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TJ Maxx Feedback Survey – Enter and Win Gift Card worth $500!

TJ Maxx is the ideal franchise that gives great priority to its customers. This retail store has its customers satisfied with the tactical marketing techniques it uses for sale. It has enjoyed the loyalty of its customers since the early rise of its brand among the public. This business enterprise constantly strives to improve itself than it was yesterday and does all its services and operations in the way its customers want from it. And how does it know what its customers are expecting from it? Well, it is conducting a survey at tjmaxxfeedback where all of its shoppers are free to express their thoughts, opinions, ideas, wants and preferences.

One excellent way for any organization to scale success is by a customer satisfaction survey. Customers can efficiently state what they want and need via surveys and let firms hear their voices. tjmaxxfeedback is an ideal platform where clients can express their views and get benefitted in several ways.

Although this brand is in a unique position among its competitors, there is no doubt that customers’ tastes and preferences change from time to time. Meaning, TJ Maxx must keep in mind all those changes and adapt itself in order to give more and more satisfaction to users. Thus, participants of this feedback portal will get to enjoy more privileged services and products. Moreover, this brand is holding sweepstakes where individuals who give their critique will automatically register themselves to random drawings. TJ Maxx survey winners of a random drawing will earn $500 gift cards. Fantastic, right? Want to win such prizes? Then follow our detailed guide.

TJ Maxx Survey Rules and Regulations

Survey NameTJ Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey
Winner DrawingsMonthly
TJ Maxx
Survey LimitOne person per receipt per household

TJ Maxx Feedback Rules – Terms and Conditions

  • Any person above the age of 18 years can take this survey and convey his/her input. People below 18 not permitted to do so.
  • A valid and recent purchase receipt from TJ is a must to have to take this online survey.
  • Those who want to enter its sweepstakes offline do not need a purchase receipt.
  • tjmaxxfeedback is open to all United States’ residents, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. People who reside in areas outside those said areas are not allowed to give their critiques.
  • One must give their feedback within 7 days of receiving their receipt. Meaning, a person who has made a purchase and got a receipt should give his/her feedback within a week.
  • Only one survey allowed per receipt per household.
  • TJ Maxx staff members, officers, directors, and their close relatives, not allowed to participate in the survey.
  • Any malpractice in context to the surveyor website will lead to disqualification.
  • Any taxes involved are the responsibility of winners only.
  • Only one member per household can enter a sweepstake per month.
  • One prize per monthly drawing period is issued.
  • Prizes are to be accepted as offered and are non-transferrable.

TJ Maxx Customer Feedback Requirements

  • A recent and valid purchase receipt issued by TJ Maxx.
  • Possession of any smart device, like a smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet or a PC. Apart from owning them, one should also know how to use them.
  • Good command of English or Spanish required.
  • A good and stable internet connection that doesn’t collapse its survey site in the middle.

Methods to Enter T J Maxx Sweepstakes

Every consumer can take part in sweepstakes via online survey at tjmaxxfeedback or mailing method. This franchise is aiming to gather data from its consumers in bulk which is why it is conducting an online survey. All those who are interested can happily share their personal shopping experience at one of its stores within the comfort of their homes. Just a mere possession of a valid purchase receipt, a smart device is all it takes. At the successful completion of this survey, participants will immediately earn their tickets into sweepstakes and get to win $500 gift cards.

Besides, one can enter its sweepstakes without any purchase nor participating in this survey. Just a postcard filled with personal details has to be posted to its official sweepstakes address. That’s it! Any individual can happily register themselves to random drawings and win amazing rewards. To acquire detailed knowledge about these sweepstakes, refer to the “How to take Part in TJ Maxx Sweepstakes?” section.

How to Participate in TJ Maxx Online Experience Survey? – tjmaxxfeedback

All it requires is 10 to 15 minutes of your valuable time to take part in the T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey. Individuals will contest for its sweepstakes as soon as they complete giving their critique.  Those who want to give their feedback online can follow these detailed steps as we have provided:

1. On shopping from TJ Maxx, consumers will receive a receipt stating their purchase. That receipt will include a survey code, date, and time of visit.

