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Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey – Win $500 Worth Gift Cards

Is it not truly incredible how often we come across Wawa Outlets day after day, on our way back home? Our destination is forever fixed whenever we are out for our grocery shopping. Everything we could possibly need and want, the chain feeds all of our desires from head to toe. The far-famed chain is scattered all across the United States, with numerous outlets serving its loyal customers. So let us all take a minute and appreciate how this brand and its teamwork day in and day out to make our visit to their outlets satisfied and fulfilled! Wawa has emerged with a customer survey mywawavisit for its customers so they can get more acquainted with their buyers virtually.

This convenience store is quite concerned about its customers and how their grocery visits are going on in its stores. This brand wants to be more aware of what customers find lacking in its customer services and Wawa-related experiences. Thus, its wawa survey free drink comes well furnished with a detailed questionnaire that is easily answerable by any patron. With the medium of this mywawavisit com survey, the brand will take measures to advance towards making customer services more lovable and pleasant. So, to make your favorite convenience store even more convenient to shop, go to its official survey site,, and respond genuinely. Besides, participants can grab amazing prizes, a cherry on top, isn’t it?!

Mywawavisit Survey Rules and Requirements

Survey NameMy Wawa Visit Customer Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity PeriodWithin 5 days on receiving a receipt
Survey Validity PeriodOngoing
Wawa Official
Survey LimitOne entry per person per a monthly period

My Wawa Survey Terms & Conditions

  • All individuals who are interested in joining have to abide by these terms and conditions:
  • To begin with, every participant has to be an adult, which means aged 18 and above 18. Minors will not be allowed to take part in “My Wawa Guest Survey”.
  • Customers willing to participate must have legal residency proof of the United States of America or the District of Columbia.
  • Before commencing entering, every customer should make sure that a Wawa receipt which is not any older than 5 days from the day of survey undertaking, is in their possession. This receipt should be their own belonging as each has its own unique survey code and can only be redeemed once.
  • Prizes attached are non-exchangeable for money and not combined into any other offers, which are not included in this my wawa survey.
  • Every customer competing should complete and submit their survey form within a respective sweepstakes period.
  • Only people who are not professionally related to My Wawa Outlets will be allowed. Meaning, employees, retailers, distributors, and any close relative of theirs will not be eligible for taking part in it.

What are the Requirements to Complete Mywawavisit com Survey?

  • Buyers who are taking part in www my wawa visit com should make themselves aware of these prerequisites that have to be fulfilled:
  • Every participant should make sure that they have their hands on a recent purchase receipt from any Wawa outlets before starting its questionnaire. A purchase receipt can prove to be valuable only if it’s not older than 5 days of receiving it.
  • Wawa survey for free coffee is available for people who can either speak English, Spanish or both. If you are familiar with either English or Spanish, then there’s no stopping you.
  • As its procedure is an online one, entrants being a part of it should be pretty aware of how to use a desktop, laptop or smartphone. With no proper knowledge in how to use any of those gadgets will make it tricky to complete giving feedback.

Methods To Enter Wawa Survey

There is only one method enter Wawa survey, and it is online. Therefore, before starting to think of taking the mywawavisit survey, make sure you have a smart device along with a stable internet connection. For this method of joining, go to

How To Participate Online In Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Follow these steps for a smooth entry into wawa gift card survey

1. Go to your internet browser and visit this brand’s Official Wawa Survey. Here, its homepage will open. A box will be seen on your homepage, exactly like the box shown beneath

2. Before moving further, one can change their language settings to Espanol, below “Start”, if they are more comfortable with Spanish than English.

3. As apparent from that box, as shown above, members here will have to enter in a Survey Code and Store Number. Both of these details will be present on a Wawa purchase receipt.

4. Now click on ‘Start’ and get ready to give answers to a questionnaire. As said, a series of questions will pop for entrants to respond accordingly.

5. Most of these questions are truly based on your experience at its store. So, it can be a cakewalk to respond to them honestly and genuinely. Click on “Next” after finishing answering all these questions.

6. Now, members will have to provide their personal information including their Name, Email Id, and Contact Number. Later, press on “Submit”. That’s it! By now, people will have a direct passage into Wawa sweepstakes.

How to Take Part in Wawa Survey With No Receipt?

  • To win and enter Wawa Sweepstakes, it is not a prerequisite to making a purchase or payment to any of its stores.
  • These Wawa customer survey sweepstakes will begin at 12:01 AM on January 1 and end at 11:59 PM on June 30. This is known as its period.
  • As obvious, there will be 6 entry periods from January-June. Each period will start on every month’s 1st and end on that very month’s last day.
  • An entry will be considered valid only if it enters into sweepstakes before a respective month’s ending.

