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Participate in Dunkin Donuts Survey & Grab Discount or Offer Coupons

Is it not true that every one of us can never have enough of Dunkin’ Donuts? Let’s prelude with their super speedy service. It astounds me how they manage to serve us in a twinkling of an eye, come rain or shine. Have you ever wondered how Dunkin’ always makes ends meet? They make headway by keeping their tabs on customer reviews every now and again. This would not have been possible if not for their fresh from many oven updates provided to their team by the survey. This donut maker is always consumed with curiosity of knowing how satisfied its consumers are and how to make their smiles reach their ears even more. Dunkin’ intend to achieve this by introducing a highly developed experience survey at Telldunkin site.

They sincerely believe it will help them in ramping up their client toll while managing to make customers’ experiences with them far more phenomenal. Starting from giving feedback to expressing any particular issue, remark or appreciation, this survey proves to be a great medium between the eatery and its clients. When gathered and analyzed, various opinions of foodies will give an idea of what they want and what they are getting. This, in turn, will lead to making many more customized services just to impress clients. Cream of a crop is people who give their feedback can rejoice their victories with limitless tangs and tastes at this eatery’s halls for free!

Tell Dunkin Donuts Guest Survey – Rules and Requirements

Survey NameDunkin Donuts Customer Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period3 days from its date of origin
Official Survey or
Survey LimitOne entry per receipt

Dunkin Survey Terms and Conditions

  • Following are some terms and conditions attached to the Dunkin Donuts guest satisfaction survey. And it is important that every individual who wants to participate in it should be aware of them beforehand.
  • Adults can successfully take part in this guest survey. Any minors are not accepted for participation. This means only those who have attained 18 or above are qualified enough.
  • Those individuals who are adults can be successfully accepted to join this survey only if they have legal address proof of anywhere in the United States of America.
  • A valid purchase receipt of the food franchise is necessary. By valid, we mean it should not be older than 3 days.
  • A purchase receipt should have a tamp of a unique survey code on it, as that code is required for verification purposes.
  • Customers joining in it should know how to write and read in either English or Spanish, as these are only languages in which its questionnaire is available.
  • No one can use their purchase receipt more than once. Meaning only one person can attempt to use their receipt for only once. Multiple attempts will make it invalid.
  • Each buyer wanting to join should have their own unique survey code for this whole process.
  • Taxes coming with prizes or coupons are totally bearable only by those who have won them. 
  • Entrants will be expected not to go against this survey’s terms and privacy policy. If found to be doing so, they will be announced as disqualified from continuing.

Prerequisites to Give Dunkin Donuts Feedback

Participants will be expected to fulfill these preconditions and prerequisites as given below before commencing their feedback procedure. These are mentioned below in bullets for your better understanding:

  • Everyone intending to join in the telldunkin guest survey should have their most recent purchase receipt, not any older than 3 days.
  • Interested individuals should be well acquainted and aware of how to use a laptop, desktop or smartphone with which they can give responses on a digital platform.
  • Internet connection during its whole procedure should be continuous and stable without any interruptions in between.

Methods to Participate in Dunkin Donuts Experience Survey

There is only one method to enter the survey, that is through Online. It is a 3-minute procedure and has some rewards attached to it. However, a recent and valid bill is a must and should. In case you want a sweepstakes entry, you should go for the mail-in method as the online method won’t give you a ticket for sweepstakes.

How To Take Dunkin Donuts Satisfaction Survey Online @

1. To start this guest survey, navigate to Tell Dunkin Survey’s official site or On tapping that link, customers will come across its homepage.

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2. It will give an option of choosing their language which they know enough to write and read. Upon clicking on ‘English,’ it extends into a table, giving options of English and Spanish (Espanol). Choose one option that you prefer.

3. All buyers who have their receipt with survey code should now insert that 18-digit code in a tab specifically provided for it.

4. People who do not possess that 18-digit code on their receipts should click on a blue-colored ‘here’ icon provided to continue without entering any code.