2. Now, go to this brand’s survey portal by visiting its official website by clicking on

tjmaxxfeedback survey page image

3. Select the language of your convenience between English and Spanish on the homepage that has appeared. Click on Espanol to change its default language English into Spanish.

4. Fill in the boxes with a survey code, time, and date mentioned on a receipt. One can refer to a sample receipt on its homepage so as to find it easy to locate those details on their receipts.

5. Select “Start” to proceed. Now participants will come across its peculiar questionnaire. Most of its questions will ask individuals to rate based on their satisfaction level with this firm.

tjmaxxfeedback survey questions image

6. There will be some questions that will ask consumers regarding their satisfaction level with this brand’s services, products, staff’s hospitality, prices, etc. Upon providing details regarding such things, one has to click on “Next” to submit their responses.

7. That’s it. After completion of all these steps, candidates will get a message saying, “Are you willing to take part in TJ Maxx Sweepstakes? If you are interested, click on “Yes”. Those who want to join drawings and win pretty grand prizes can happily click on “Yes”.

tj maxx sweepstakes entry image

8. Those who clicked on “Yes” will have to fill out their First Name, Last Name, Email, Address and other details as asked.

tjmaxx feedback contact details image

9. After giving details to such questions, individuals will have to submit their responses. That’s it! It’s done.

How to Take Part in TJ Maxx Sweepstakes via Mailing Method? (Offline)

TJ Maxx’s is conducting sweepstakes starting from January 1, 2021, to 11:59:59 p.m. ET on December 31, 2021. As mentioned earlier, one can register themselves for the TJ Maxx Sweepstake contest through mailing also. In contrast to the online survey, there is no need to make a purchase or no need to maintain a valid and recent purchase receipt in this mailing method.

  • Here, any interested individual who abides by its official sweepstakes rules must hand write his/her personal details on a 3 “x5” sized postcard. 
  • Personal details include your full name, residential address (city, state, zip code), phone number, and birthday.
  • After stating all such required details, one must enclose their postcard in an envelope and mail it with sufficient postage to:
    • “TJ Maxx Customer Satisfaction” Sweepstake, PO Box 153, Macedon, NY 14502-0153.

Sweepstakes Rules

  • There will be a total of 12 entry periods where winners will be selected mostly on every month’s 10th.
  • All mail entries have to be postmarked and sent within a month’s final day, and its sponsor must receive those mail-in entries within a subsequent month’s 5th day.
  • Per household, only one entry allowed.
  • Mail-in entries are not carried to a subsequent month.
  • Winners will get prizes like gift cards that are worth $500.

TJ Maxx Rewards for Entering Survey Sweepstakes

TJ Maxx offers exciting rewards for customers participating in its survey. Rewards not only help customers to receive a discount in their future but also attract numerous participants leading to a higher participants ratio. All these apart, individuals will feel appreciated and valued when they are awarded. 

Those who submitted their valuable feedback to this retail store on its online platform will automatically enter into its random drawings. Upon entering these drawings, one can stand a chance to win gift cards that are worth $500. One can present their gift card in any of this franchise’s physical outlets or online while making payments and get discounts.


  • There will be 12 monthly prize drawings, which means there will be 12 winners, one for each month.
  • Winners will have to prove their eligibility within 3 calendar days as soon as they win a drawing.
  • Rewards are not to be cashed nor transferred.
  • Sponsors will have all rights to choose or disqualify any contestants without any prior notice.
  • Those who have won will get notifications about their awards within 5 days.
  • Total prizes are worth $6000.

Why Should We Take TJMaxx Survey?

Employing only a couple of minutes of your time can give you a chance to win $500 worth of gift cards that are redeemable for enjoying great benefits. That’s one big reason to take this T.J.Maxx feedback survey. There is no harm in voicing your overall shopping experience at this retail store. Apart from all these, no one is bound to give only good critique. Every feedback is valued equally, be it good or bad. When identified, assessed all kinds of areas, both positive and negative, this firm can formulate strategies that are unbiased and give higher yields. 

