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Subway Listens to You! Take Survey & Win Exciting Offers

You cannot call yourself a true foodie unless you have indulged in mouth-watering subs at the world’s largest restaurant chain- Subway! It has always been there for its customers to satisfy their hunger pangs with its freshest ingredients. Now, Subway needs its loyal customers’ assistance by filling out it’s Subwaylistens survey. This is an opportunity to tell Subway about your recent experience and give your valuable suggestions, if any. Tellsubway is a measure to learn about various customers’ range of satisfaction levels with this food chain.

Good or bad, whatever the feedback or suggestion be, participants of this review are free to voice out their opinions on Subway’s service. This is because it aims to satisfy almost every customer by rendering its excellent services and improving itself for a better cause. Moreover, it values the time of its customers for taking its review by rewarding them. Unbelievable right? But you’ve heard us! This franchise has a ‘Subprize’ for people who join its survey! So, thrilled to sip on your favorite drink or munch on a flavourful cookie for free by answering a few simple questions? Well, then here’s how you can do so!

TellSubway – Rules & Requirements

Survey nameSubway Experience Survey
Receipt validity period
Survey validity period
Within 5 days of purchase at Subway
Offer validity periodWithin 5 days after submitting this survey 
Survey or
Survey limitParticipants can attempt it once in 7 days

Eligibility/Rules For Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Only those who have purchased within the past 5 days at a participating Subway eatery are eligible. So, a valid purchase receipt is mandatory. 
  • Entrants should hold a valid email address.
  • For once in a 7-day period, foodies can join this survey. But a valid receipt for every participation is mandatory.
  •  Only legal residents of the United States are qualified enough to take up this questionnaire.
  • Minimum age of entrants should be 18.
  • People having any professional relationship with this franchise, like employees or agents and their immediate family members, are prohibited from joining in its review.
  • Upon completion of Subway’s questionnaire, a unique offer code would appear with a validity of 5 days.
  • One must note down that offer code on his/her receipt and present it at the time of checkout.
  • Offer can be redeemable only with a purchase of a Sub or Salad. 
  • For one transaction, only one offer code can be redeemable.
  • Offer codes are valid at participating Subway stores only and for in-restaurant orders. This means that individuals cannot get a free drink or cookie through deliveries using these offer codes.
  • Rewards do not have any cash value and are not for sale.
  • An offer code is valid only once.
  • Rewards cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.

Requirements to Give Subway Feedback at

  • SubwayListens survey is available online. So customers will need a smartphone or laptop and an active internet connection.
  • A recent and valid purchase receipt that people have got while ordering at Subway is compulsory. By recent means, a receipt should be only 5 days or less old.
  • Customers should be able to read and write in English.

Methods to Participate in Subway Guest Satisfaction Survey

Subway encourages all of its customers to take its review. And thus, to make it easy for every individual to access this survey easily, it is being conducted online. So, anyone may complete it at the convenience of their home, office, or any other place with a good internet connection!

How to Participate in Subway Survey (

Online participation process is as simple and quick as it can get-

1. Use any smart device with a stable internet connection to enter Subway survey’s official website by clicking on

2. Entrants would be asked for some of their basic personal details so that Subway may contact them for any future purposes. These are some questions regarding personal details-

  • Enter your email address. You would be required to re-enter it for confirmation.
  • Enter your first and last name. page image

3. Now, click on ‘Begin Survey’.

4. There are a few more details that an entrant needs to give before starting this review. A valid purchase receipt for this is required.

5. Locate “Subway #,” which would be mentioned on your receipt’s topside, and enter it into the required field.

6. Enter the date of purchase as mentioned on your receipt in MM/DD/YYYY format.

7. Time of your purchase will be present on your receipt. Enter it in 2 parts, Hours and Minutes, from a dropdown menu.

8. Finally, enter the Term Id-Trans# as it is from your receipt. Then click on ‘Next’.

9. There would be a list of important aspects of Subway on which one must rate their satisfaction. Survey Questions Image

10. Upon answering all of its questions at www subwaylistens com, click on ‘Finish’.

11. After completing this questionnaire, an offer code would appear on your screen.

Subway Experience Survey Offer Code Image

Subway Rewards upon Survey Completion – ‘Subprize’!

Subway understands the importance of its customers’ valuable inputs. Therefore it rewards them with amazing offers and discounts. Participants, after finishing its questionnaire, can choose between a Free Small Fountain Drink or a Free Cookie on their next visit. All a member has to do is write down the offer code that he/she gets after completing Subwaylistens on top of their receipt. Thus, one can avail of their rewards at the time of checkout in their next purchase at any of Subway’s participating branches. However, don’t wait too long to visit Subway again as this offer code expires 5 days after the date issued.

Why Should You Take Subway Listens Survey?

Subway survey hardly takes a few minutes to complete. But in this short time, consumers have the power to help Subway become a more enjoyable place to visit. This franchise is always looking to attract new patrons and also making sure that its existing clients keep coming back for more. Moreover, a foodie can enjoy his/her preferred menu, ambiance, or other such things at this restaurant by taking this survey and communicating their opinions. 

