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Get a Chance to Win $5 Box with Taco Bell Customer Survey

Tellthebell is a survey portal where customers can provide their feedback and suggestions and, in return, get Taco Bell rewards. It is one of the most famous customer surveys provided by Taco Bell, where you can get a chance to win a cash prize of $500. Official site for giving feedback is On that survey site, there is wil be a simple and easy feedback questionnaire that every individual can answer without any hassle. Besides, all questions of that questionnaire truly depend upon a consumer’s personal experience at Taco Bell. So responding to it will be a cakewalk. Overall, we have to say that taco bell customer survey with one main intention of knowing what a customer needs and thinks about food and other services offered at this restaurant.

Valuable and genuine feedback provided by people in this survey helps this food franchise to improve its services. To participate in the customer survey, you have to invest only a few minutes of your precious time. If you have visited Taco Bell recently and have a purchase receipt, you can easily stand a chance to win incredible rewards. In addition, those who have submitted their personal feedback will directly enter its sweepstakes, where lucky tell the bell winners will get selected in random drawings. All these reasons are more than enough to take the initiative in joining Taco’s feedback. It is a dual advantage where customers will get customized and more preferred services along with rewards that are just as amazing.

TellTheBell Com Customer Survey Rules & Regulations

Survey NameTaco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity Period2 Days or With in 48 Hours
Rewards$500 Gift Card
Survey LimitOnly one person per household with a receipt

Terms and Conditions of TellTheBell Survey

Taco Bell always maintains its position as one of the best fast-food chains in terms of quality and service. That’s why it is conducting this survey to be more improved and advanced by serving more food lovers. And its www tellthebell com survey comes with some rules and regulations that everyone must follow. So look at these terms and conditions of

  • Those who want to take part in this Taco Bell feedback survey must be legal residents of the United States of America.
  • All individuals must be 18 years of age or above. Meaning no minors are allowed.
  • Current employees and their immediate family members cannot give their feedback nor win rewards.
  • A tellthebell survey code is valid for 2 days only. So, ensure to give feedback to Taco Bell within that time period.
  • Those who don’t have a survey code on their receipts can enter this review by entering the store number, date, and time which will be on their receipts.
  • For online mode of participation, a recent purchase receipt is a must.
  • Taco Bell rewards and prizes are not to be transferred or exchanged.

Requirements to participate in Customer Survey

For a smooth and hassle-free procedure of taking part in the tellthebell com customer survey, a member has to ensure certain things beforehand. Such prerequisites are as follows:

  • 16-digit survey code printed on a Taco Bell receipt.
  • In case of lacking that tellthebell survey code, then a receipt should have a store’s number, date and time of visit.
  • Participants should know how to work on a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or smartphone for giving feedback online.
  • Online mode of giving feedback requires a stable internet connection.
  • A survey invitation is necessary.

Methods to Participate in Survey

Taco Bell feedback survey is a consumer satisfaction questionnaire through which this brand can utilize those suggestions or advice to make itself better. Such suggestions and advice are best given by clients only. And clients will show more interest only when it is easy to submit feedback. That is exactly why Taco Bell has made available 2 methods of participation which are just as simple as having a friendly conversation. Remember, there are no other methods available rather, these 2 to give feedback and enter sweepstakes. Now let’s take a look at these 2 methods.

  • Mail-in method: You can take part in Taco Bell Experience survey with out any purchase, just by mailing your details to Sweepstakes. Make sure to follow Taco Bell Sweepstakes rules before take part in it.
  • Online method: In order to complete online survey, you need to have a recent purchase receipt. And need to rate your experience with them about their services to win free taco bell 5 dollar box.

How to Participate in Online Survey?

Those who have recently visited any outlet of Taco Bell will get a purchase receipt with which providing feedback on the survey is possible. Participating in this feedback will give an advantage of entering sweepstakes and a chance to win a whopping $500 worth of cheques. If your receipt has a unique taco bell survey code, then follow these steps that are effortless to implement:

1. Open your web browser and log on to Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey official page @

2. It is important to note that the homepage will appear in English as that is its default language. So a person who wants to provide feedback in Spanish can click on Espanol, which will be present on that page’s bottom right corner. After doing so, just give a click on “Start”.

3. Now, taco bell feedback homepage emerges, which asks candidates to enter a 16-digit tellthebell survey code. That code will be present on a receipt. Enter survey code from your purchase receipt and click on “Start”.

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4. Well, not all receipts from Taco Bell will have a survey code. And if yours too does not possess such a Taco Bell Survey code, just click on “If you do not have a 16-digit survey code printed on your receipt, “click here”‘. A new webpage will be shown as given. customer survey image

5. Now you need to enter the store number, date, and time from your purchase receipt and click on “Start”. If you have any doubts refer receipt image on the survey page.