Wawa Rewards & Gift Cards

A very captivating thing about this Wawa wellness survey is its breathtaking prizes and rewards attached with it. After completing feedback, all members will be allowed to participate in Wawa’s Sweepstakes. And these drawings will give a chance for entrants to win a Grand Prize and a First Prize.

  • Grand Prize – $500 Gift Card
  • First Prize – $250 Gift Card

Grand Prize is absolutely remarkable, if you ask us. Imagine owning a $500 gift card for getting a great advantage while shopping. Coming to a first prize winner, he or she can get a $250 gift card to enjoy discounts on their purchases. That would be like a dream come true. Using these gift cards, winners can redeem them at any Wawa outlets and get discounts on their purchases. All these rewards can be yours. Just take the My Wawa Visit Customer Satisfaction Survey, and enter its sweepstakes through it and win these thrilling and astounding rewards.

Main Objective Of This Customer Survey @ www mywawavisit com

Wawa is a customer-inclined chain renowned greatly across the United States of America and District Columbia. This brand and its team always strive to give patrons amazing services and products to increase customer satisfaction. That’s why they had introduced this Wawa wellness survey. Through this feedback, they will know what their consumers actually think about them and how they would be rated by their own clients.

So, it is time for buyers to give their valuable feedback and let their favorite franchise give them more customized services. As a part of gathering data, the Wawa feedback survey will have a questionnaire with a series of topics related to a shopper’s experience in Wawa. Furthermore, patrons are free to give their criticism as well as appreciation without any hesitation. After gathering all kinds of feedback, this brand will conduct a deep analysis to take necessary measures so as to minimize dissatisfaction among clients. Besides, individuals who give their feedback can enter into its sweepstakes and earn free gift cards worth $500 or $250.

What Questions they Asked In www wawa com survey?

Questions asked in its questionnaire are more or less to those stated here:

  • What are some of the changes Wawa should bring in terms of Customer Services for a better rating?
  • How were our outlet’s interiors in terms of cleanliness and sterilization?
  • How swift was your check out during your visit?
  • Is the range of products upto your expectations?
  • What was our employees’ attitude towards you while shopping?
  • Rate your overall satisfaction with us on a scale of 1-5?

About Wawa Convenience Store

Wawa is the United States of America-based chain of convenience stores and gas stations. Grahame Wood founded it back in 1964, with headquarters established in Wawa, Pennsylvania, the United States of America. All of its chains include fast food, gas pumps and convenience stores. According to a study in 2020, there are more than 900 outlets across Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Florida and Maryland. Current CEO of Wawa Chains is Chris Gheysens. Over 31,000 employees serve customers. A study in 2011 states that Wawa has a net income of US$118 Million and a total number of assets worth US$1.57 Billion.

How To Contact the Wawa Customer Service?

These details, as mentioned below, are customer service info of Wawa:

  • Wawa Phone Number: 888-624-8140, 800-444-9292
  • Mailing Address: PMI Station PO Box 750 Southbury CT
  • Contact:
  • Wawa Headquarters Address: Red Roof 260 West Baltimore Pike Wawa, PA 19063 United States.


Who owns Wawa?

Wild Goose Holding Co. owns Wawa.

Does Wawa sell gift cards?

Yes, Wawa sells Gift Cards to anybody who is interested in buying them. All a person has to do is visit for owning gift cards.

How to send Wawa complaints?

To easily file a complaint to Wawa, go to

What time does Wawa close?

Every Wawa Convenience store is accessible 24 hours a day.

What time does Wawa open?

Wawa Food market store is accessible 24 hours a day.

What gift cards does Wawa sell?

Wawa has various Gift Cards options, starting from $5 to $100, including $10, $15, $20, $25 and $50.

Where is the nearest Wawa?

Go to to know your nearest Wawa store.

Why Wawa survey not giving coupon?

Make sure you participate within the Wawa Sweepstakes period. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for any rewards and coupons attached to its survey.

Is it safe to give customer info on a Wawa customer satisfaction survey?

Yes, it is completely safe for a customer to provide his/her personal details on a Wawa customer satisfaction survey. This organization will take great care in keeping customers’ info confidential.

Why I didn’t receive free beverage coupon after completing Wawa survey?

Rewards include only gift cards and merchandise worth $575and $100 for taking Wawa’s survey.

Do people actually win my Wawa visit?

Yes, many people have won rewards and gift cards in My Wawa Visit Survey.

What does Wawa stand for?

Wawa is a word derived from native America. It implies a Canadian Goose known by Wawa. Hence, you will find a flying Goose on this brand’s logo.