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Popeyes Guest Experience Survey – Take & Win Free Gift Cards

For every business to flourish, develop, improve, and grow more, not only good leadership and team is required but also responses from customers. Only then can it witness better improvement and progress, earning a lot of clients. That’s why organizations and business enterprises are focusing on areas on how to gather data from their consumers. And Popeyes are not an exception. Popeyes, which is many foodies one-stop for various delicious food items, is surveying to know about its consumers’ feedback @ Serving delicious chicken for ages, they have won many hearts. And now they wish to know from eaters about their areas to improve and establish direct communication between their employees and food lovers.

Popeyes guest feedback survey is all about taking the customer vote in new additions and avoiding mistakes that went unnoticed in their period of serving. They wish to hear all your responses, negative or positive, and they expect an honest response. People can also submit their queries during this process. Later Popeyes’ team will evaluate and analyze every feedback, issue and take required authentic action to give a customer great satisfaction in his/her future visit. So make this chance count as your future visit to Popeye will definitely pop your heart. In addition, it will only take a few minutes of your time to give feedback. Just log in to its official website and answer questions. That’s it! This whole simple process can win exciting discounts in return. Therefore, don’t lose your chance.

Tellpopeyes Survey Rules & Requirements

Survey NamePopeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period2 Days
Survey Validity Period30 Days
Official Marshalls
Survey LimitOne receipt for one entry.

Terms And Conditions of Popeyes Feedback Survey

  • Every interested individual to take part in tellpopeyes survey for 2 pieces must be a citizen of the United States.
  • Participants must be of legal age 18 or above.
  • To join this survey, one must possess a valid survey invitation receipt from any Popeyes’ stores.
  • One customer can use his/her receipt only once.
  • Entrants must have a valid email address for notification or contacting purposes.
  • Employees of this restaurant cannot participate in it. Their direct relatives like wives, children, siblings are also prohibited from taking this survey.
  • Also, any previous employees are prohibited from entering.
  • Members who win and receive tellpopeyes validation code should avail of benefits within 30 days of receiving them.
  • A recent and valid purchase receipt is required, which comes with a deadline of 2 days.
  • Applicants must have residence proof of their states of America.
  • Rewards are non-transferable nor convertible into any other forms, including cash.
  • Given offers and rewards cannot be combined with other benefits. They are only redeemable as they are.

Popeyes Guest Survey Requirements

  • Entrants will require a computer, mobile, laptop for taking this survey as it is online.
  • As said that this is conducted online, a proper and stable internet connection is required.
  • Individuals are expected to submit their valid email addresses to get updates on rewards and more. So, a valid email id is necessary.
  • A purchase receipt from any of this eatery’s outlets which shouldn’t be older than 2 days, is another prerequisite.
  • Adequate fluency in either English or Spanish is a must as its questionnaire will be available in only these 2 languages.

Methods To Participate In Popeyes Customer Survey

Popeyes has decided to conduct its feedback survey for customers who can effortlessly give their feedback from anywhere. As the eatery is a widespread restaurant, it has got a lot of customers who are more than ready to share their thoughts on it. And, for gathering data from all such consumers who are very large in number, there should be a convenient way of surveying. Therefore, the online method of participation has come alive. There is no other method as comfortable and available as is.

To deliver feedback online, one must go to this brand’s official survey site and enter their receipt number. In case of no receipt, too, individuals can provide their review effortlessly. You can contact them through their guest support section on the official website and leave your feedback without any purchase.

How to Take Part in Popeyes Customer Survey?

1. First, go on Popeyes guest satisfaction survey official website by clicking on

2. A new web page will appear with its default language, English. Those who are more comfortable with Spanish can click on Espanol to answer in that language.

popeyes feedback survey image

3. Details regarding your receipt number, total amount you paid, restaurant number, date, day time will be asked. Refer to your receipt to get details for those questions. Now click on “Start”.

popeyes guest satisfaction survey image

4. Here, a set of questions will emerge. These questions will be regarding your current visit to Popeyes. For example, Food quality, quantity, packaging, chicken and staff, the overall experience of your visit.

5. Answer all those questions honestly, as only a positive response won’t help you win free discounts. Besides, pointing out mistakes can bring better changes at this franchise as it will try to improvise. After responding to its questionnaire, it is time to give your suggestions in a specified box.

6. Then customers will have to fill in their details like name, email, contact address. Now press on “Submit”.

7. After submission within 24 hours, customers will receive an email with a unique discount coupon that they can use to get amazing offers.

8. Remember, check your receipt for the amount and popeyes validation code printed. According to that only you will receive gift cards. Now you can use popeyes coupon code at nearest Popeye restaurant to dine with amazing offers.

Steps To Participate In Tell Popeyes Survey Without Receipt

1. If an individual doesn’t have a Popeyes’ recent visit receipt, then they can complete share their reviews by clicking on

2. Later, one must click on “Continue” under “If you do not have a reciept with a survey invitation, but would like to give feedback for Popeyes, please click Continue.

3. Here, a new web page will load where 2 options contact digital support and “Contact Guest Support”, will appear. Click on Contact Guest Support.