6. Here, participants will come across a questionnaire that requires genuine and honest responses from them. Most of the taco bell experience survey questionnaires related to a consumer’s recent visit to this franchise. For instance, topics related to any particular food’s quality, staff’s behavior, services, sanitation and safety measures, etc.

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7. You can give your feedback not more than 1200 characters and click on “Next”. Now a message displayed on your screen like: Would you like to our sweepstakes?, click on Yes in order to take part in sweepstakes.

8. After presenting responses, you have to enter your personal information such as name, phone, email ID, etc. These personal details play an important role in any notifications. Therefore, it is best to give valid and reliable details.

9. After completing this review, participants will get an entry to compete for random drawings through which they can win a Taco Bell rewards worth $500.

How to Enter Taco Bell Sweepstakes?

To enter Taco Bell sweepstakes, it is not necessary to purchase as it will not increase your chances of winning. Sweepstakes is nothing but an online lottery platform. Lottery will be divided into weeks with 12 slots. After submitting your review, your information gets recorded for that week, and you will enter drawings. Per one lottery, there will be 4 lucky winners who get selected randomly.

  1. Firstly, candidates will need a plain piece of 3”x5” paper.
  2. Members have to hand-print their personal information such as first and last name, address, state, city, zip code, contact number, email ID, and DOB (mm/dd/yyyy).
  3. Mail this entry paper in a business-size (#10) envelope.
  4. Affix an envelope with sufficient postage to 2021 Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes, P.O.Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325.
  5. All mail records must be postmarked and received by the date provided in the chart above.

Note: Any loss, mutilation, late, illegible, or misdirected entries will not be considered.

Taco Bell Rewards & Coupons

In a nutshell, a total of 4 prizes for one slot, per entry period, will be selected from candidates who contested for tellthebell and entered its sweepstakes. After successfully providing feedback on online survey, candidates will immediately get eligible for its drawings. And in those drawings, some of the members will be the lucky winners. Such lucky winners will be notified (within one week at least or 2 at maximum) of each drawing date approximately.

Winners will get a voice message with instructions from Taco’s administrators. As a winner, a member has to respond within 3 business days to such notification. Failing to do so will lead to them getting disqualified from obtaining rewards. After verification, prizes will be mailed to winners at their respective addresses in approximately 6-8 weeks.

Speaking about what exactly are these Taco Bell rewards well, we are happy to say that winners will get a whopping $500 cheque. There are a total of 42 prizes (4 prizes per entry period). Each prize is a $500 cheque awarded to winners. The total approximate retail value of all prizes is $22,000. Those who won and got their residential address verified will get cheques worth $500. will post the winners’ list of those who won its sweepstakes. Make sure to check winners page to know a list of candidates who won the prize money.

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Why Should You Take The Taco Bell Experience Survey?

Taco Bell’s feedback survey’s main objective is to reveal customers’ views and opinions about the company. This review provides many benefits, not only to Taco Bell but also to consumers. Those who want to get tailor-made services and improve their satisfaction level from this brand have to take the tellthebell questionnaire. Consumers, only when they give their personal perspective regarding their content with any business firm, will let that firm know what it is offering and what it should offer.

Besides, it is the consumers’ right to let a firm know what its flaws and strengths are and also what they are expecting from it. Only then a firm, in this case, Taco Bell will take measures to give services and products that a consumer is expecting from it. In addition, not all times will a consumer get a happy shopping experience. For example, he/she may have experienced an issue which they have faced. In such situations, these reviews will come at aid where a person can happily share their grievance so that in their future visits, they will get better services and products.

Besides, one most important thing that attracts an individual to take a customer survey is free coupons. Just by providing feedback and entering its sweepstakes, candidates will get a chance to win $500 worth of cash prizes in the form of cheques. Best thing about its questionnaire is that it takes less time to complete. This review is flexible in terms of format as compared to paper questionnaires that take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Questionnaire

The of Tell The Bell survey questions are related to a customer’s recent experience at any Taco Bell outlets. We have provided some questions below, which will give you a basic idea of how its actual questionnaire will look like.

  • Please select your order type from options:
  • Dine-in, Drive-thru, And Carry-out.
  • What is your overall satisfaction regarding our menu? Rate on a scale of 1-10.
  • Which is your favorite meal from our menu?
  • What side dishes would you like more apart from those included in our menu?
  • How friendly were our staff members towards you? Rate on a scale of 1-10.
  • Are our restaurant’s interiors and sanitation measures satisfactory?
  • Are services and meals offered to you value your money paid?
  • How likely would you recommend us to others? Rate on a scale of 1-10.
  • Did you face any issues or problems during your recent visit to us? If so, do let us hear through the comment box.
  • Will you visit us again?

