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Mcdonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey – Win McD free Treats

For most of us out there, McDonald’s is naturally the first word that comes to our mind whenever we feel like grabbing a bite to eat! It has been around, satisfying our hunger cravings for a little less than a century, and its legacy has risen exponentially. Its delectable meals have always brought about a happy smile on people of every age group. From kids to teenagers to people well into their retirement, this restaurant chain holds a special place among a great number of food lovers.

McDonald’s has undertaken an endeavor to always please its consumers. And as a move towards this aim, it presents the McdVoice survey. This is a great opportunity to give your take on your recent experience at McD. Taking part in it will not just make your future visits much more fulfilling; it would also allow other customers to have an amazing experience. Telling them about your experience as a buyer would allow McD to better cater to your needs. Whether it may be simple feedback, any issue a person has faced, or might just want to add a new item to their menu range, every little detail would make a difference. In return, participants of Mcdvoice will be eligible to obtain free treats on their next visits to the franchise! Read on to find out how.

McDvoice Customer Survey – Rules & Requirements

Survey NameMcDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey
Prize Expiry7 Days
Offer validity period30 of acquiring them
Survey LimitUp to 5 surveys per month per a valid receipt

McDvoice Free Sandwich Survey Terms And Conditions

  • To be eligible to fill in the – McDonalds customer survey, one must make a purchase at any McD outlet and acquire a receipt. A survey receipt has validity to use within 7 days from receiving it to give feedback.
  • Customers can join and provide upto 5 reviews per month per receipt. However, one must use different bills for every entry of this surveys.
  • It is mandatory to be a resident of the United States.
  • Minimum age of an entrant should be 18. Those who are below 18 are strictly prohibited.
  • Members of McDonald’s are fit to join it only if they are not related to its franchise in any way other than being a customer. Meaning, Employees, staff, and their family members should not provide feedback.
  • After successful submission of mcdonalds feedback, individuals will receive a validation code to enjoy rewards. And these rewards will appear with a validity of only 30 days.
  • While checking out or redeeming offers, one must provide their last and latest receipt, with which they took their mcdonalds survey for free food, along with a validation code.
  • A validation code does not have any cash value, and it is not to be sold nor transferred.
  • Combining offers with any other promotional deals is not possible nor allowed.

McDonald’s Customer Feedback Prerequisites

  • Mcdvoice requires a survey code which is mentioned on a purchase receipt. So keep your purchase bill handy that is not a day older than a week.
  • Since the McDVoice survey is available online, candidates will need a smart device with an active Internet connection like a smartphone, laptop, or desktop to access it.
  • Keep a pen handy as you would need it to write down the mcdonalds survey code on your receipt to redeem offers.
  • McDonald’s customer survey is available only in English and Spanish. That demands people to have sufficient knowledge of writing and reading in any of those 2 languages.

Methods To Participate McDvoice Survey

In this era of technology, McDonald’s is striving to cater to its consumers’ convenience. And thus, has made this survey process entirely online. To minimize hassles, you can take the survey anywhere, even in the comfort of your own homes! Therefore, you do not need to wait in long queues at stores to give feedback. There couldn’t have been an easier way to engage, and you would be saving a lot of your time and energy this way.

How To Participate in – McDonalds Customer Survey?

The process to join McDvoice comes made very simplistic for any entrant to finish in a few minutes. For smooth completion of this mcdvoice survey with receipt, follow these steps:

1. In order to take part in customer feedback log on to survey official site –

2. Now that webpage, as you can see, will appear in English. Well, those who are not so comfortable with English and would love to deliver their responses in Spanish can simply do so.

3. It is time for participants to locate a unique 26-digit McDonalds receipt survey code on their purchase receipts. Now Enter that McDvoice survey code into its specific numeric fields.

mcdonalds customer survey image

4. In some cases, a receipt lacks a mcdonalds survey code. There is no necessity to panic or get disappointed in such cases as there is an alternative for that. Just Click on “If you do not have a 26-digit code printed on your receipt”.

mcdonalds satisfaction survey image

5. Later, upon clicking on “click here,” members will get navigated to a new page that happens to ask participants to enter the store number, KS, time, and date of their visit to McD and Amount paid, Order details from receipt. surveys image

6. Now Entrants will be asked a few simple questions pertaining to their experience at this franchise. Responding to its questionnaire with utter honesty can lead to fruitful and desirable results.

7. Make a note of the McDonalds survey validation code on the respective receipts. Later, when they decide to visit any McD can present their receipts with the validation codes and redeem them to get offers like free meals.

Note: McDonalds survey validation codes are to be used within 30 days of their commencement, or else they will get expired.

