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Get Free Drinks at Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey

Sonic is a good, fine, realistic restaurant which everyone has to visit to enjoy all kinds of dishes that come made with the finest ingredients. This food franchise is renowned for serving mouth-watering and finger-licking food items for a couple of decades. Consumers love all of its delicacies with unconditional love. The ambiance of every store is very good and with lots of varieties. Great buffet for a reasonable price, especially fast food, is available in multiple ranges. All-in-all, every foodie can easily term it as the best and great eatery. If you have visited it, we are sure you too want to say the same. So why not appreciate this restaurant directly and win rewards !? Then take part in talktosonic survey. Dumbfounded? Explore further.

Sonic is all geared up to listen to what its consumers want to let it hear. It is eager to know how satisfied its customers are with its services and products. Not only good and positive but also this firm wants to know any kind of negative feedback, suggestions or other such things. It is all because Sonic is striving to grow more and impress every member of its clients. Customer’s voice is more important in today’s competitive world. In this customer survey, the eatery has planned to give free coupons and rewards that are surely worthy. Participating in this survey can earn entry to its sweepstakes, where contestants can stand a chance to win exciting prizes. Excited?! Then rush immediately to take this Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey following all our given guidelines.

Talktosonic Survey – Rules And Requirements

Survey NameSonic Drive-in Guest Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period14 Days
Survey Validity PeriodDecember 31 11:59:00 pm
Survey LimitOne person from a household with one receipt

Talktosonic Customer Survey Terms & Conditions

Sonic Customer survey has some eligibility criteria for individuals who are interested in taking part in it and winning rewards. Thus, one must take a look at these terms and conditions and have to abide by them:

  • Participants must have currently purchased a bill of sonic survey code . This is proof and a gateway to take part in this Sonic customer feedback.
  • All those who are legal residents of the United States are only eligible enough to join it.
  • Every entrant must at least be above 18 or should be 18 while giving their feedback.
  • Candidates should have basic knowledge of English or Spanish. This sonic feedback is available in only those 2 languages, so one must know at least either of those 2.
  • Every individual is expected to submit proper and valid personal details as asked for further purposes like contacting.
  • Only one person from a family can take part in it.
  • Employees, managers, and others working in the restaurant are not allowed to join. Even those professionally associated members’ families are prohibited from doing so.
  • Rewards and offers are for redeeming purposes only. No one is allowed to convert them into cash nor combine them with other previous offers.
  • Given coupons will come with an expiry date of 60 days, so avail those benefits within that timeline.

Sonic Drive In Survey Prerequisites

  • You can take part in the Sonic guest survey by attending it on a laptop, Mobile, or PC with a stable internet connection.
  • Have good and understandable knowledge of English or Spanish.
  • Entrants must carry a valid Sonic receipt which has a 12-digit code at its bottom.

Methods To Participate Sonic Customer Feedback

Via Online Mode: To participate in the Sonic satisfaction survey in an online mode, a client should have a valid bill acquired from any of this franchise’s outlets. With a stable internet connection, they can visit its official survey website or simply click on That’s it! A web page welcoming feedback will appear asking to enter an ID number of a receipt. Clients who give their receipt code can happily carry on further and give feedback, thereby can earn prizes.

Steps To Participate Sonic Drive In Survey @

1 . Log on to Sonic Guest Survey official page. It will redirect you to its survey’s homepage.

sonic customer satisfaction survey image

2. Now Enter ID Number at the bottom of your recent sonic purchase receipt and click on “Start”. (Note: Fill in those details that are asked. Remember to keep a valid receipt handy to fill in these details.)

3. Here a questionnaire will greet you. It consists of some multiple-choice questions related to your last visit to Sonic. Answer them honestly.

4 Rate your experience based on staff behavior, quality of food, and their service and all. After answering all those questions, click on “SUBMIT” again.

4. Now, a talktosonic survey code will appear on your screens. This code is nothing but a gift coupon that when redeemed, will give offers and rewards. Remember to take this survey code with you on your future visit to any of this brand’s outlets.

Sonic Rewards & Coupons

Sonic is conducting this talktosonic survey with a primary motive of improving its services and products in accordance with its customers’ likes and dislikes. Besides, those who give their honest feedback can take part in this restaurant’s development as they are the ones who pointed out areas to improvise. That’s why the brand is all set and ready to reward its survey participants.

Those who took part in conveying their feedback to Sonic can get a chance to win free meals and drinks. Want to know how? Well, just type on a browser and provide your responses to questions that will be asked. After completing all those answers, individuals will get a validation coupon code that is unique. These coupon codes are redeemable in any of this eatery’s stores. Providing these coupon codes can earn soft drinks, teas, lemonades, slushes, etc. Yep soft drinks, iced tea, lemonade, slush, etc., absolutely for free!

Although there is a catch. Coupon codes have a validity period. One must use and redeem them within 60 days from the day of receiving them, as, after 60 days, they will become invalid. So, make use of this precious time and get exciting offers and rewards by giving feedback that demands just a few minutes.

