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Cafe Rio Customer Satisfaction Survey – Participate & Get Free Meals on Next Visit!

Cafe Rio restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine and is known for providing freshly cooked food. Recently, it is offering gift cards and coupon codes for attending its guest survey. If you have recently been to this restaurant and are craving even more good food, then do not miss this golden opportunity. All a customer has to do is follow some simple steps in this survey, answer simple questions, and Bang! Get free coupons from cafe rio listens.smg.  For more details, do continue to read further!

Cafe Rio has introduced this program of collecting feedback because it wants to deliver more products and services in favor to consumers. Therefore, it is eager to hear all customers’ experiences and opinions, be it good or bad. As mentioned earlier, this franchise rewards participants with a coupon code that they can redeem and get discounts on their next purchases at any of its stores. This article is a comprehensive guide that will serve you to attempt the Cafe Rio listens customer feedback survey.

Cafe Rio Online Survey Rules & Requirements

Survey NameCafe Rio Guest Survey
Receipt Validity Period3 Days From Your Day Of Purchase
Survey Validity PeriodBegins on 01/01/2021 12:00 AM Pacific Time, and ends on 12/31/2021 11:59 PM Pacific Time.
Cafe Rio Official
Survey LimitOne Survey Per Receipt

Cafe Rio Guest Satisfaction Survey Terms and Conditions

For winning Cafe Rio’s rewards, some basic criteria need to be followed. Ensure these terms and conditions as we have listed below:

  • Entrants must be 18 years of age or older, meaning only adults can participate in it.
  • Participants must be legal residents of the United States of America.
  • Employees and their immediate families or household members are not eligible to attend this survey nor redeem any rewards. 
  • Use of an automated system to take part in the review is strictly prohibited.
  • Each receipt is valid to attend this questionnaire only once.
  • Entering the survey using a false identity is prohibited.
  • Coupon code is only for ordering food, and it is not redeemable nor transferable into cash.

Cafe Rio Listens Guest Survey Prerequisites

  •  Possession of a valid receipt stating your recent purchase from any of Cafe Rio’s stores.
  • Total questionnaire requires upto 5 minutes.
  • A smartphone or laptop with a good internet connection is necessary.
  • Ability to read and write in either English or Spanish is mandatory.
  • Members must be aware of these words: transaction, purchase receipt, payment mode, etc., such related terms.

Methods to Participate in Cafe Rio Listens.smg Surrvey

The only method to participate in the Cafe Rio survey and win its promo code is by filling in their survey online. For online participation, interested candidates can visit this Cafe listens website – cafe rio Although, a valid receipt with a unique code is compulsory to have.

How to Give Cafe Rio Customer Feedback Online –

Refer to these steps and follow them carefully for completing this brand’s questionnaire successfully:

1. Visit Cafe Rio’s online survey website via:

cafe rio listens.smg survey page image

2. Website will appear in English by default. If participants know Spanish well, they have to scroll down to that webpage’s bottom and click on options marked as Spanish for giving feedback in that language. 

3. Now, entrants will be asked to enter details such as the date and time and 3-digit store number of the store which they visited recently and acquired a receipt. These details will be present on their receipts.

4. Finally, fill in the check number as well. This is a unique number assigned to a receipt for that particular transaction and is usually present below the time of purchase.

Note: Date and time of purchase are marked as date and time only on this website. And it is up to us to infer that it means the date and time of our purchase, which will be present on our receipt. In case, at any point, entrants find it difficult to find these specific details on their receipts, then the website gives them an image of a receipt with these details required marked on it.

5. Press on “Submit” to move forward

6. Proceed to follow those instructions that appear. 

7. Once basic details have been filled out, Cafe Rio customer survey questions will appear. Read them carefully and fill them out one by one.

cafe rio survey questions image

8. After answering all questions, click on “Submit”.

9. On submitting, a Cafe Rio coupon code or validation code will appear on the screen. Carefully note this down for getting rewards. validation code image

10. Next time you visit any of Cafe Rio’s restaurants, don’t forget to take this coupon code and its respective receipt along with you. Show this coupon code while checking out to redeem it.

What are Cafe Rio Rewards on taking Survey?

Cafe Rio remunerates its participants with free meals at its restaurant for attending the online survey. Therefore, upon sharing valuable and honest reviews, consumers can happily enjoy their favorite meals for free or at discount prices. 

After successfully answering all queries asked by Cafe Rio, members will get awarded free coupon codes or promo codes. These codes and coupons are redeemable at any of this franchise’s outlets. Remember, a coupon is valid only for 30 days, and thus, one must redeem Cafe Rio survey reward within this time frame. Otherwise, it expires.