McDonalds Rewards & Gift Cards

Doesn’t a free treat from McDonald’s seem like an exciting dream? As a token of appreciation for its customers taking out the time to give their valuable inputs, McD is rewarding them. These rewards are not only for expressing gratitude but also act as drivers to motivate many other patrons to give their feedback. Apart from all these, isn’t it incredibly satisfying to hear that there are exciting gifts for answering a few mere questions?!

Those who are bubbling with joy and are curious about what exact rewards they will get for submitting their responses can read ahead. McD is offering a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or an Egg McMuffin as a Buy One Get One Free offer. There are Hamburgers, special free meals or any special item and discounts. People will get any one of those mentioned rewards. It is a point to be noted that these McDonalds rewards are prone to change. In addition, not all people will get exact prizes.

Note: The McDonalds gift card balance after completing McDvoice comes with a validity period of 30 days from the day of acquiring it. Therefore, before that expiration period, rush to any McD outlet and claim awards.

Why Should You Take McDonald’s Customer Experience Survey?

McDonald’s determination to always satisfy patrons cannot be fulfilled without your valuable inputs as a consumer. Every little detail a member fills in is of utmost importance as it will be helpful to create a higher level of satisfaction for consumers worldwide. Feedback are excellent tools for both an enterprise and end-users. This is because feedback will have all the necessary data that shows an insight into what is going on and what more to be achieved in a crystal clear way.

McDonald’s believes that happy customers are returning customers, and this survey is an important stepstone to achieve that. Those who take this survey can express their thoughts, views, wants and many more to McD regarding its functions and operations. And McD conducts a deep analysis on such feedbacks from food lovers who made their experience spoke on McD voice. Later analyzing, it will take into consideration all tastes, needs, etc., and makes strategies relevantly. If it comes across any issues in its reviewed data, it will immediately take essential actions to prevent such problems from repeating. This in turn, leads to improved customer relations by serving them in a great way.

Well, reasons for participating in Mcdvoice aren’t completed yet as there are rewards to discuss. As already mentioned, this McDonald’s voice survey tags along with some mouth-watering rewards. Individuals who complete their feedback will get coupons that, when redeemed, will offer exciting surprises. Some renowned and common rewards are free meals like either a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Egg McMuffin, Hamburger, any special meal or such an item and discounts.

McDonalds Survey Questions

In a short period, the McDVoice survey aims to gather as many insights as possible to make a food lover’s future visits to this franchise more pleasing. Its questions are designed keeping in mind all needs and wants of consumers who love it. Purpose of this questionnaire is to gather more candid answers that will indefinitely constitute a great change preferred by everyone. McDonalds survey questions expect consumers to give responses to all of its included topics. Individuals can track their responses progress via ” Progress Bar”. It displays completed questions’ percentages. Now, let’s get acquainted with a sample McD’s questionnaire:

  • Choose the type of your order :
    • Dine-in, Drive-thru, Carryout.
  • Rate your satisfaction on a scale of 1(Highly dissatisfied) to 5(Highly satisfied) for these aspects-
    • Overall satisfaction with your experience in our store.
    • Our crew’s hospitality towards you.
    • Accuracy of your order.
    • Taste and quality of your food.
    • Ease of placing your order.
    • Speed of service.
    • Cleanliness of our restaurant.
    • Temperature of your food.
    • Overall value for prices you paid.
  • Is our store warm and pleasing enough for you?
  • Do you like our restaurant’s interiors?
  • Did you experience a problem during your visit? If yes, state that issue(s).
  • Based on your experience, rate your likelihood for the following on a 5-point scale. (1-Not at all likely to 5-Highly likely)
    • Recommend us to others, like friends and family.
    • Return to us in the next 30 days.
  • There will be a comment box present that lets consumers state all their suggestions, opinions, any pieces of advice, etc., which they want McD to focus on more.
  • In the end, participants would be asked to choose their favorite fast food restaurant from a list. This is to let McDonald’s know how their customers would rank them in comparison to other competitors.

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a world-renowned American fast-food company and the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue. Richard and Maurice McDonald have founded the food restaurant in San Bernardino, California, America. This fast-food enterprise has made its benchmark among other analogs. It has restaurants in 120 countries around the world and serves 68 million customers every day.

McDonald’s is the world’s second-largest private employer, and as of 2020, it has the ninth-highest global brand valuation. McD is best known for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and french fries, and its Big Mac burger is a signature dish all around the globe. No wonder almost every individual knows McD by heart.

McDonald’s Customer Service

Customers who want to consult and contact McD regarding any grievances, issues, inquiries or simply want to convey any messages or complaints can use its support care. You can easily make McDonalds complaints through their customer surppot team. Its support care is very user-friendly and is efficient in their services. So without any hesitation get aid from them using these pieces of info as given below:

  • Headquarters address: 110 North Carpenter Street Chicago, IL 60607 United States
  • Phone number: 1-800-244-6227
  • Link to contact customer service: www.McDonald’
  • Mailing Address:
  • McDonalds Hours of Operation: On Weekdays 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, On Weekends 9:00AM to 11:00 PM


How to do McDonalds survey without receipt?

