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Culver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey – Win Amazing Rewards

We Americans just love Culver’s. Starting from their burgers and sandwiches to their most amazing shakes and coffee, no foodie says no. It would just be wonderful getting free meals and desserts from the Culver’s any time of any year. Guess what? This is happening for real. Our big hitter Culver’s is offering all of us free coupons, desserts and even more amazing customer services. All this in return for what? Well, in return for taking the Culvers Guest Satisfaction Survey from its consumers. This food franchise’s Team is promising all this after customers participate in its Tell Culvers Guest Satisfaction Survey and get their hands on a validation code on post-completion. Culver’s is completely charmed by its customers and wants to make them happier in any way possible.

We all know that getting to the bottom of shortcomings and weaknesses is not easy, especially for a firm that is huge with innumerable outlets to look out for every day. That’s why Culver’s has come up with its superb Guest Survey @ It can be completed merely in about 3-4 minutes. So dear clients of this renowned food franchise, this is your chance to put over your thoughts, suggestions, opinions and complaints. Whatever you want to convey to the brand, make use of this platform in a simple way. Every individual who successfully participates and completes the culver’s survey will get a unique and special coupon. And that culver’s digital coupons redeemable to get incredible offers and discounts, which will put people on cloud 9.

Tellculvers Survey – Rules & Requirements

Survey NameCulver’s Guest Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period3 days
Survey Validity PeriodJanuary 1, 2021, 12:00 am to December 31, 2021, 11:59 pm
Official Marshalls
Survey LimitOnly one entry per receipt

Conditions And Terms to Participate Culver’s Survey Online

There are a handful of conditions that customers participating in this Guest Satisfaction Survey should be aware of before they start their critique process.

  • Customers who apply will only be allowed further to complete and win prizes if they are adults and aged 18 and more.
  • Legal citizens of the United States and Canada will be allowed and accepted to take part in this culver’s feedback.
  • Every shopper intending to be a part of the review and wanting to be eligible for rewards and prizes attached to it should have their own recent purchase receipt. Apart from a 2-day validity period, per receipt, only one participation is allowed.
  • Culver’s team and employees will not be eligible to join this online review and are expected not to take part in it. Same applies to those professionally associated members’ families and close friends.
  • Only one entry is allowed per person per receipt in every monthly period.
  • Any taxes attached with rewards will have to be paid by winners only. This food franchise has nothing to do with prizes’ taxes.

Prerequisites to Complete Tellculvers Com Survey

  • Following prerequisites are necessary for every entrant to procure beforehand to successfully join this customer satisfaction survey:
  • Own a purchase receipt not any older than 2 days or 48 hours. Failing to give feedback within that deadline will term a purchase receipt as invalid.
  • Be familiar enough with either English or Spanish so you can easily write and read in your choice of language. These are the only 2 languages in which its questionnaire is available.
  • Only way of providing feedback is online. Therefore, entrants should have a laptop, desktop or smartphone which supports digital sites.
  • Internet connection should be stable so that there will be no interruptions while taking and submitting feedback.

Methods Of Taking Part In Tell Culvers Survey

Only available mode of joining Culver’s review is online. By going to, its official site will appear, which guides participants accordingly. With an intention to make it easy and smooth for individuals and encourage many others to give their feedback, this review is conducted online. It is a 3-minute procedure and has some rewards attached to it. As mentioned earlier, all an individual needs for providing his/her feedback is a recent purchase receipt from any of this brand’s outlets. Therefore, unfortunately, there are no offline modes of joining like maling or such other ways. Read on further to get a detailed step-by-step guide to provide critique and earn prizes.

How to Participate in Culver’s Survey Online @

1. Access Culver’s Guest Satisfaction Survey through the official link as provided here,

2. On the Tellculvers com survey page you have to choose in which language you want to give your feedback, either English or Spanish.

3. Now you have to fill in an 18 digit culvers survey code and TRN number from your purchase receipt, and click on “Start”.(Note: 18-digit number present on a receipt’s lower half is nothing but a survey code. Locate it and enter it carefully in an empty tab provided specifically for that number.)

Culvers Customer Satisfaction Survey image

4. All entrants will be redirected to a set of questions. These are survey questions that clients have to respond to. All those questions will be based on a client’s shopping experience at any of Culver’s outlets and click on “Next”.

5. Finally you have to provide their personal information including, name, phone number, email id etc.
After inserting these personal details, please click on “Submit”.

6. This will complete your Tell culver’s survey process and give you a redeemable coupon to win free rewards that are printed on your receipt.

Culvers Coupons & Rewards

Rewards are like frosting on a cake for giving feedback to Culver’s. After completing this tell culvers customer survey successfully, individuals will get a validation code. This validation code will help those consumers in claiming their prizes. Thrilling Culvers rewards attached with the customer questionnaire include gift coupons and free desserts. In a nutshell, consumers will get a unique culvers survey code that will earn them some exciting offers.

These free culvers coupons are redeemable both online and offline, i.e., at any of the brand’s physical outlets. With this coupon, you can claim either a discount or a free dessert at Culver’s on your next visit to its store or when you order online from its official website or app. Participants will need a culvers survey validation code for availing of any of these rewards. If a Validation code has expired and not been used within its limit, rewards become irredeemable. Remember, a validation code comes with a deadline of 30 days. So use your unique validation code within 30 days of receiving it. By entering sweepstakes applicants will get Culvers rewards that are worth a pretty huge sum.