Reason For Taking Up This survey at

Consumers should never ignore the importance of customer satisfaction because they are the main reason for today’s development in any firm. Their contribution and efforts bring great changes in an organization’s services and products. Sonic, as we all know, is already a top-rated eatery with a great number of customers in many places. But it is not possible to be perfect in every aspect, especially for a widespread business entity. Moreover, its team itself cannot identify all of its weak spots. That’s where customer surveys come alive. These surveys put an enterprise’s shortcomings and weaknesses in the limelight.

Consumers, when participating in a guest satisfaction survey, can precisely put forward all those shortcomings and areas to improve that a firm fails to identify by itself. Through, every consumer can effortlessly give his/her feedback, suggestions, opinions, etc., from their point of view. And thus, Sonic will take these reviews into its consideration, and after evaluating every feedback, it will take measures to resolve issues that a customer is unhappy about.

Apart from all these, exciting rewards and prizes will definitely make a consumer happy who participated in this sonic feedback. As already mentioned above, there are rewards attached to its questionnaire. After providing feedback, participants will get free coupon codes that are redeemable. Redeeming these coupon codes can earn free iced tea, lemonade, slush or other soft drinks.

Sonic Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Conversation with customers provides insight into what are their needs and wants, alongside identifying challenges and opportunities. That’s why this talktosonic customer survey has a questionnaire framed in such a way that it gets detailed knowledge from clients. These questions, as given below, can act as a model to its actual questionnaire:

  • Are you satisfied with your order?
  • Is the price of your ordered food item reasonable and worthy?
  • Were our staff members friendly enough towards you?
  • How satisfied were you with us on a scale of 1-10?
  • Did your order arrive on time?
  • Is there any issue with any services you got from us?
  • Is our store that you visited recently easily accessible?
  • Will you visit our restaurant next time?
  • On a scale of 1-5, how likely would you recommend us to others?
  • Were our interiors attractive?

About Sonic Drive-In

Sonic’s actual name is “SONIC DRIVE-IN.” It is an American fast-food restaurant. And Inspired brands own it. As of now, this one operates in a total of 46 states of America. Last year, Sonic ranked 14th in QSR Magazine among the top 50 restaurant brands in the United States. This brand is a Subsidiary based restaurant. Troy Smith had first founded it in 1953 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

This eatery has its headquarters in Oklahoma, United States. There are 3,500 locations. Sonic sells all kinds of fast foods like hamburgers and french fries. Drinks like Slushes, Soft drinks, and Milkshakes of different varieties are also available. Ice cream desserts include sundaes and floats, etc., which are its signature delicacies. In June 2011, it got its first location in Homestead, Florida, named Sonic Beach.

Sonic Drive In Customer Service

Customers can face any grievances, issues or queries which they want to get clarified directly with Sonic. So for such situations, these pieces of info, as stated below, will come to aid:

  • Sonic Drive In Phone Number: (405)225-5000.
  • Fax No: (405)280-7696.
  • Email Id:
  • Sonic Drive In Support Number: 1-866-657-6642
  • Help Us Page:
  • Headquarters: Oklahoma City, 300 Johnny, Bench Dr.


What time does Sonic close?

Sonic closes at 10:00 P.M on both weekends and weekdays. However, some locations follow different timings.

What time does Sonic open?

Although, Sonic’s outlets follow different time settings, most of its outlets open at 9:00 A.M on weekdays and 10:00 A.M on weekends.

Who owns Sonic?

Inspire Brands own Sonic Drive-In. Troy Smith was its founder.

How many numbers are on the Sonic survey?

There are 12-digits in a receipt for Sonic’s survey.

Where is Sonic survey id number?

Sonic survey id number will be present on a purchase receipt’s bottom side.

How do I use a Sonic coupon?

Visit any Sonic outlets and present your coupon to any of its staff members, preferably a cashier, to redeem it and win free rewards. A coupon has a validity of 60 days only, within which one must claim rewards.

How long does Sonic survey drink last?

Sonic survey awards its participants with free coupons that can earn drinks or other such offers, which last 60 days from the date of receiving them.

How many Sonic restaurants are there?

There are a total of 3500 Sonic restaurants in 46 states.

Does Sonic have inside dining?

Yes, Sonic Drive In has inside dining, you can enjoy your favorite foods.

Where is the nearest Sonic?

To find the sonic near me just click on With this you can easily find the sonic locations.

Sonic survey how to cheat?

Let’s just say that answering the Sonic survey’s questionnaire is a piece of cake that doesn’t need any cheat tips.

How should Sonic monitor customer satisfaction?

Sonic has a separate team of professionals who are great at analyzing and evaluating every customer feedback gathered in its customer satisfaction survey. After assessing all such sonic feedback, they will formulate strategies that will better customer satisfaction levels.

How to get Sonic coupons?

Give feedback at to get Sonic coupons

How to get text coupons from Sonic?

Go to to know about how to get text coupons from Sonic.