined frequency of all your donations.
  • There would finally be some questions for classification purposes only
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Annual household income
    • Zip/postal code
  • After successful submission, a Thank You Code would appear on screen.

About Savers

Savers is a for-profit thrift store chain owned by a private equity firm, Leonard Green & Partners and Tom Ellison, the son of Savers founder William O. Ellison. It champions reuse and keeps millions of reusable items out of landfills every year. All of its partners with local nonprofits accept donations of clothing and household goods from generous donors like you. This organization pays local nonprofits to help fund programs in communities. This merchandise is sold in stores spread over 315 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. Shopping in its stores doesn’t support any non-profit but donating your reusable goods does. Thus, it plays a role in sustaining the environment by encouraging the reuse of goods and caters to needs of both donors and thrifters.

Savers Customer Service

Feel free to contact Savers Customer Service for any query/feedback/complaint.

  • Headquarters address: 11400 Southeast 6th Street Suite 220 Bellevue, WA 98004 United States
  • Phone number: 1-425-462-1515
  • Email: / (for press and media inquiries)
  • Link to contact customer service:


How Does Savers Rewards Work?

Join the Super Savers Club and enjoy its perks! Earn points towards savings! One point is earned for every eligible dollar spent in Savers stores. Earn 1 reward for every 100 points. Each reward entitles you to 20% off a future purchase of up to $100 and is valid for 90 days. Also, avail member-only deals and birthday Savers coupons!

What Time Does Savers Open?

Most of the Savers stores open by 9 am. It is better to visit at 11 am as all the stores will open by that time on Weekdays and Weekends.

What Time Does Savers Close?

Savers stores will be closed by 10 pm and at few locations closing time is from 7:30 to 9 pm. In weekends it closes too early than these regular timings. Better check the Savers hours of your nearest store from the official locator before visiting.

How To Donate To Savers?

To donate, visit Community Donation Centers partnered with Savers. One can even donate in stores using the bin/cart at the front of that outlet.

Where Is The Nearest Savers?

Go to Savers near me locator i.e., to find the nearest outlet.

Who Owns Savers?

Private equity firm Leonard Green & Partners and Tom Ellison, the son of Savers founder William O. Ellison own this organization.

What Are The Discount Days At Savers?

Sales and discount days are only available to shoppers with a Super Savers Club membership. For joining this club by visiting this link You could even join at the cash register in stores.

When Is Savers Senior Discount Day?

Specific locations have their own senior discount day policies, and you can expect to save 20% to 40% off, depending on the location. Some locations may provide discounts every day, while others may only provide discounts one day per week: usually a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Is Savers Owned By Superdrug?

No. The company owned by Superdrug is a different one, namely Savers Health & Beauty.