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Mcalister’s Free Cookie Survey – Win Assured Rewards!

Get yourself geared up to win amazing rewards! Yep, you’ve heard us right! Just answer a few elementary questions and grab your ticket to win prizes. Before going further, let us know why we are getting these rewards. No company or firm can build without the trust of their customers. Therefore, big food chains spend a lot on the happiness and comfort of their customers. McAlister deli and its team find particularly unique ways to enhance their connectivity with more and more consumers. For them, honest and genuine feedback shared by their patrons is very important. Literally, TalktoMcAlisters feedback will act as a roadmap to their end-users hearts. Assessing and evaluating various views of buyers will let this firm formulate and implement measures so that it can deliver services according to a user.

Therefore they have created an online questionnaire named McAllister’s free cookie survey. All a consumer has to do is just take part in it and share his/her shopping experience at this brand’s outlet. Piece of cake isn’t it?! If you are wondering about what you would gain by doing so, then there’s a lot you will get. Expressing wants, likes, issues regarding this firm will let it deliver services to a consumer in just the way he/she wants from it. Plus, there are rewards associated with it. Individuals of this survey platform can win free coupons or cookies. Incredibly great deal if you ask us. McAlister’s Deli’s survey is the best bargain opportunity that will give benefits either way. Excited to take part in talktomcalisters?! Here’s a detailed guide about it. Follow it and bag yourself improved satisfaction and rewards on your next visit to McAlister’s.

Talktomcalisters Survey Rules & Requirements

Survey nameMcAlister’s Guest Satisfaction Survey
Receipt validity period7 days from its commencement
Survey validity period30 days after the completion of the survey
Survey limitOne entry per receipt

Talk to Mcalisters Terms and Conditions

Here’s a list of detailed terms and conditions that a person must pay attention to before joining talktomcalisters. Ensuring these terms and conditions will lead to a hassle-free procedure.

  • 18 or above age group, people are only allowed to partake in it. It doesn’t come as a surprise if an underage person gets disqualified from winning offers.
  • All those who are legal citizens of the United States of America, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico are free to share their thoughts.
  • works for one individual per receipt.
  • Validity of a purchase receipt of Deli will expire after 7 days of its date of origin. Therefore, make sure to engage in talktomcalisters before a receipt expires.
  • Coupon codes offered to candidates who shared their shopping experiences in this survey are redeemable for upto 30 days. So, winners of those coupon codes should visit any of Deli’s stores within 30 days to claim discounts or free cookies.
  • does not apply to any staff members or employees working with McAlister; direct family members of those individuals too, for that matter. They are not eligible to provide their feedback. Also, any agent associated with Deli cannot join in it.
  • Rewards or coupons are offered to winners, and only those winners should claim their offers and not some others.
  • Offers on coupon codes are not allowed to get transferred to any other kind. Combination of codes with other codes or offers is also strictly restricted. They are to be claimed and redeemed in the way they are offered.

Prerequisites to complete Mcalisters Deli Survey

Just like ingredients in making a favorite dish, there are certain things necessary to keep in hand before attending talktomcalisters. Such things are not only necessary but will also constitute a smooth flow of working on this survey. Take a look at them:

  • A recent purchase receipt from any of this eatery’s outlets is mandatory. Make sure to use its purchase invoice with its deadline (7 days/week).
  • A valid email address is another necessity through which people will get notifications regarding their offers or prizes.
  • Every entrant should be willing to spend 5-10 minutes of his/her precious time at maximum to respond to all subjects of its questionnaire.
  • Possession of a mobile phone, laptop or personal computer is primarily important. Ability to work on either of those smart devices is required to respond to its online poll.
  • A strong and uninterrupted internet connection is also a must so that its site won’t get crashed suddenly nor gives a headache in completing its whole procedure.
  • One should be able to understand either English or Spanish as McAlister deli’s feedback survey is only available in these 2 languages only.

Methods To Participate In Mcalisters Free Cookie Survey

There are 2 methods with the help of which customers can express their overall satisfaction to Deli. Both these methods are very easy and don’t demand a lot of time from participants. Observe both of these methods that are mentioned as follows and choose one that best suits your comfort and convenience.

