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Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey – Win Free 50 Fuel Points

Kroger is our first choice when it comes to supermarkets and pharmacies. This retail store chain brilliantly resolves and tackles all our quotidian needs and desires. It is not an easy task to keep up with the increasing demands and standards of customers. However, Kroger is successfully preserving its position in the eyes of its faithful consumers. And all thanks to its survey program. This business enterprise knows how important customers are for it to grow and sustain huge contemporary competition. Krogerfeedback is an initiative where consumers of this brand are free to express their thoughts and let it hear their customer satisfaction levels.

Kroger is aspiring to enhance the shopping experience of customers when they visit any of its stores. Through this survey, this firm will become more aware of its shortcomings and weak points. Shoppers are better at pointing out any organization’s flaws than any others. That’s why surveys and feedback platforms have great value. Management of Kroger, when collecting feedback from clients, will know what measures to take to perform well and impress its consumers even more. Well, giving feedback directly benefits a customer through better services, isn’t it? Besides better services, participants of krogerfeedback survey will also be eligible to get thrilling prizes attached, including $5000 worth of gift cards. So, let’s see how to go about it and claim our prizes today.

Krogerfeedback Survey Rules & Requirements

Survey NameKroger Customer Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period7 days of receiving a purchase receipt
Survey Validity PeriodOngoing
Survey LimitOne entry per person per monthly period

Terms and Conditions to Participate in Kroger Customer Survey

  • Only adults can take part in this customer survey of Kroger. Therefore, those who are interested should have attained at least 18 years of age.
  • Customers who are willing to participate should be legal citizens of the United States and District Colombia. It is important to note that Florida, New York and Rhode Island are excluded.
  • All candidates should own their purchase receipt, which is not any older than 7 days or a week from its date of origin.
  • Every consumer who is participating should not be an employee or in any way closely related or a friend to an employee of a Kroger Outlet. In a nutshell, professionally related individuals of this brand and their immediate family members are not allowed.
  • A receipt entry Id is valid for use only once.
  • Taxes associated with prizes and rewards will have to paid by winners under any circumstances. Those who won are solely liable to taxes and not this brand.

Prerequisites to Complete Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey

Customers should make sure they qualify for all these Kroger 50 fuel points survey prerequisites before starting to give their valuable responses to its questionnaire. Such prerequisites are as follows:

  • For an online method of entry, consumers should have a recent purchase receipt in their keeping. As mentioned, a receipt comes with a validity period of only 7 days, so ensure to use it for taking this feedback.
  • Some understanding of operating a desktop, laptop, or smartphone is required for providing feedback online.
  • A stable internet connection so as to not face any issues while providing feedback is necessary.
  • A verified email id on which a person shall be contacted by Kroger if he/she wins prizes.
  • Customers should know how to write and read in either English or Spanish because the questionnaire comes in these 2 languages only.

Methods To Enter Kroger Satisfaction Survey

Customers are provided with 2 entry options for successfully participating in the Kroger Feedback 50 fuel points survey and Sweepstakes. These 2 entry options are the only possibilities that any interested individual to give his/her feedback and enter sweepstakes should employ:

  • Mailing In method – For this method, there is no prior purchase required from any of this retail’s outlets. Any person can directly enter into sweepstakes via mailing. Participants will have to write down their name, address and email id on a piece of paper or a postcard and send it to: Sweepstakes PMI Station PO Box 3547 Southbury CT 064883547.
    • Note: Sweepstakes period is from March at 12:00 am CT to August at 11:59 pm CT, meaning for upto 6 months. So ensure to deliver your posts before a month’s last date. Participating in sweepstakes will give a chance to win gift cards of $5000 worth.
  • Online method – Online mode of taking part in this kroger feedback survey at That link will give access to provide feedback, and later one can enter sweepstakes as soon as they finish giving their feedback. Although, this method requires a prior purchase receipt from any of the brand’s outlets. And as mentioned earlier, such a purchase receipt comes with a validity period within which one must participate in krogerfeedback 50 fuel points survey.

How to participate in Kroger Feedback Survey?

1. All consumers who are wanting to participate in the Kroger customer satisfaction survey through this online method will have to access the brand’s official feedback page by clicking on official site.

2. Now a Kroger experience survey page will appear on your screen. People who are comfortable with English can move on further. But those who prefer Spanish over English will have to click on “Espanol”, which will be under “Start”. By doing so, one can happily give their feedback in Spanish.

3. As suggested earlier, if you are done with choosing your language, now it is time to keep your purchase receipt handy as it has some details that are necessary to take note.

