Harris Teeter Survey – Enter & Get a Chance to Win Grand Prize of $500

Most of us are well versed with the Harris Teeter Supermarket, sprinkled in and around our neighborhoods. Don’t we all just adore Harris Teeter? It astounds its customers by brilliantly addressing all of their needs, from soup to nuts. This chain is absolutely felicitous to every patron. If you have an endless list of groceries and commodities needed at very short notice, Boom! This is your destination. Without any second thought, we all can agree that this supermarket is an ultimate stop for all of our necessities. However, on visiting this supermarket, you can even win exciting prizes at www.htsurvey.com.

World is expanding way too fast, and the degree of competition and contenders everyone endures is beyond comprehension. What are some certain odds that one can stand out among their innumerable competitors? Harris Teeter started conducting its own ‘Harris Teeter Customer Satisfaction Survey’. And through this, it tries to overcome the tremendous competition offered to it by its analogous supermarkets. This customer survey is very basic and quick. Participants are expected to provide their candid feedback for their favorite supermarket’s improvisation. Win exhilarating prizes, including a $500 gift card by taking part in the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

HT Survey Rules and Requirements

Survey Name Harris Teeter Survey
Receipt Validity Period Survey within 14 days from your receipt date.
Survey Validity Period Within the Period mentioned in Sweepstakes Rules
Website www.harristeeter.com 
Survey Link www.htsurvey.com
Survey Limit One entry per person per monthly  period.

Terms and Conditions of Harris Teeter Customer Survey

  • Age of customers willing to join in this survey should be 18 and above.
  • Legal residents of Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina only allowed to participate. 
  • Members should have their own Harris Teeter receipts, which they can obtain on their purchase at any of this supermarket’s outlets. Survey code on their receipts is unique and necessary, without which there will be no successful participation in this review. 
  • Employees, retailers, and distributors, or their direct family members are ineligible to take part in it. 
  • One should use purchase receipt within 14 days from its commencement date, or else it loses its validity.  
  • Customers taking part can only use their receipt code once.   
  • Anybody found to be meddling with Harris Teeter Sweepstakes will be rendered ineligible and can no more take part in this survey or claim any related rewards. 
  • Taxes attached to prizes and awards, including federal, state, and local taxes, will have to be paid by winners only.

Prerequisites to take Harris Teeter Guest Satisfaction Survey

There are some needful requirements that entrants must possess to enter www.htsurvey.com:

  • Anyone who wants to be a part of the htsurvey should already possess this supermarket’s valid receipt.
  • Minimal knowledge of using desktops, laptops or smartphones, is another prerequisite for answering questionnaire.

Means of Participation in Harris Teeter Sweepstakes

Everybody can choose to participate at their convenience in these 2 ways, as mentioned below:

Online: This method will require purchase. With the survey code available on the receipt, one should visit the www.htsurvey.com site. Entrants can complete their survey questions here. Each step explained below on how to go about this online survey process.

Mail or Post: Members can directly post or mail their required details to Harris Teeter sweepstakes and be successful participants. This method is completely offline and does not require any purchases from any of this brand’s supermarkets.

How to take Harris Teeter Online Survey @ www.htsurvey.com?

1. Reach out to Harris Teeter Survey’s official site through this link: www.htsurvey.com. The site will navigate individuals to its homepage, which will look like the figure below.

www.htsurvey.com survey page image

2. Click on ‘continue’ at that web page’s bottom. A new page will now appear, as shown below. Fill in the details as mentioned on receipt.

3. There will be a 16 digit number, which is a unique survey entry code. Insert it in the small tab provided for a survey code to access its review form. A survey form will get denied if given wrong details. So carefully fill in any details.

harris teeter customer satisfaction survey entry image

4. After completing those aforementioned steps, a sequence of questions will appear for entrants to respond. Be sure to respond genuinely and honestly.

5. Then, a box will appear which asks whether you like to join its sweepstakes or not. If interested, click on ‘Yes’.

6. Now, give in your personal details sections which are compulsory. HT’s management will contact its winners through their given personal details only. So ensure to give correct details.

7. Along with the survey form, participants will also need to complete their entry form and submit both these forms together as part of this review.