  • By online method – Online mode of participation requires a smart device. On a smart device visit, McAlisters guest satisfaction survey. In here, individuals are expected to enter a code from their bills and access its digital questionnaire. After successfully responding to all questions, candidates will get rewards like coupons. For more details, go to the below section.
  • By phone call – Those who are not so comfortable with that online method can still give their feedback via making a call to its customer support. All an interested consumer has to do is simply ring at 858-397-9000 and give his/her personal details along with a number given in their receipts. Later, they must answer a generated questionnaire. Such a questionnaire asks them to rate McAlister’s services on a scale of satisfactory to unsatisfactory. That’s it! Applicants of this feedback will get reward coupons which they can use to enjoy free meals or discounts.

How to Take the McAlister’s Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Following is a detailed step-by-step McAlister’s feedback procedure for consumers who are eager to share their perspectives to this franchise and win rewards.

1. Immediately, within 7 days of making a purchase and obtaining such a bill, one must attend That is its official feedback link. Just enter that URL on your browser or merely click on it.

mcalisters feedback image

2. Now the webpage, as appeared, will ask individuals to enter a transaction id. A transaction id will be present on a purchase receipt at its top.

3. As soon as entering a valid transaction id and clicking on “Next”, a new page will emerge with a set of questions for a consumer to answer. These questions are nothing but very simple to respond to. A customer simply has to recall his/her recent visit to this restaurant and answer those questions.

4. Some questions will just ask to choose between Yes and No. And some questions will let members rate services and products that are offered at its eatery. Later, “Submit” all these responses and click on “Next”.

5. Upon doing so, customers will go to yet another new web page that asks them to give their personal details. Personal details included information regarding your name, email address, mobile number, address, etc.

Note: Ensure to present only valid info regarding those topics as any notifications are sent to those details only.

6. Finally, click “Next” to complete the talk to McAlister survey. Voila! Applicants will receive a validation code as a reward that thanks them for their effort and time taken to present their satisfaction levels. It is advised to note down that code on your receipt and present them within 30 days in any McAlister’s outlets and claim offers.

Mcalisters Rewards and Coupons

McAlister’s has a treat up its sleeves which it will offer to candidates of its feedback program. This organization goes upto great lengths to make foodies fall in love with the items and services that it offers. Clients of this food franchise, whenever they visit any of its stores, will grab a chance to share their eating experiences with it. And upon doing so, they are bound to win some assured prizes which can be discounts or free meals. Isn’t that amazing to hear?! Who would have thought that sharing personal views can win them rewards?! But that’s happening for real with TalktoMcAlisters.

Candidates of this McAlister’s survey medium will be offered a coupon code as soon as they complete responding to all of its questions. These coupon codes are to be noted down on a receipt that is used for accessing its questionnaire. Later, when both a receipt and coupon presented at any of its outlets will let an individual treat himself with either free cookies or a $2 off on any entree.

  • Coupon codes given after finishing this survey are to be redeemed within their validity period, i.e., 30 days.
  • Only one offer is to be availed. Either free cookies or a $2 off on purchases but not both of them.
  • Offers are subject to change based on a particular location or availability of items.
  • Consumers have to prove their eligibility to redeem their coupons.

Why You Should Take Talk to Mcalister’s Survey?

Every customer who paid a recent visit to their outlet should take part in this survey as it is a one-time golden opportunity to speak your heart out. You can raise any issue or feedback that you feel McAlister’s should take care of and implement some changes in its policies. Feel free to give any positive or negative reviews, but just make sure your reviews and opinions are genuine and clean.

You can make your voice and opinion heard as well as counted if you participate in this survey. Starting from mentioning any suggestions and advice to making complaints and expressing any grievances, this feedback is a one-stop. Anyone can gladly and freely share their overall experiences, opinions, and express their likes and dislikes. This eatery, when critically analyses each and every critique, will give it a chance to reflect itself based on its shortcomings and weaknesses.

