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Enter Arby’s Guest Satisfaction Survey to Win $ 1000 Rewards

Every business organization needs statistics that show its progress and lets it devise prospective plans. Enterprises to achieve their future goals need to work on their present. They need to have a swot analysis to formulate their course of action. Doing proper market research will let them understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Prime method of doing this is by conducting a survey at By conducting surveys, one can get all the primary information without being dependent on any mediators. In addition, information gathered via such systems is first-hand data that is directly given by an end-user himself.

Arby’s, a fast-food chain restaurant, is not only an extraordinary business franchise that delivers premium services and commodities but also cares for its customers a lot. In recent trends, where surveys have attained huge demand for their supremacy in delivering consumers with customized services, this firm, too, has introduced its own survey. Arby’s Guest Satisfaction Survey will prompt users to share their recent eating experiences at any of its outlets. And consumers are free to share their praises, complaints, suggestions, opinions etc., as they wish without any second thoughts. Those who provide their feedback via can automatically get registered to its sweepstakes and win arbys coupons.

Arby’s Feedback Survey Rules & Regulations

Survey NameArby’s Survey
Receipt Validity Period7 Days
Offer Validity PeriodFrom 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021
Survey LimitOne entry per one receipt

Arbys Customer Feedback Terms and Conditions

  • Only a legal resident of the USA can provide his/her feedback at
  • Every candidate who wants to partake in it must be of at least 18 years of age.
  • Purchase needs to be made from any of Arby’s outlets in the USA. Upon purchase, a receipt will be issued, which is necessary for accessing its questionnaire.
  • Only one entry is allowed per receipt. A person cannot join in its survey using the same receipt twice.
  • Prizes are non-transferable and are non convertible to any other forms. They are only redeeming as stated.
  • A person can take part in a survey once a day.
  • No one can enter on behalf of any third party. Everyone needs to represent themselves.
  • It is mandatory to engage in within 7 days from receiving a receipt.
  • Employees of this restaurant are prohibited from giving their feedback. Plus, immediate family members of those employees too are not allowed to do so.
  • Each candidate might be rewarded with either 1 weekly drawing and 1 daily drawing prize only. Meaning only one person can win only one reward.
  • Responsibility for any applicable taxes comes under the winner’s domain. This survey’s sponsor nor the management have no liability to rewards.
  • Sweepstakes rules are similar to that of this survey rules.

Requirements to Complete Feedback

  • A receipt from the last visit (within 7 days) at Arby’s.
  • Basic comprehension of either of these 2 languages- English or Spanish. By comprehension, one must know how to read and write in any of these 2 languages.
  • An authentic email address.
  • Proper internet access without a break-free flow.
    • Availability of any one of these electronic devices: laptop, smartphone, or tablet. And knowing how to work on them, too, is equally necessary.

Mechanism of participating in Arby Listens Survey

All candidates who have fulfilled and are subject to those terms and conditions as mentioned above can participate in this within 2 days by several methods as given below-

  • Invitation– One of the uncommon methods of partaking in Arby’s questionnaire is by receiving an invitation from its sponsor via a survey response card. Using such an invitation code will give access to its questionnaire.
  • Online Method– Digitally available for all consumers who have made a recent purchase in any of its outlets and received an invoice bill. All a client has to do is visit and respond to some relevant questions.
  • Call/SMS Method– In here too, people should have bought something from its store and received a receipt. Now on such a bill, there will be a phone number to deliver feedback. Upon calling on that number, one must inform their receipt code, thereby answering a few generated questions. After answering them, anyone, subject to the terms and conditions as mentioned above, can get 1 entry in its sweepstakes. Apart from that, individuals may send a text message to such a number to deliver their feedback.
  • Mail Method– Individuals may join by an invitation code sent to them in their email to participate in its online feedback. They need to dispatch a handwritten message expressing their desire to join Arby’s Guest Satisfaction Survey. A member needs to mention his/her personal details like name, contact number, full address, and e-mail address in an envelope and post it to:
      • One Victoria Square
      • Birmingham, UK
      • B1 1DB
        • (or)
      • 511 Avenue of the Americas, #40
      • New York, NY
      • 10011
        • (or)
      • 2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200
      • Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
      • L5N 2X4