Dunkin Donuts Survey without code image

5. On clicking ‘here’, a new web page will appear. Here, customers will have to enter some details, all related to their recent visit to this eatery. One can keep their receipt handy for no mess and fuss.

6. These details include the Store number, date of service, time of your visit if it’s AM or PM, your order number and type of visit. Choose an appropriate option based on your most recent visit.

7. Once you complete these details, click on ‘Begin survey’ to start giving feedback. Now, it display a set of questions. These are none other than its questionnaire.

8. Answer these questions with complete honesty and sincerity. Otherwise, it will kill your feedback’s purpose.

9. After finishing responding to all questions, click on “Submit”. Voila! entrants now will get rewards via coupon codes given to them. They can use these coupon codes for redeeming and getting discounts in any of this brand’s outlets. Remember, an offer is prone to expire within 30 days of a receipt’s date. So use it within its deadline.

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Dunkin Donuts Rewards for Taking Survey

Every participant who completes taking this survey will get some exhilarating rewards. Rewards can be awarded in the form of coupons or free donuts at any Dunkin’ outlet. A coupon will help you claim any of your favorite donuts including, Chocolate, Blueberry, Glazes, Boston Kreme, Cinnamon, Strawberry, or even Vanilla flavored donuts. How can you claim these rewards? Just need to take part in the survey and complete it. Post completion, you will be rewarded with your coupon validation code, which will help you avail of prizes attached to its questionnaire. Winners can claim their awards through outlets or on its Mobile app, Dunkin’. Make sure to apply your coupon code before checking out from purchase.

Importance of Telldunkin Survey

Ultimate intention behind this survey is that Dunkin’ wants to address all its clients’ complaints and suggestions. To make sure that each and every customer’s voice reaches them, the survey is kept available. Therefore, every consumer who visits any of its outlet in the United States can easily give their feedback. Together when we join hands, we can be winners and flourish in our own bubbles. Feedback questionnaires come designed in a way where a set of questions answered by participants will make this brand’s management team aware of their weaknesses and shortcomings.

Knowing weaknesses will let any firm or business improve itself by concentrating more on its weaknesses. Thus, ultimately will make it become a successful enterprise earning a lot of love from its patrons. Consumers who let their opinions, suggestions, views known to Dunkin’ will indirectly constitute its development. Moreover, they can get to enjoy better services on their future visits to it. Therefore, we can term it as a win-win situation for both these parties. Rewards are just like a cherry on top of everything, motivating and encouraging more buyers to share their feedback.

Sample Questionnaire @ Dunkinrunsonyou

  • How quick was our service?
  • Are you satisfied with the pricing of products?
  • How was the food quality of your purchased item?
  • Is your food that was ordered delightful in terms of its taste and temperature served?
  • Did our services meet your expectations?
  • How would you rate your overall experience on a scale of 1-10?
  • Was your service delayed for any reason?
  • How was our staff’s attitude towards you?
  • What time of the day did you visit our outlet?
  • How pleasant and immaculate were our store’s interiors?
  • Would you recommend us to your friends and family?
  • How likely are we to see you again at one of our stores?
  • Do you have anything to share with us? If so, please use our comment box.

About Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is famously known as Dunkin’ in the United States of America. And to other parts of the world, it celebrated by its renowned name Dunkin Donuts. It is a greatly renowned food and beverage food chain worldwide for many years. To know when it founded, we will have to go way back in time to 1950. It was first established in Quincy, Massachusetts, the United States of America. William Rosenberg is its founder. This franchise headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts. 

There are over 12,781 outlets of this donut maker sprinkled around various countries, based on 2019 research. David Hoffman is its current CEO and president. Coming to its executive chairman, it is Nigel Travis. Range of items offered at it is very broad, varying from baked products, hot beverages, soft drinks, sandwiches and, of course, most foodies’ favorite donuts. Annual turnover of the frim as of 2019 was around $1.370 Billion. To visit its official website go to There is also an app, specifically with its products and service, known as Dunkin’, supported both in Android and Apple phones.