4. This Kroger satisfaction survey site will ask candidates to enter an ID number. Find this number on your receipt and enter it in its specified spaces. If you fail to find an ID number on your receipt, there is an alternative. Click on “I do not have a Kroger fuel survey entry ID from your receipt”. fuel survey image

5. Those who do not have a survey entry ID on their purchase receipt will have to click on a link provided below in that box saying, “I do not have a survey entry ID on my receipt”.

kroger feedback 50 fuel points survey image

6. Enter store phone number, date and time. Remember these 3 details will be present on your purchase receipt, so refer to it. That’s it! Here, both candidates who have a receipt ID number and those who do not have that will have to click on “Start”.

7. It is time for a sequence of questions to emerge that will greet members. These will be your fuel survey questions. All those questions will be related to a shopper’s recent visit to this retail chain. After responding to its questionnaire, click on “Submit”.

kroger feedback survey question image

8. Following that step, candidates will have to fill in their personal details, including their name, address, email address and contact phone number. Please make sure to fill in details correctly as this is very crucial in case of getting contacted to get prizes or rewards.

9. Later, click on “Submit”. That’s it by now individuals have successfully given their feedback and also earned a free ticket to win sweepstakes. Monthly Sweepstakes

  • Kroger Sweepstakes starts on March 1, 2021, and ends on August 31, 2021. All those who are participating in Kroger’s Customer Satisfaction Survey will directly enter in to Kroger sweepstakes.
  • To get registered to these drawings, a customer does not need any prior purchase from this retail franchise’s outlets. Meaning anyone who obliges other rules of krogerfeedback can happily register to drawings.
  • People who haven’t made a purchase in this franchise and do not possess any bill receipts can contest to drawings via mail-in. In this mode of joining, all an individual has to do is acquire a postcard with a size of 3″x5″ and note down their personal details. Personal info includes name, residential address etc. It is important to keep in mind that all personal details have to be valid and correct.
    • Later, one must send their postcards to these sweepstakes’ official address: Sweepstakes PMI Station PO Box 3547 Southbury CT 064883547.
  • Remember, postcards with personal details of participants should be received by Kroger’s sweepstakes team before that month’s entry period ends. Otherwise, an entry will be announced invalid, and individuals will not be eligible for any rewards attached to those drawings.
  • There is only one grand prize attached to these sweepstakes per month, which is a gift card worth $5000. And it will only be awarded to one luckiest winner. So individuals who did not win any prizes of a month’s sweepstakes can try their luck for a consecutive month.

Kroger Rewards & Coupons fuel survey and Sweepstakes have some wonderful and gorgeous rewards attached, which are incredibly awesome. The Kroger rewards include One Grand Prize, which will be awarded to one luckiest winner and one hundred first prizes, which will be awarded to hundred winners. Apart from that, there are also 50 bonus fuel points.

The grand prize winners are offered Kroger gift cards worth $5000. In addition, customer satisfaction first prize winners will given $100 gift cards, which means a total of hundred first winners will get to win $100 worth of gift cards. Some lucky winners will also be awarded bonus 50 fuel points which are redeemable at any of this brand’s gas stations. These gift cards, which awarded to those who took part in this Kroger online survey, are redeemable both online and in-store purchases. So it is a piece of cake to get amazing gift cards, thereby discounts for any purchases.

Purpose Of Taking This Feedback @ Survey

Ultimate and sole purpose of Kroger’s customer satisfaction questionnaire is to promote and advance its customer services in favor of consumers. This franchise has constructed its feedback with the intention of creating a platform where patrons could speak and convey their suggestions, opinions and complaints effortlessly. Conveying such things will let this brand know what it’s shoppers are getting and what they are expecting.

With numerous Kroger stores scattered across America, it would have been difficult addressing each buyer on a personal level. Therefore, Krogerfeedback bridges any gaps and gives rise to a portal where there could be direct communication between Kroger and customers. Through addressing both positive feedback and negative feedback will help the brand to improve its areas of strengths along with decreasing flaws.

Thus, a consumer will get to enjoy better services by stating his/her inconveniences and problems which they have faced during their visit to a Kroger store. Besides, this franchise is also very open to any suggestions so as to give custom-made services and products to shoppers. In addition to such a tailor-made experience, people will also get rewards that are just as exciting, as already mentioned above.

Krogerfeedback Questionnaire

Every candidate who is participating in Kroger experience customer satisfaction survey will have to answer a set of questions related to his/her most recent visit to any of its stores. To acquire a basic idea of how its actual questionnaire looks like, these questions, as given below, will act as a model:

  • How was our staff’s behavior with you when you visited our store recently?
  • How long did your checkout process take, approximately how many minutes?
  • Rate your chances of referring us to others on a scale of 1-10.
  • Is our outlet’s ambiance and interiors pleasant and warm?
  • Which department is your favorite in our stores?
  • Based on our product’s range and quality, how satisfied were you on a scale of 1-5?
  • Rate us on a scale of 1-5 based on sanitation and cleanliness measures taken by us?
  • Will you visit us again any time soon?
  • Did you get enough help and assistance from our employees?
  • How was your overall satisfaction on a scale of 1-5?
  • Are prices reasonable at our outlets?