Step-By-Step Guide to Participate in Arbys Customer Feedback

Follow these guidelines, which will straight away assist in completing without much of a hassle or effort and in no time-

1. Drop by Arby’s Guest Satisfaction Survey official website via visiting

2. And there appears its home page asking clients to choose between English/ Spanish. Select a preferred language between those for a clear idea, refer to the below image.

arbys feedback Image

3. Here, some boxes will emerge that ask consumers to fill in details referring to their purchase receipts. Example: date of service, time of visit, restaurant number (mentioned at a receipt’s top side), amount spent, and type of visit ( one need to select from a drop-down menu). After entering all such details, click on “Next” to move further.

arbys com survey image

4. Now, you will run into a series of questions relating to your last visit to any of Arby’s restaurants. These questions will be related to their standard of services offered, their restaurant’s ambiance, quality of food, treatment from their staff, and many more.

arbyswemakeitright survey image

5. It is advised to respond to its questionnaire with relevant answers so as to enjoy much better services and products on your next visit. Respond to all of its topics with honesty; besides, there will also be certain subjects that ask to rate them on a scale.

6. At last, after giving answers to its questionnaire, click on “Yes” when asked to enter its Sweepstakes if you want to contest for its random drawings.

7. Later, fill in the required details, including contact number, age, full address, and email address.

8. Upon giving personal details, tap on “Submit”. Bam! Those who completed all these steps will now acquire a chance to win $1000 daily and $1500 weekly cash prizes and Abyr’s coupons.

ArbysWeMakeitRight Sweepstakes

  • To compete in Arby’s sweepstakes, a person does not need to make any purchase from any outlet of this restaurant. Purchase of anything can neither improve or reduce any chances of winning rewards.
  • To enter these sweepstakes, there is no definite rule to complete and submit its survey as one can enter these drawings with or without giving their feedback. Simply handprint your full name, full address, email address, and contact number along with a request to let you enter in the Daily/ Weekly/ Sweepstakes. And then mail your envelope with sufficient postage to its official sweepstakes address (refer to the addresses as mentioned in the “methods to participate” section). That’s it. Eligible candidates will get contacted to their mail addresses saying that they are selected to contest for random drawings.

My Arbys Reward

It is a human’s common trait that they feel utterly satisfied and content with any rewards or unexpected prizes. We all get easily motivated with incentives. Arby’s are not only trying to improve their services but also giving a chance to their customers to win exotic prizes. Everyone who is taking part in its feedback portal has a chance to win $1000 daily and $1500 weekly cash prizes. They can get various other prizes as well.

Apart from these rewards, in general, Arby’s also provides an option of a gift card to their customers by which they can avail of many benefits. However, these gift cards are not to be used in any other stores other than Arby’s outlets. Consumers cannot get any cash in return for such gift cards. Customers or potential customers can also get various discounts if they buy in bulk. All details regarding gift cards and discounts are mentioned on Arby’s official website –

  • Arby’s Listens Daily Sweepstakes Winner– All Winners have to verify their eligibility in a limited time period in order to claim their prizes. A different withdrawal will be made for each of the 365 daily sweepstakes entries.
  • Weekly Sweepstakes Winner– Every week 3 winners will be randomly chosen. A separate drawing will be made for each of the 52 weeks.

Note: Winners will be informed via call or mail within 10 days of their selection.

Why should you take the ArbysWeMakeitRight survey?

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Well, sharing feedback in this survey will constitute a greater value and change. We always think, “Why should we do this?” before doing anything. Apart from this, we look for our benefits or the benefit of society, in general, to think for our course of action. While thinking about participating in Arby’s survey, this question must have popped up in most people’s minds. Everyone can see that there is a direct benefit of delivering feedback to it – a chance to win $1000 daily and $1500 weekly. Isn’t it great to hear that an opportunity to win huge cash prizes by merely giving feedback is at your fingertips? This restaurant indeed knows how to attract and motivate its buyers.