The Main Intent Of Culvers Customer Satisfaction Survey

The ultimate motive behind conducting this Culver’s Guest Experience Survey wants to get connected to its food lovers on different grounds and aspects. This, they believe, is an incredible way of getting to know behind the scene’s status. This survey is an ideal way of getting across your emotions, suggestions, opinions, and complaints to the other side of the table. This is what Culver’s wants to achieve with its feedback. The brand is curious and eager to know what its consumers are getting and how satisfied they are with it.

Getting to know their customers better will help them modulate their customer services tailored based on the first-hand suggestions and opinions proposed by customers themselves. This is a common effort where results will be profitable for both the organization and its consumers. Culvers will expand and will keep serving shoppers even better than before. Every customer’s feedback, when considered and analyzed, will help in formulating strategies so as to give better services and products.

All those efforts will ultimately lead to clients getting a more enhanced and improved shopping experience. In addition to better customer service, there are some exciting and amazing rewards. Those who delivered their reviews are eligible to get rewards like coupons or such offers. Entry to sweepstakes is also a given for participating in this tell culver’s survey.

Most Expected Questions @ survey

Tell Culvers Customer Satisfaction Survey comprises a questionnaire that every customer has to answer sincerely and honestly. Its questionnaire can have questions that can be somewhat similar to these as given below:

  • How swift was the service after you ordered your food?
  • Did you order at our physical outlet or online?
  • How did our staff behave with you, were they friendly and kind?
  • Were our restaurant’s interiors pleasant and eye-appealing?
  • How was the food item’s quality that you ordered?
  • Do you have suggestions in mind regarding our menu?
  • Will you recommend us to your friends and family?
  • Your experience on recent visit
  • How likely will you visit us next time (on a scale of 1-5)?

About Culver Franchising System

Culver’s is one of the most renowned and loved Fast Food Restaurants in the United States of America. Its founders are Craig Culver, Lea Culver, George Culver, and Ruth Culver. This fast-food franchise is headquartered in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin, the United States. Over 792 outlets dispersed in a span of the United States. The product range offered is very broad, including frozen custards, hamburgers, cheese curds, milkshakes, sandwiches, chicken, fish, french fries, salads etc.

Culver’s Customer Services

Get in touch with Culver’s directly through these channels:

  • Culver’s Phone Number: +1-608-643-7980
  • Email Id:
  • Mailing Address: 1240 Water Street, Prairie du sac, WI 53578, the United States of America.
  • Culver’s hours of Opertaion: Monday – Sunday: 10:00 AM to 10:30 PM


Does Culvers check the survey codes?

Yes. When you want to redeem Culver’s digital coupons, whether it’s online or at stores, Culver’s will ask you to provide your survey code. If it’s valid, then only it will be applied on purchases.

What does the Culvers survey code look like?

An 18-digit number printed on your purchase receipt from any of the Culvers outlets is a survey code.

How often can I do Culvers survey?

As long as a person has a valid purchase receipt they can give their feedback to Culvers. However, for each time while participating in it a new purchase receipt is necessary.

Who won Culvers sweepstakes?

You can get a copy of Culver’s sweepstakes Winners list by mailing a self-addressed envelope, which has to be business-sized to, Culver’s North Atlantic Treasure Hunt Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes – Winners List Request. P.O BOX 251328, Wet Bloomfield, MI 48325. Remember to submit before May 21.

Why Culvers survey rewards not valid?

Culver’s survey rewards not valid could happen due to 2 reasons mainly, either you are not inserting a code correctly, or it has expired. And those rewards’ expiration will happen after 30 days of their issue.

Does Culver’s have a rewards program?

Yes. MyCulvers Reward program is its reward program.

Will Culvers deny my coupon if it is a duplicate?

Yes, if your coupon is duplicated, faked or invalid, Culver’s will know it and deny it.

What time does Culvers close?

Culvers closes at 6 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday it closes at 2 pm. And on Sunday, it remains totally closed.

What time does Culvers open?

Culvers opens at 9 am from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, it remains closed.

Where is the nearest Culver’s?

Click on this link, to know your nearest Culver’s outlet.

Who owns Culvers?

Craig Culver and Lea Culver founded Culver’s, who also own it. Rick Silva is its current CEO.

What is the flavor of the day at Culver’s?

Go on to Culver’s official website, and on its homepage, you will have an option “Flavor of the Day”. Click on it to check any store’s flavor of the day.

Where to buy Culver’s gift cards?

Go to to buy Culver’s gift cards

How do I get coupons from Culvers ?

Tell Culver’s Customer Survey is a great way to get free coupons. 

How often do Culvers coupons come in the mail?

Chances of Culver’s coupons coming in mails depend on this brand’s outlets located in your neighborhood. Every outlet has a different set of rules on how many $1 Culvers Coupons they are giving out in mails.

How much is Culvers senior discount?

Culvers Senior Discount applies to every person who is aged 60 and above that gives upto a 10% discount on every purchase.

What is the balance on my Culvers gift card?

Go to to know your Culver’s gift card balance.

How many Culver’s are there?

Culver’s has a total of 792 serving its food lovers.