About Kroger

Kroger Company is based in the United States of America founded way back in time, in 1883. It is a chain of Food and Pharmacy that is hugely renowned for its premium quality services and products. Well, no wonder it has got a great experience along with a lot of customers. Its parent town is Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States of America. Headquarters are situated in its parent town, Cincinnati, Ohio, America. Bernard Kroger was the founder of this company. Total number of outlets spread out in America are 2,896. That’s a huge number.

With around 453,000 employees, this franchise has been serving a great number of people across America for many decades. Current CEO and Chairman is Rodney McMullen. The brand’s net income is U. S$3.11 billion. A lot of Inter-American product chains fall under Kroger. Its official website is A range of products and services, including dispatch and logistics, pharmacy, grocery, jewelry, supermarkets, food chains, etc., are its primary deals.

Kroger Customer Care Contacting Details

Customers may have faced any issues, grievances or want to convey their suggestions, opinions, etc., to Kroger. And exactly for such people, these details as given below will come to aid:

  • Contact Number: 1-800-576-4377, 866-221-4141
  • Launch a Live Chat with them on this website:
  • Mailing Address: The Kroger Co. Customer Relations 1015 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100
  • Kroger Hours: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM


What time does Kroger close?

Kroger outlets close at 10 PM from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, they close at 9 PM. Although, these timings are prone to change according to some locations.

What time does Kroger open?

Around 8 AM from Monday to Friday, and 9 AM from Saturday to Sunday, most of Kroger outlets open. However, these timings may vary.

Who owns Kroger?

Kroger’s founder was Bernard Kroger. However, now the chairman and CEO of this chain is Rodney McMullen.

How many Kroger stores are there?

There are over 2,896 Kroger outlets across America based on a study of 2020.

What gift cards does Kroger sell?

Kroger offers its customers numerous options of Gift Cards, including E-Gift Cards, Kroger Gift Cards, Corporate Gift Cards. You can filter and find your desired gift card on

Where is the closest Kroger?

To find the Kroger near me just click on store locator page, and enter postal code, city or state.

How to use Kroger digital coupons?

If you are buying online from Kroger’s website or app, all qualifying items on which your Kroger digital coupons is applicable will automatically be applied on check out. However, if you are purchasing in-store, you will need to scan your card with a cashier.

Where can I use my Kroger gift card?

Answer to this question depends on which Kroger Gift Card you have. Some Gift Cards can be redeemed at multiple Kroger outlets, and some are redeemable at one particular outlet only. However, multiple gift cards come in handy for one particular purchase.

How to redeem Kroger fuel points?

Redeem your Kroger Fuel Points on any Kroger Gas station which is participating. All you need to do is, provide that station’s cashier with your Plus Card, and the fuel points will get redeemed, and you will get discounts.

How do Kroger digital coupons work?

With just a click, add or redeem your Kroger Digital coupons. For online purchases, add and redeem a coupon with your account. A coupon is also redeemable in-stores by getting your card scanned with a cashier.

How do I get Kroger fuel points after the survey?

After completing fuel points survey, you will stand a chance to win 50 Bonus Fuel Points from that brand. Every participant will have an equal chance of winning fuel points. Make sure you have completed the survey and given valid and correct contact details.

When are Kroger survey fuel points awarded?

Apart from the 50 Bonus Fuel points offered to winners of Kroger’sCustomer Feedback, every purchase made from this brand’s shopper’s card will offer 1 fuel point for every dollar spent. Additionally, every one-dollar purchase from this brand’s Gift Card rewards 2 fuel points.

Why some Kroger receipts have no satisfaction survey?

Some Kroger receipts have no satisfaction survey because survey Ids are printed randomly, and unfortunately, not every purchase receipt will end up having a Feedback survey ID.

How to do Kroger survey with no purchase?

To do 50 bonus fuel points survey with no purchase, mailing is a great option. On a piece of paper, write down your details and send them to this address: Sweepstakes, PMI Station PO Box 3547, Southbury CT 064883547.

Where is entry id on Kroger survey?

Kroger’s survey entry id is visible on its receipt’s lower half.

How much do I have to purchase to be able to enter on the Kroger feedback?

To give fuel points survey, a purchase can be minimal; just possess a purchase receipt, amount is not a factor. In case of mailing, there is absolutely no necessity to make purchases.

How can I give feedback about the Kroger Pharmacy?

Give feedback about Kroger’s Pharmacy by clicking on For more details, refer to this image as given below:

How do I check my Kroger fuel points?

Track your Kroger Fuel points by visiting After visiting, sign in with your existing Kroger account or create an account if you do not have one. After signing in, check your fuel points status.

How does Kroger fuel points work?

When you provide your cthat station’s cashier with your Plus Card, and fuel points will get redeemed, and you will get discounts. Go to for more details.