Customers are free to tell their thoughts and feedback and communicate with TJ Maxx about its products, services, quality, quantity, price, staff members, etc. All these, when they convey from their point of view, will let this firm know in which areas it is lingering and in which areas it is advanced. Knowing the difference between weaknesses and strengths will give this organization an idea of how well its market is prevailing. Upon learning all such data will give a chance to it in making its weaknesses into strengths, meaning consumers will ultimately get better services and products.

In a nutshell, a customer who participates in TJ Maxx feedback will get a more improved shopping experience in their future visits and also can stand a chance to win a $500 gift card by entering its sweepstakes.

Questions Asked in T.J.Maxx Feedback

This feedback portal’s questionnaire can usually ask individuals to give ratings or give their consent by choosing Yes/No to its topics. General questions that a candidate may come across TJMaxx feedback survey are:

  • Give ratings on a scale of 1-10 based on these aspects as given below:
    • Ease of locating our merchandise
    • Speed of your checkout
    • Hygiene measures observed at our outlet.
    • Spaciousness of our parking lot
    • Availability of products and services
    • Recommending us to others
    • Revisiting us in your future
    • Interiors of our store
    • Safety measures observed at us
    • Hospitality of our staff member
  • Which department of ours was more efficient according to you?
  • Did you return any product?
  • Was there a representative on every floor?
  • Were there enough fashionable items to select?
  • Are you satisfied with the overall value for the price you paid?
  • Did you experience any inconvenience during your visit? If so do bring to our notice by the comment box.

About TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is one of America’s largest department store chains. It has been offering home products, accessories, toys, furniture, shower needs, and apparel for all genders at retail prices. Thus, this franchise is known to be a great outlet for all households. It is a one-stop store offering multiple facilities. 

TJ Maxx is primarily a clothing store, whereas Home Goods, its sister company, offers items for homes at a discounted price. This massive business with over 1000 stores across America under the flagship of TJX was first founded in 1976, Massachusetts. Bernard Cammarata and the Zayre chain of department stores founded it. TJ Maxx escalated throughout the United States and Europe between 1994 and 2010.

TJ Maxx Customer Service

Now it is even simpler to convey any suggestions, ideas, opinions, pieces of advice alongside issues, queries, and problems to TJ Maxx via:

TJ Maxx Phone Number: 1-800-926-6299 (works from Monday-Friday, between 9 AM-5 PM ET )

Contact Page:

TJ Maxx Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM (Most of the Locations)


When will TJ Maxx open?

Different TJ Maxx outlets open at different timings. Although common opening timings observed are 9 AM.

What time does TJ Maxx close?

Different TJ Maxx outlets close at different timings. Although most of the locations close by 9 PM.

How do I complain to TJ Maxx?

Go to to make complaints at TJ Maxx.

What do TJ Maxx employees get if I fill out the feedback survey?

TJ Maxx employees are not allowed to participate in this feedback survey. Besides, if any customer gives positive feedback regarding any employee, this brand will appreciate that employee. Similarly, it will take measures in case any bad reviews are observed regarding any particular employee(s).

Where can you use TJMaxx gift cards?

Anyone can use TJ Maxx gift cards either in its stores, Sierra store, HomeGoods, Marshalls or online via its official site (including while making purchases. Using gift cards while making payments will give benefits like discounts or other such offers.

Who owns TJ Maxx?

TJX Companies own TJ Maxx. And Carol Meyrowitz is its current CEO.

How many TJ Maxx stores are there?

There are a total of 1,271 TJ Maxx stores.

How to redeem TJ Maxx rewards?

Anyone can redeem TJMaxx rewards either in its stores, Sierra store, HomeGoods, Marshalls or online via its official site (including while making purchases. Redeeming such rewards can lead to some great benefits like discounts or other such offers.