Why Should You Take Survey @ cafe rio listens.smg?

Customer feedback is a very important tool for a company that aims to expand and grow. A company’s success is directly proportional to its customers’ satisfaction. Hence, Cafe Rio needs consumers’ sincere input through their honest opinions to improve its products and services. Moreover, free Mexican meals are excellent rewards for answering simple questions and giving a personal shopping experience. At the end of the day, both shoppers and the company benefit by helping each other.

Feedback from buyers will help Cafe Rio understand its clientele better and customize its services accordingly. Behavior of employees, overall cleanliness, and the quality of food can be improved only when consumers voice a genuine concern over these. When running a franchise, a company often misses out on certain areas, and it is up to its customers to point those areas for improvising. Cafe Rio greatly values any client’s opinions, and his/her voice will not remain unheard.

Cafe Rio Online Feedback Questions

This Cafe Rio Mexican Grill Survey consists of topics that are based on a person’s experience. If he/she can recall details of their last visit to Cafe Rio, answering should be easy enough. Most questions are objective. Some questions have options as yes or no; others will let you choose a rating from:

  • Highly satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
  • Dissatisfied
  • Highly dissatisfied

Queries will appear regarding these topics:

  1. Cleanliness of a Cafe Rio’s restaurant and its washroom.
  2. Whether you ate at its restaurant or whether your order was a take-out.
  3. Approximate time taken to fulfill your order.
  4. Quality, authenticity, and taste of food served to you.
  5. Friendliness of its employees and their services.
  6. Accuracy of your order.
  7. Overall value for the price you paid.
  8. Overall experience with Cafe Rio.
  9. Whether you will recommend Cafe Rio to a friend or acquaintance.
  10. Whether you are a regular customer.

Note: Try to give candid and genuine responses to any queries asked.

About Cafe Rio

Cafe Rio or Cafe Mexican Grill is an American restaurant chain. Its headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has around 135 outlets in Idaho, Maryland, Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming. It was founded in 1997 by Patricia and Steve Stanley. Its menu consists exclusively of Mexican cuisine and includes a variety of appetizers, tostadas, salads, burritos, desserts, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, soups, and beverages. They’re known for the meals that are fresh and cooked from scratch. Their restaurant also offers catering services. Online delivery services are available through the Cafe Rio Rewards app.

Customer Service

For more information regarding menus, services, or rewards, contact Cafe Rio customer service. All contact details are mentioned below:

  • Corporate Phone number: (801) 441-5000
  • Customer Service Toll free Number: (888) 660-1643
  • Address: 215 N. Admiral Byrd Rd. Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84116
  • Cafe Rio hours of operation: 10:30 am – 11: 30 pm (Sunday – Wednesday)


Why Cafe Rio survey not working?

Individuals need valid receipt details to access the Cafe Rio survey. Moreover, a purchase receipt is valid only up to 3 days from the day of purchase. If your receipt is valid, try refreshing the page or changing your browser or device.

Does attending the survey require a purchase?

Yes. In order to take part in Cafe Rio’s online review, one needs to enter receipt details which he/she can acquire only by making purchases.

What time does Cafe Rio open?

Cafe Rio restaurants open at 10:30 am on all days, including Saturday and Sunday.

What time does Cafe Rio close?

Cafe Rio restaurants close at 10 pm from Thursday to Saturday and 11:30 pm from Sunday to Wednesday.

Who owns Cafe Rio?

Current CEO of Cafe Rio is Steve Vaughan (from 2018).

Where is the nearest Cafe Rio?

Go to to find Cafe Rio near me.

How to earn rewards on new Cafe Rio app?

Place an order directly through the Cafe Rio app. Earn points and rewards on every food and beverage that you purchase.

How do you add Cafe Rio cards to your rewards?

When placing orders at Cafe Rio via its Cafe Rio Rewards app, your points keep accumulating automatically. If making a physical purchase from its outlet, scan the barcode found on your receipt into the app. Note that barcodes expire after 7 days.

How does Cafe Rio rewards work?

Consumers will be awarded 1 point on their Cafe Rio rewards app for every dollar spent at this franchise. When these points reach 100, a consumer can redeem them for a reward of $10.

How to check Cafe Rio gift card balance?

Visit and scroll down to that web page’s bottom and select “Check Your Balance”.

How to add gift cards to Cafe Rio app?

Click on ‘More’ on Cafe Rio’s app and select gift cards. At the bottom of your screen, select ‘add gift card’ and follow the prompts.

Where to buy Cafe Rio gift cards?

Anyone can purchase gift cards via the Cafe Rio app or from any of its restaurants.