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4. Now it’s survey’s official page will appear. On your screen’s left side, there will be English and Spanish options. Select your preferred language.

popeyes Sweepstakes survey image

5. Then a question pops up, is your comment regarding restaurant experience select yes. Then a page appears asking your country, state, email, date of last visit, and all details. Fill these required details and give your feedback without a receipt. However, with this kind of procedure there will be no rewards.

Popeyes Gift Cards & Rewards

Main reason behind survey is to know various thoughts and opinions of foodies of this eatery. With this feedback platform, individuals can voice out their opinions and get to witness better customer satisfaction in their future visits to this food franchise. Apart from getting better services, consumers who give their feedback can win some incredible gifts and rewards. This popeye’s has decided to give out some gift coupons to appreciate those who have spared their time and efforts in conveying their messages.

The brand is giving Popeyes coupons ranging from $10-50, which are redeemable at any of its outlets. Yes, Popeyes are rewarding you with these amazing discounts, with which you can enjoy great benefits. So this makes the survey more exciting for everyone. So don’t lose your chance for availing great Popeyes survey codes.

Why Should You Take Part in www tellpopeyes com Survey?

Every customer’s opinion, suggestion, comment, and advice are thoroughly analyzed and assessed with equal attention via www tellpopeyes com. Here, after analyzing various individuals’ feedback, necessary steps and actions will be taken to better customer satisfaction services.

Consumers are the foundation pillars for any firm’s growth. If they are not happy or discontented, then a firm, especially one that wants to develop, should take precautions to make them happy. This popeyes feedbacj help bridge gaps between the service provider and consumers conveying messages to one another.

Besides, consumers who want to get greater satisfaction regarding services and products have to take feedback. Likewise, for a firm or organization to attract new consumers but retain potential and existing ones, it should frequently gather feedback from its clients. This is what Tellpopeyes does. In addition, rewards are another reason to participate in this survey @

Questions Faced During This Popeyes Feedback Survey

  1. Here are some questions which you might want to see if you wish to get a general view of how exactly this survey’s actual questionnaire will look like.
  2. Do you like our signature chicken?
  3. How many times do you visit our stores in a span of a month?
  4. How is our staff’s behavior towards you?
  5. Do you like our outlet’s interior?
  6. If you have any suggestions regarding our store’s ambiance, do bring them to our notice in the comment box.
  7. For how long did you have to wait for your order to get delivered?
  8. Was the meal on time?
  9. Was the food warm?
  10. How was our chicken’s quality?
  11. Do you like our new fried chicken recipe?
  12. What type of biscuits do you like?
  13. Which is your favorite dish among our menus?
  14. Which is your favorite burger?
  15. Would you recommend us to others?
  16. Which is your favorite sandwich and wings?
  17. What kind of sauce do you like in a burger?
  18. Which beverage attracts you more?
  19. Was the food satisfactory?
  20. Are the prices of a food item worth it?
  21. Rate your overall experience with us.

About Popeyes

Popeyes is a chain of restaurants that originated in 1972 in America. Popeyes Louisiana kitchen was famous for serving buttermilk biscuits to communities. This brand has most of its franchises in America’s southern states. With almost 2,000 stores, it has earned profits of more than $206 million.

Main foundation of this food franchise is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and currently headquarters in Miami, Florida. It was formerly named Popeyes biscuits and chicken and now changed to Popeyes Louisiana chicken. It is a subsidiary of a Toronto-based International brands restaurant.

This is the world’s second-largest quick chicken serving company measured by several units after KFC. Popeyes has 3,102 stores within the country and internationally.

Popeyes Customer Care Services

For every institution, it is necessary to have customer care services and guidelines to contact consumers in a lot easier ways. For all queries and issues, which a customer might face during his/her visit to this franchise or its survey, can use these contact details to get aid from Popeye.

  • Official Website –
  • Contact– 1-877-POPEYES or 1-877-767-3937.
  • For feedback – 1-877-POPEYES or 1-877-767-3937
  • Popeyes Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM


What time does Popeyes open?

Popeyes outlets open at 10 am from Monday-Sunday.

What time does Popeyes close?

11 pm is the closing time of almost all Popeyes stores.

Does Popeyes have gift cards?

Yes. Popeyes gift cards are available online on various e-commerce sites like Amazon. Besides, one can get them from its stores also.

What does Popeyes validation code look like?

Popeyes validation code will be in the form of 11 numbers.

Who owns Popeyes?

Restaurant Brand International owns Popeyes.

Where is the closest Popeyes chicken?

Click on to know popeyes near me.

Why was I not eligible for Popeyes free chicken after survey?

Per receipt, only one survey is allowed to use, and you must be a legal citizen of the USA. Failure to comply with any of these rules can make you unfit to win free chicken.

What comes in the 5 dollar box at Popeyes?

A $5 box at Popeyes includes a 2 piece signature chicken regular side with a biscuit.

How to get coupons for Popeyes?

Visit this link to know about Popeyes rewards and offers. Sign up and redeem your coupons.

Popeyes completed survey but I didnt get a validation code?

If you completed the survey but didn’t get a tellpopeyes code could mean that either your internet connection is insatiable or the servers are busy.

Why am I not eligible to complete Popeyes survey with receipt?

Even with a receipt if you are not eligible to complete the Popeyes survey means that you are either not a US resident, not an adult with 18 years or your purchase receipt is invalid.

How to leave a good feedback at Popeyes?

To leave good and positive feedback at Popeyes go to