Mailing Method

If you are not willing to take survey at www.htsurvey.com, you can take part in Harris Teeter Sweepstakes by post and mailing the required details. On a 3″ x 5″ plain sheet of paper, members will have to pen down all their essential personal details, including their name, address, city, state, zip code, age, area code, and email address. However, for a postal method, an email address is optional. After completing, mail these details to “Harris Teeter Guest Satisfaction Sweepstakes,” 701 Crestdale Rd., Matthews, NC 28105. Postmark entries on a mail should be the first day of a respective month of mailing and should be received by receivers before the end of that same month.

Harris Teeter Rewards for Taking Survey

Harris Teeter Customer Satisfaction rewards include a Grand Prize of gift cards worth $500. These $500 worth of gift cards will be handed out every month to winners. The grand total of rewards is a sum of $500. No cash prizes will be awarded under any conditions. Individuals who got gift cards can redeem in any of HT’s supermarkets. Only one winner will be chosen every month. Candidates who won will get declared on every month’s 15th. A lucky draw will be held in which all successful entries from previous months will be taking part.

Why Should You Take Harris Teeter Feedback Survey?

Purpose of this Harris Teeter Survey @ www.htsurvey.com is to promote customers to speak up about their experiences, suggestions, etc., which they want to share. This platform that collects feedback will act as a bridge between a customer and Harris Teeter. Its team wants this to be the stage where customers will wholeheartedly express their opinions and suggestions. Everything a shopper says and feels makes a difference here and will lead to all the respective formulations in their favor. It will all be based on HT’s questionnaire, which makes it of prime importance. Honest and straightforward reviews from clients will be utilized for working towards HT services’ betterment.

Harris Teeter Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

One can refer to these questions to get an idea of how an HT questionnaire will be:

  • How was our staff’s attitude towards you?
  • Total time spent with our cashier?
  • How clean and immaculate were the supermarket interiors?
  • Speed of checkout?
  • Is the selection and range of products available?
  • What can be done to improve the overall rating of our supermarket?
  • Rate your overall satisfaction?

About Harris Teeter Supermarket Inc

Harris Teeter is a United States based chain of supermarkets. It established in Matthews, North Carolina, way back in time, in 1936. There are over 260 supermarket stores scattered across some districts and states. Thomas Dickson owns this chain of retail outlets. Variety of products available in its supermarket are immense and completely substantial. Some products dispensed in its stores are dairy, meat, seafood, groceries, pharmacy, frozen foods, bakery, deli, fruits, vegetables, snacks, and flowers. In 2012, this supermarket chain was rated as 34 in the list of “Top Wholesalers and Retailers” by ‘Supermarket News’.

How to Contact Harris Teeter?

To ring Harris Teeter: 1-800-432-6111

Postal Address:

Harris Teeter Inc. 
Attn: Customer Relations 
Po Box 10100 
Matthews, NC 28106-0100


Who owns Harris Teeter?

Thomas Dickson owns Harris Teeter.

What time does Harris Teeter open?

Harris Teeter opens at 6:00 AM on weekdays and weekdays.

What time does Harris Teeter close?

According to official Harris Teeter hours, most of its supermarkets closes at 11:00 PM on weekdays and weekdays.

How many Harris Teeter stores are there?

There are over 260 Harris Teeter supermarkets.

Where is the nearest Harris Teeter?

Go to Harris Teeter Near Me Locator, www.harristeeter.com/store-loactor and enter your Zip code or city to know your nearest Harris Teeter.

How to redeem Harris Teeter fuel points?

Scan your VIC Card and check your balance. If your current balance is $100 or more, you can apply the card to redeem Harris Teeter fuel points.

When does Harris Teeter double coupons?

Visit Harris Teeter’s official site. Certain conditions will be present on its homepage. If you meet all those conditions, submit your coupon, and Harris Teeter will give you a double coupon.

When will be the next double coupon at Harris Teeter?

The next double coupon at Harris Teeter will begin at 7 AM on February 26 and end at midnight on March 3.

When is the next triple coupon at Harris Teeter?

The next triple coupon at Harris Teeter will be on March 26.

When will Harris Teeter have super double coupons?

Harris Teeter will hand out its super double coupons from October 29 to October 31.

What gift cards can you buy at Harris Teeter?

One can buy from the Harris Teeter gift cards premium collection, which consists of selective premium brands. Brands available for gift cards depend on an outlet’s area and are specific to every area.

What selected items can be purchased with Harris Teeter rewards?

Individuals will get a wide range of choices from premium brands offered at the Harris Teeter gift card mall. They can redeem their gift cards and buy from those available options.