About Taco Bell Corp

Taco Bell is a well-renowned food franchise that has spread its arms of business in many countries worldwide. Glenn Bell is its founder who founded its first store in 1946. It all started with a hot dog stand when Glenn Bell was only 23 years old. First Taco Bell was opened in California in 1962 by Glenn Bell.

This famous fast-food chain of restaurants has earned many food lovers across various countries. Mostly famous for its menu with delicious Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas, and many more. This Mexican-inspired quick services chain has 7,427 restaurants in 31 different locations around the globe.

Taco Bell Customer Service Details

Taco Bell offers various ways to contact its management and administration team regarding any issues, suggestions or any pieces of advice. Their customer care services are just a step away and are available 24*7. So without much efforts, contact this franchise using these pieces of info as given below:

  • Customer Service Number:1 (800) 822-6235
  • Headquarter Number: 949-863-4500
  • Mailing Address: Taco Bell Corporation, 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, California 92618, The United States.
  • Taco Bell Hours: Sunday to Saturday – 24*7


Why does Taco Bell ask for your address for feedback?

Taco Bell asks for your address while you give feedback so that it can contact you regarding any future offers and in case you won its sweepstakes.

Does anyone actually ever win Taco Bell survey sweepstakes?

Indeed yes. To date, many people have won the Taco Bell survey sweepstakes. To view those who won till now, click on

What time does Taco Bell close?

Most Taco Bell outlets close at 9:00 pm. However, some locations follow different time patterns.

Who owns Taco Bell?

Yum! Brands is the parent organization that owns Taco Bell.

What time does Taco Bell open?

Most Taco Bell outlets open around 7 am, however, some locations follow different time patterns.

Where is the nearest Taco Bell?

Anyone can find “Taco Bell near me” by clicking on

How often can the same person do a Taco Bell survey?

Per receipt, only one person can do a Taco Bell survey for once. Meaning, with different receipts, a person can take as many surveys.

What happens to a Taco Bell survey that reports the employees cursing?

When any customer reports any issues, including an employee cursing in Taco Bell’s survey, this franchise will take measures so that no employee will misbehave.

How do you get the money if you win the Taco Bell survey?

If you win Taco Bell’s survey, this company will ask you to submit documents to verify your eligibility. After that, you will get a cheque in your name of $500 from it.

How does Taco Bell know who did their survey?

While participating in tellthebell, individuals will have to submit their personal details, and through those details, Taco Bell will know who took its survey and who did not.

What happens if I complete a survey for an employee meal at Taco Bell?

Employees are not eligible to take part in the Taco Bell 5 dollar box survey and win a coupon worth $500, as this offer is for customers only and not employees.

How to win Taco Bell survey?

Just participate in the tellthebell customer survey and give feedback online. Answer all of its questions and submit those responses along with valid personal details. Later, join in its sweepstakes and stand a chance to win $500 worth of cheques.

What is the first number Taco Bell survey code?

Every Taco Bell survey code of a purchase receipt has a unique and different first number. So it is not exactly possible to guess that number every time.

How to get free Taco Bell coupons?

Anyone can get free Taco Bell coupons by taking part in tellthebell.

How to win Taco Bell box sweepstakes?

In order to win Taco Bell sweepstakes firstly complete its survey and enter random drawings. And then you may be the winner to earn $500 worth prizes.

What do you win in the Taco Bell sweepstakes?

Candidates of Taco Bell sweepstakes will get a chance to receive $500 worth of cheques.

How are you notified if you win the Taco Bell sweepstakes?

Winners of Taco Bell sweepstakes will get notified by this brand via their personal details, which they have provided while contesting these drawings. It is important to note that winners will get notification of their winning after 2 weeks of an entry period.

How often do people win the Taco Bell sweepstakes?

Well, that is a tough question. But we can say that the chances of winning Taco Bell’s sweepstakes depend on the number of individuals who contest for it. Neverthless, there will be a total of 4 winners per drawing.

What comes in the 5 dollar box at Taco Bell?

Taco Bell’s $5 box contains Chalupa Supreme, Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, a hard-shell taco, Cinnamon Twists, and a medium drink. Separately it will cost around 9 dollars. This 5 dollar box is a 4 dollars money saver package.

Does Taco Bell have fish tacos?

Yes, Taco Bell has fish tacos, but such meals are available only in Asian outlets.