Unfortunately, there is no other way to do McDonald’s survey without a recent purchase receipt. However, those who want to just express their suggestions, issues, complaints or any other queries feedback can still do so by visiting www.mcdonald’ Note that through that link, individuals are only allowed to submit their feedback and are not eligible for any free coupons or other rewards.

What time does McDonalds close?

Most McDonald’s stores are open 24*7. But certain stores in some regions may follow different time settings. To know about any store’s exact timing settings, go to www.mcdonald’

What time does McDonalds open?

McDonalds work 24*7 in almost all locations.

Who owns McDonald’s?

Since April 1955, Ray Kroc has owned McDonald’s.

How many McDonald’s are there?

McDonald’s operates via 39198 restaurants in 119 countries, serving more than 50 million customers every day. One can easily find its outlet in all major cities and localities.

Why can’t I take my McDonald’s survey?

There can be a variety of reasons for your inability to take the McDonald’s survey. Internet connectivity issues, improper or invalid entry of details, receipt expiration, not meeting its eligibility criteria can be some famous reasons for it.

Where can you buy McDonald’s gift cards?

Anyone can easily buy McDonald’s gift cards from any of its physical outlets. These gift cards are also available for obtaining from retailers nationwide, like Walgreens, Amazon, Kroger, Safeway, Giant Eagle, Kohls, Ahold, SuperValu, and Food Lion. These gift cards never expire, and there are no penalty or dormancy fees.

How much is on my McDonalds gift card?

To check your McDonald’s gift card balance, go to

What does a McDonalds survey code do for you?

A McDonald’s survey code entitles candidates to participate in its official survey. After which they can avail rewards with which they can redeem to get amazing discounts or free meals in any of that brand’s outlets.

How does McDonalds get their customers to survey?

Upon making any purchase at McDonald’s, consumers will get a purchase receipt apparently. And via that purchase receipt, shoppers can join its McD survey and win rewards. Well, this is how McDonald’s gets its customers to give their feedback.

What can you get by doing a McDonalds survey?

Upon doing a McDonald’s customer experience, candidates can avail of discounts, coupons, “Buy One Get One Free” on Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Egg McMuffin, or Hamburger, any exclusive meal or such item. However, it is important to note that these rewards are prone to change from time to time and from member to member.

How many numbers in McDonald’s survey code?

There are a total 26 numbers in a McDonald’s survey code. Such a code will be in the middle of a purchase receipt.

What happens when you compliment a McDonald’s employee in a survey?

McDonald’s values both compliments and complaints equally. And in case if an employee gets excellent reviews, then he/she will get impressive promotions and acknowledgments. Leave McDonalds complaint on their contact us page.

Can McDonalds tell who took the survey?

McDonald’s respects its customers’ privacy, and thus its survey is confidential. This implies that the brand will not tell others about who took its survey.

What free meal do you get for filling out the survey at McDonalds?

For filling out the survey at McDonald’s, consumers will be able to enjoy free meals like either a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Egg McMuffin, Hamburger, any special meal, or such an item. These choices are subject to change.

What happens when McDonalds gets a bad survey?

As said, both bad and negative feedback taken into serious consideration. If McDonald’s gets a bad review from any customer(s), then it will take necessary actions so that those who faced poor services will get better services on their next visit to McD.

How long are McDonalds survey codes good for?

McDonald’s survey code is valid for 7 days from its date of issue.

How many times can I take the McDonald’s survey per month?

You are allowed to take McDonald’s surveys up to 5 times per month per receipt. Meaning, get 5 different receipts to give 5 reviews per month. However, ensure a receipt’s validity period.

How do I make a complaint to McDonalds?

Feel free to submit your complaints and feedback simply by visiting www.mcdonald’

How much is an egg McMuffin at McDonalds?

Currently, a standard Egg McMuffin comes at $2.79.

How to do McDonalds survey fast?

McDonald’s survey itself is easy and swift enough that any average person can complete it in just 5 minutes. Just click on get on with it.

How to redeem McDonalds survey code?

After giving feedback to McDvoice Customer Survey, individuals will win unique coupons as offers. And these coupons, when presented at any physical store, will get redeemed and offer discounts or free meals. Redeeming coupons is also possible via downloading its official app while making any purchases.

How does McDonalds verify survey coupons?

McDonald’s has a wide network and stores all of its data securely including issued purchase receipts with survey coupons. So with that stored data it will verify all coupons.

How to use McDonalds survey with mobile app?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s survey isn’t available to take via its mobile app.