Apart from those direct incentives, let’s speculate about what else you will miss by not responding to its questionnaire. Everyone has the freedom of speech and expression. But how often do we use them to express our individual views? However, lets consumers voice out themselves regarding how they feel, their preferences, share their experience in its restaurant and suggest some changes as well if they think fit. They don’t need to depend on any mediators or middlemen to represent their views. Everyone can spare 5-7 minutes to share their feedback and be a part of this great initiative.

Arby’s welcomes all kinds of appreciation, complaints, and suggestions from shoppers. This brand knows that an excellent way to attain and maintain its hard-earned rank in this competitive world is by implementing a strategy based on customer satisfaction. Therefore, it works hard to be better than yesterday by collecting feedback from consumers directly. Survey results will help the management to make better decisions and work on their drawbacks.

Survey Feedback Questions Asked @

Those who are intrigued about what type of topics and subjects will its questionnaire consist of then give a look at this section. For your convenience, we have brought forward these sample questions, which will help in assessing actual questionnaire:-

  • Rate the taste of our food on a scale of 1-10.
  • Rate the ambiance and hygiene of our stores.
  • How swiftly was your order delivered on a scale of 1-5.
  • Which item from our menu is your favorite?
  • What kind of item or dish would you like us to add to our menu?
  • Were you satisfied with the prices that you paid?
  • Was our staff’s attitude towards you impressive?
  • Explain in detail your overall experience with us in your last visit.
  • How likely are you going to return to us on a scale of 1-10?
  • Rate your chances of recommending us to others on a scale of 1-5.
  • What kind of changes do you want us to implement in our outlets? (Mention all those things as you wish)

About Arby’s Fast food company

Arby’s have a well-known reputation for their palatable delicacies like slow-roasted beef burgers, appetizing sandwiches, salads, curly fries, and Jamocha shakes. Leroy and Forrest Rafel founded it in Boardman in Ohio way back in 1964. Since then, this brand has created its chain of 3400 restaurants all across many countries. It has outlets in the USA, Canada, Egypt, UAE, and many more places. Inspire Brands, earlier known as Arby’s Group, currently owns it. All of this brand’s stores are famous for fast and quality services along with their delectable and hygienic food.
Its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. Arby’s outlets always aim to provide great quality services to food lovers. They are famous in all age groups. Their initiative to conduct this survey helps in building a relationship of trust and confidence between them and their eaters.

Arby’s Customer Service Details

Getting in touch with this restaurant’s management is as simple as making ourselves a coffee. Anyone facing any issue can drop a message or give a call and get their answers or clear their doubts. Employ these ways to do so:

  • Headquarters- 1155 Perimeter Center West, Atlanta, GA, United States, 30338.
  • Headquarters Contact Number- 678-514-4100
  • Toll-free Contact number for customer’s aid- 1800-599-2729
  • Working Days- Monday – Sunday
  • Service Hours- 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM CST
  • Online website:


Is Arbys giving away free meals for doing survey?

No, Arby’s is not giving away any free meals for doing the survey.

What time does Arbys open?

Most of Arby’s outlets open at 10:00 AM. However, it is best to say that some locations go with different timings.

What time does Arbys close?

Most of Arby’s outlets close at 11:00 PM. However, it is best to say that some locations go with different timings.

Who owns Arbys?

Inspire Brands owns Arby’s.

How to leave positive feedback Arbys?

Anyone who wishes to leave any comments, including positive feedback, can send it on Arby’s toll-free contact number 1800-599-2729 or visit

How can I find Arby’s nearest to my location?

Go to to find your nearest Arby’s.

Where can I buy an Arbys gift card? is a great site to buy Arby’s gift cards. Besides, those gift cards are also available at Walmart and Amazon.

Who sells Arbys gift cards?

Apart from Arby’s itself, Walmart and Amazon, too, sell its gift cards.

How to check Arbys gift card balance?

Either go to or ring at 1-800-699-5802 to check Arby’s gift card balance.

If I get a call back from Arby’s about a bad survey what number would show up on my phone?

Visit to get a Giant Eagle Card. You can get it from GetGo also.