Dunkin’ Donuts Customer Service

Dunkin’ Donuts Consumer helpline and other contact info stated below:

  • Phone Number: 18004470013
  • Headquarter Address: 130 Royall Street Canton, Massachusetts 02021, The United States of America
  • Dunkin Donuts Hours: Monday to Friday from 08:30 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Contact Site:


How to check Dunkin Donuts gift card balance?

Visit Dunkin’ site and create your account either by your email Id or an existing Facebook account. Then, check Dunkin gift card balance by clicking on ‘Check Balance’ on that website’s homepage. Or click on

What time does Dunkin Donuts open?

Dunkin Donuts opens at 5 AM on Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, it opens at 6 AM.

What time does Dunkin Donuts close?

Dunkin’ Donuts closes at 10 PM on all days, like weekdays and weekends.

Who owns Dunkin Donuts?

Dunkin’ Donuts is owned by Dunkin Brands and Inspire Brand. And its CEO and president is David Hoffman.

How many Dunkin Donuts are there?

Based on a 2019 study, there were over 12,871 Dunkin’ Donuts outlets scattered all across continents.

Where is the closest Dunkin Donuts?

Go to Dunkin Donuts Near Me locator at and enter Zip or City & State to know your closest outlet.

Where do I go to do the Dunkin Donuts survey?

Visit to give feedback on Dunkin’ Donuts Survey and win rewards.

How long is the Dunkin survey donut good for?

Tell Dunkin Donuts Survey which gives a Free Coupon code is valid upto 30 days.

How to use Dunkin Donuts survey coupon on app?

On the Dunkin’ Donuts app, choose items to buy and add them to a bag. Later before checking out, select an option that says to insert a coupon code or a promo code. There, enter your survey coupon code and redeem it to get discounts.

How long is a Dunkin Donuts free classic donut valid after survey?

A classic Dunkin’ Donut is redeemable within 30 days of receiving that particular offer.

How long can I wait to fill Dunkin Donuts survey?

Purchase receipt of Dunkin’ Donuts is valid for around 3 days. So one can wait for 3 days to give their feedback.

When do Dunkin Donuts survey coupons expire?

Dunkin’ Donuts survey coupons expire within 30 days of receiving them.

How to generate Dunkin Donuts validation code without survey?

Without taking survey, Dunkin won’t provide any validation codes.

How to generate Dunkin Donuts receipt code?

To generate Dunkin’ Donuts survey code without receipt, go to and at the bottom of the page, you can see; ‘Click Here’ if you don’t have the survey code. Click on that and enter Store number, Date of Service, Time, Order Number and Type of Visit. Now it generates the code, which you can use to enter the survey.

What donut do you get for the Dunkin donuts survey?

There are a large variety of options participants can get for taking Dunkin’ Donuts survey, which are as follows:
1. Blueberry cake-flavored donut
2. Chocolate flavored donut
3. Glazed donut
4. Vanilla flavored donut
5. Strawberry flavored donut
6. Powdered donut
7. Boston Kreme
8. Cinnamon flavored donut
9. Old fashioned donut

How many numbers have to be on the Dunkin Donut survey for free donut?

A valid Dunkin’ Donuts Survey code has 18 digits on it.

How to check survey number for Dunkin Donuts?

Your unique survey code for Dunkin’ Donuts will be present on a purchase receipt which has to be used within 3 days as it expires after that period.

How to use Dunkin Donuts coupon QR code?

One can use Dunkin’ Donuts coupon QR code in this eatery’s stores or on its app. Before checking out, there will be an option of applying the code to purchases for appealing discounts.

Whats the difference between Dunkin and Dunkin donuts?

Dunkin Donuts has removed Donuts from its name and got renamed itself into Dunkin.