This will, in turn, lead to improvising itself for a better cause. Thus, customers are prone to enjoy improved services. Besides, sharing any negative or bad feedback will not decrease any chances of winning rewards. So end-users are free to share all kinds of their perspectives.
Apart from improved and desirable services and commodities, there’s one more perk of attending talktomcalisters, rewards. Either free cookies or $2 off on purchases in any of its outlets with coupons given after completing this questionnaire is indeed an add-on.

What Questions They Ask @ Survey?

Generally, questions asked at the McAlister survey would be very easy and of a very basic level. Its online questionnaire mainly aims to acquire the satisfaction level from consumers regarding this food franchise’s services and commodities. Following are some questions that will act as a model for talktomcalister’s actual questionnaire:

  • Rate us based on these aspects:
  • Quality of food delivered to you
  • Accuracy of an order delivered to you
  • Food item’s temperature
  • Taste and appearance of the food
  • Cleanliness and safety measures observed at our outlets
  • Ambiance of our stores
  • Friendliness of our employees
  • Assistance received from our store’s staff
  • Ease of checkout
  • Range of items available in our menu
  • Did you feel content with your time spent in our outlet?
  • Are services worth your money paid?
  • Will you recommend us to others?
  • How frequently do you visit us?
  • When can we expect your visit to our store?
  • Were there any issues or problems that you faced in our store?
  • Rate your overall satisfaction with us?

About McAlister’s Deli

McAlister’s Deli is an American chain of fast-casual restaurants founded in 1989 in Oxford, Mississippi. The first restaurant with business first took place in a renovated gas station and till now every outlet follows the same theme. McAlister’s Deli is famous for its delicacies like sandwiches, baked potatoes, soups, salads, and desserts. It also caters to various other food items like sandwich trays and lunch boxes which are its specialty.

Also, this fast-food chain is particularly famous for its sweet tea, which is available by a glass or by a gallon. Deli chain has about 450 outlets with locations in about 28 states. It has expanded its food empire in a very vast diameter, ranging from Virginia in the East to Arizona in West, Florida in South to Michigan State in North.

McaLister’s Customer Service

Instantly get in touch with McAlister’s Deli via its customer services details. Look at these pieces of info as provided below:

  • Customer Service Phone Number: 1-888-330-4313
  • Corporate Phone Number: (601) 956-0030
  • Contact website:
  • Official Website:


When does McAlister’s close?

Most of McAlister’s Deli outlets close at 10 pm. However, some of its locations have different timings.

What time does McAlister’s open?

Most of McAlister’s Deli outlets open at 10 am. However, some of its locations have different timings.

When is McAlisters free tea day?

On the occasion of National Iced Tea Day, McAlister’s Deli will celebrate its Sweet Sips Tea feast on June 10. On that day, the first 20 consumers will get to avail themselves of free tea and a 30-day free sweet sips tea pass.

What is the best sandwich at McAlister’s?

McAlister’s club, honey, mustard, and mayo sandwich types are some of the best sandwiches at this food franchise.

What is the free food offer from Subway for taking the survey?

Subway rewards participants with a choice of a free cookie or drink on their next purchase.

Who owns McAlister’s Deli?

Focus Brands group owns McAlister’s Deli.

How to earn rewards on the McAlisters app?

Visit to get detailed knowledge about earning rewards on McAlister’s app.

How to find out how much is left on McAlisters gift card?

In McAlister’s app, go to its rewards section and check your gift card balance there. Or simply call at 1-888-855-3354 or go to to acquire such info. Another alternative is to ask any of its outlet’s cashiers to check your gift card balance.

How do McAlisters birthday coupons work?

McAlister’s Deli gives customers a birthday treat with $5.00 off on any menu item for lunch or dinner. About 3 weeks before a customer’s birthday, they will receive a discounted birthday meal.

Why is McAlisters not loading rewards?

Unstable internet connection, providing wrongful data, or an older version of McAlister’s app can be some reasons for not loading rewards.

Where to buy McAlister’s gift cards?

Anyone can easily purchase both physical cards by mail or eGift Cards sent via email from McAlister’s official website, or via