Conveying any messages, suggestions, complaints, etc., is possible only through this Subway Listens. The organization can easily know what it’s foodies want by taking its feedback review. Through this survey, it would get to know what you love the most about them and which aspect they need to improve upon. Hence, time and efforts invested by a member in this review will never be a waste. Rewards with a free drink or cookie is a cherry on top of everything.

Subway Survey Questions

This tellsubway com free cookie survey takes into account various factors that a consumer expects from a high-quality restaurant chain. Apart from rating satisfaction, individuals may also share their experiences. One would be coming across these types of questions as given below-

  • Rate your satisfaction on a scale of 1(Highly dissatisfied) to 5(Highly satisfied) on these aspects-
    • Overall satisfaction- All-around experience at Subway matters a lot, and hence giving our level of satisfaction in this aspect would allow this organization to become more customer-friendly.
    • Taste/quality of meal- The eatery is known for its freshest ingredients, and no one other than customers can truly remark on the deliciousness of its Subs and Salads.
    • Speed of service- Hungry foodies don’t like waiting around for their food, so that’s why this restaurant gives importance to fast order completion.
    • Experience with staff- The food chain understands that staff courtesy goes a long way in making a consumer happy and satisfied.
    • Cleanliness of restaurant- Hygiene and safety of clients is crucial to Subway, and their satisfaction in this regard is of high priority.
  • If a person wants to tell Subway more about his/her experience, they may write detailed comments in a provided text box.
  • Based on your experience, rate your likelihood to recommend Subway to family and friends on an 11-point scale. (0-Not at all likely to 10-Extremely likely)
  • After successful completion, an offer code will be present on your screen to claim rewards.

About Subway

Subway is a popular restaurant chain specializing in submarine sandwiches. In 2002, it became the largest fast-food chain in the United States, considering its number of outlets. It has outlets in more than 100 countries, with its headquarters in Milford, Connecticut. Subway is an all-time favorite for every food enthusiast owing to its Subs, Salads, Wraps, and Cookies! It uses only the freshest ingredients in all of its food products.

Subway Customer Service

Simplest way to contact Subway Customer Care is through these details-

  • Headquarters address: 325 SubWay, Milford, Connecticut, 06461-3059, USA
  • Phone number: +1-203-877-4281
  • Link to contact customer service: (for USA)
  • Subway hours: 7 AM to 10 PM; Customer service is available 24×7.


Will Subway listens address your issues?

Yes. By participating in Subwaylistens, one can address their issues. Moreover, this eatery will take measures to avoid those issues, as mentioned in its feedback platform.

Subway listens coupon how many cookies for free?

One Subway listens coupon offer code entitles a winner to get one free cookie on his/her purchase.

What offer do you get from Subway listens?

After completion of Subwaylistens, members can get a chance to win a Free Small Fountain Drink or a Free Cookie on their next purchase. Remember to utilize this offer within 5 days of taking the survey after which it will expire.

How to check Subway gift card balance?

There are 3 ways to check a Subway Gift Card balance-
1. Visit any participating Subway restaurant and get your card swiped at the point of sale (POS) terminal.
2. Check balance online by creating a Subway Card account and registering your card at
3. Use the Subway App.

What is the free food offer from Subway for taking the survey?

Subway rewards participants with a choice of a free cookie or drink on their next purchase.

What does the validation code for Subway survey look like?

Following screen would appear with an offer code after submitting a survey (hidden here to prevent misuse). You would need to write it down on top of a receipt to get free rewards.

Has the Subway survey offer changed?

No. Subway survey’s offer of a free cookie or drink holds good.

How long do I have to redeem Subway survey reward?

Redeem Subway survey rewards within 5 days after acquiring them.

How to figure out Subway survey code?

First, one must fill in the survey and submit it. After that, he/she will automatically get a Subway survey code.

Where to take the Subway survey?

Just visit the website or to take the Subway feedback survey.

What can I get with my Subway reward points?

Every dollar you spend (excluding gift cards, taxes, and fees), after any discounts, on food and beverage purchases at Subway, will earn you tokens. For 200 tokens collection, $2 will be given.

How to redeem Subway reward points?

One can redeem Subway reward points online or through its app.

What time does Subway close?

Most of the Subway outlets close at 10 PM.

What time does Subway open?

Subway outlets in most of the locations opens at 7 AM.

How to give feedback to Subway?

Customers can give online feedback using the link or Refer to the ‘How to participate’ section in this article for more details.

How do I use a Subway coupon online?

Visit, click on ‘Start Order,’ choose your location and food items that you wish to order. An option to apply your coupon code at the checkout page will appear while placing an order. Currently, offer redemption is not supported for orders placed from the Subway App, but you may look under the ‘DEALS’ section to see any available offers and then click on ‘Apply’. Note that any offer code obtained after a Subway Listens survey is valid for in-restaurant purchases only.

Where is the nearest Subway?

Subway has made it extremely easy to locate its stores near you. Just visit Subway Near Me locator at and enter your city or zip code.

Who owns Subway?

The DeLuca family currently owns Subway.